Thursday, July 28, 2011


From July 28, 2011 (today) until August 7, 2011, we will be under a very powerful astrological opposition of Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) in Zero degrees Virgo in 180 degrees opposition of Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) in Zero degrees Pisces. Any astrological opposition represents a time of deep self-reflection, like looking in a mirror of your SELF. Furthermore, Mercury is retrograde, which most of you know as a time of
“what went wrong now??” On July 30, 2011 there will also be a new Moon, time of new beginnings, in Leo—the sign of the Lion, “King of the Jungle.” When I realized the great opportunity for change that these signs represented, as well as the consequences of refusing to change, I asked,

“Dear ONE, what is the effect of these immensely powerful astrological alignment?”As usual, the Arcturians answered.

Dear Suzille,

We the Arcturians answer your call because you, and all our grounded ones, deeply need our comfort at this time. The ego of many of our grounded ones has taken a real beating in the past few months as the familiar structures of your third dimensional life, as well as the safety that they once held, are disarticulating. The 3D Matrix is collapsing, but the 5D Matrix of New Earth has not yet become your reality. Dearest ones, you are NOW in the “in-between” of which we have so often spoken. Hence, we send you our love and light as we answer your question.

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo (your mundane life), is in direct opposition with Neptune in Pisces (your highest dreams and aspiration). The energy field of this aspect will highlight every area in your mundane life (Mercury) that does not meet your highest dreams and aspirations (Neptune). In fact, with Mercury Retrograde, every part of your mundane life that is NOT in alignment with Neptune will short-circuit in the typical Mercury Retrograde manner. Fortunately, there is a new Moon on Saturday, July 30, 2011, which will give you the opportunity to reboot your life.

To reboot your self, you will need to confront (opposition) how and why your daily life (Mercury) is opposing your highest dreams as aspiration (Neptune). Fortunately, or unfortunately, Mercury in retrograde will happily point out exactly how your daily life and highest dreams are opposed by disrupting the flow of that energy field of that area of you life to the extent that something will go awry in the familiar Mercury Retrograde fashion.

You have the choice to view these energies from the perspective of, “Oh NO, how did that happen?” or you can choose to perceive them as, “Oh, so that is why this part of my life hasn’t been working anymore.” The emphasis needs to be on the “anymore,” as the parts of your daily life that are now out of alignment with your highest dreams may have worked just fine before. However, NOW things are different because 1) the energies of the planet are at a much higher frequency and 2) you are in the process of ascension.

With the energies of the planet much higher, everything happens much faster and seemingly out of your control. However, Neptune in its Home, the sign of Pisces, feels comfortable enough now to let it be known that there will be NO more forgeting about why you chose to be born at this time. Neptune in its fullest empowerment of its ruling sign of Pisces is reminding you that you “stood in line and filled out petitions about how you would participate in the planetary ascension. Furthermore, Mercury in its ruling sign of Virgo is reminding you that you promised that you would fulfill these promises in your everyday, third dimensional life.

In other words, Neptune in zero degrees Pisces says, “Dear Ones, I AM the holder of your dreams. I realize that it is one thing to vow to create these dreams on 3D Earth while you are in the safety of your Multidimensional SELF and quite another thing to even remember these dreams, much less make them come true. But you must remember NOW. If you don’t, you will become so disillusioned and depressed that you will not be able to continue living the lies and illusions of the 3D life, which is a good thing.

“However, because you will be so disillusioned and depressed, you won’t have the power to change your behavior. Therefore, you will fall into the low side of my energy and become addictive, fuzzy headed, tired and deeply, deeply sad. Therefore, dear humans, now that I am finally back in the power of being HOME to my true energy signature of Pisces, I vow to assist you in return HOME to your true energy signature of the fifth dimension and beyond.”

Meanwhile, at the exact same moment in your illusion of time, Mercury in the power of its HOME of Virgo is saying, “OK earthlings, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work with organizing your life to coincide with your highest dreams. If you choose not to do so, I will do my Mercury Retrograde number on you and phone calls will drop, messages will get lost, you won’t be able to find your car keys and etc. etc. In other words, if you don’t take this opportunity to align your daily life with your highest dreams you will become scattered, nervous and confused.”

We are happy to say that the New Moon will enter into this mix after about two days to say, “My dear children, I am here to show you that you can ALWAYS start over. I, the Moon, represent the part of you that is always changing. In fact, once a month I offer you the opportunity look at your life to see how it is working. What do you want to keep? In other words, what in your life makes you FEEL happy, loving, peaceful and adaptable to every new experience? I say to you that these are the parts of your life ARE in alignment with your dreams and highest purpose. You KNOW that because the truth is filled with love and happiness.

“Now, dear humans, please look at the parts of your life that make you tired, nervous, sad, angry or frightened. I say to you with complete convictions that these are the parts of your life this are OUT of alignment with your dreams. You, my children, are beautiful multidimensional beings who resonate to the frequency of unconditional love and multidimensional light. Any and EVERY part of your life that lowers your resonance below that TRUTH is absolutely a third dimensional illusion! Therefore, your choices are clear. Do you want to live in truth and love or do you want to live in fear and illusion?”

“Of course, I want to live in love!” you say. To that Neptune responds, “If you choose to only do and BE that which and whom you love, I will show you the Path Home!” and Mercury says, “I can work with love. Love is clear and keeps all the circuitry of my mundane responsibilities clear and free of restriction. But, you are the one who had to make that choice. I am just the machine of your brain. If you fill me with fear, I will act from fear, and if you fill me with love, I will act from love.”

We the Arcturians say, “We will help you with your discernment so that you can BE the truth your SELF! You, our brave grounded ones, are on the verge of one of the most momentous moments in the history of your world. We the Arcturians, as well as all your Galactic Family, have been watching you with such pride that our hearts are bursting. You, the grounded expressions of our Multidimensional SELF, have been courageous beyond all words. You have met unbeatable odds and you have been victorious. We, your Galactic Family, send to you, our earthbound, expressions, our undying love and ultimate respect.

“We prepare a table for you and leave the light on for your return.”

Your Arcturian Family


  1. this is wonderful beyond words. thank you so much for sharing this validation. love

  2. Thank you, Sue. This certainly explains a whole lot! Will you please ask the Arcturians for a date on the invitation for the feast/celebration??!!!! Hee hee. It would sure help my aching 3D self to have some idea when all this silly business is going to end!!
    Much love and appreciation.