Sunday, July 24, 2011



I first started with sporadic experiences of Lightbody (for lack of a better definition), I don't know, maybe about 6 or 7 years ago. These particular experiences are very physical. I have had sporadic experiences of bliss so extreme that all I could do is sob, as the feeling is almost too intense to contain. I have called these experiences “Previews of coming attractions" for once I have that experience it usually takes years to be able to "get there on my own." It is like I get a "free sample ride," then I have to figure out how to replicate that experience myself. In the past, these experiences were the Preview, as I couldn’t get to it with my own intention. It was that way with my first two Lightbody experiences, which are very much like an orgasm, but not sexual.

The first two times it happened I was with a body worker who—the first time—held my feet, then second time—held my shoulders. It was clear that the holding was necessary so that I didn't fly out of my body. I have a long history of falling down, which is how I just injured my self. People like us do not have to remember to stay spiritual; we have to remember to stay grounded in the physical. When I forget, I fly out of my body and fall down. Anyway, the third time I had the physical experience, I was on my own, and it was much less intense. I think I still needed someone to hold me down to have an intense experience.

There were years since that last experience in which I meditated, studied, created, exercised, changed my eating, etc. etc. This year I began the process of facing my greatest fear, which was when I was abducted by the Zetas as a child. Then, just after the fall, I had a very intense experience of the Lightbody. In the past, I could not contain it, but this time I learned to relax and breathe it into my Core. During that experience I was contacted by my fifth dimension self on the ship as well as the Being that I have known since childhood as Sananda (I am not religious, but I have had a deeply intimate relationship with this Being throughout my childhood and teen years).

Kepier on the Ship told me she would tell me everything she knew, and Sananda told me that He would teach me how to ascend. My ego doubted these messages, buy Soul knew they were true, not because I was special but because I was awake. During the experience of Lightbody, which was on March 8, 2011, I learned how to move my body with the energy and could feel the kundalini moving up my spine and into my higher chakras. The feelings of bliss were indescribable. The DMT of my pineal gland was flowing through my entire body.

This experience was, I believe, part of the onset of (what I call) my Final Initiation in which I had to travel into my deepest subconscious to release old my fear-based emotions. It was a deep cleaning of my deepest, subconscious cellar. This deep cleaning continued during my convalescence process, as I was fully conscious of my darkness and how they influenced my behavior. The injury, which included a great deal of post-surgical pain, brought a lifetime of psychic pain (which was immense in this lifetime) to the surface to be released. I kept having images of my being in the sarcophagus during my ancient Egyptian Initiation during the time of Akhnaton.

Then, on this Easter of 2011—oddly enough—I had another intense experience of transforming into Lightbody, just like the one on March 8-2011. However, this time I knew what to do and did not have a timeline like I did the first time. After the first experience, I began to connect with Kepier and have integrated that expression of my fifth dimensional SELF into this body. After the second experience, I began to get more and more information about the process of Ascension. Therefore, Kepier is now telling me "what she knows," and Sananda is "teaching me about ascension."

Since then, I have had many experiences of being human, allowing my resonance to drop into a lower frequency with those resulting behaviors. I have also had many experiences of being very peaceful and calm. I keep hearing in my mind: "Now at the closing of my physical incarnations I am beginning to LOVE life in the third dimension." I am acutely perceiving persons, places, situations and things that lower my resonance. Among those persons, places and things that I can release, I do so happily. Some of these I cannot release, and I know my continuing initiation is to move through them with unconditional love. I no longer worry too much, as I have been given the direct experience that I AM ascending! Therefore, life is good.

I have to constantly watch my judgment of the darkness and those who will not awaken, as I know that judgment comes from fear. Judgment/fear is an ongoing challenge. Some days I do pretty well with this challenge, but on others days I fall into fear and the resulting judgment. The process continues and I am endeavoring to live within the NOW of it. Of course, I am not always successful, but at least now I AM my SELF who has an Ego rather than being my Ego who has a SELF. Furthermore, my SELF is multidimensional. Therefore, I am becoming fully aware of my fifth dimensional reality as Kepier and having more and more conscious experiences on board the Starship.”

I wrote the above message several months ago to a dear friend in Germany whom I have not heard from in weeks. He was talking about his ascension. I hope that his ascension is why he is no longer available. Perhaps, I will meet him again in the fifth dimension. I have not had anymore of the extreme Lightbody experiences because it is so difficult to live a mundane life afterward. I can see why our ascensions in previous lives were done in Temples, caves and faraway retreats. I sometimes have a hard time staying in my body, so I have to be careful when and how much I meditate now.

I know that I am here for the duration, so I am settling in to “acting like a normal human.” However, I have no concept how to define “normal” at this time. I can see that there is a growing population of awakened ones, and the Truth is becoming more and more embedded in the physical world. At the same time, there are still horrific atrocities, such as has been experienced in Norway a few days ago. I happily await a reality in which these atrocities are completely erased and life resonates only to unconditional love. When I am resonating to my fifth dimensional, I can perceive that reality all around me. Then, something third dimensional catches my attention, my consciousness plummets and I return to the polarized emotions of the physical world.

I know that part of this return is to remind me that I volunteered to remain with the body of Gaia and assist with the Planetary Ascension. There are many of us here learning how to live in two worlds, actually two dimensions, at once. I know that this multidimensional living is a preparation for our Planetary Ascension, so that we can “take a break” from third dimensional living and return Home for a moment of comfort and unconditional love.

I look so forward to those moments, and I try to create them as much as possible. It is within these moments that I can clearly see my mundane life through the eyes of unconditional love. In fact, I am remembering more and more to “put unconditional love” on any thought, emotion, person, place, situation or thing that causes my consciousness to drop. On the same hand, I am trying to honor my emotions to learn all my final lessons of “being third dimensional.” We have learned much in our many incarnations in polarity. More and more, we are realizing how we fear-based emotions pull us down and know that they are no longer necessary in our lives to create learning.

Unfortunately, there are still many frightening events, and it is our final lesson to remember to surround these events with unconditional love. I suppose that I am writing this sentence right now as a reminder from my SELF to ALWAYS replace ALL fear wit unconditional love. If that is the ONLY thing that we do, we are giving an enormous contribution to Personal and Planetary Ascension. I have many people tell me that they are trying to find their Purpose. If replacing fear with unconditional love is the only thing we do, we are performing the Primary Mission for our embodiment during this time of ascension.

One may think, “Well, that is not such an important contribution.” To that I say, “Try it an see how difficult that simple act can be. In order to replace fear with unconditional love, we must FEEL unconditional love. It is the taking of that moment of re-calibrating our consciousness to unconditional love that is such a huge challenge and immense contribution.” In fact, I will take a moment now myself to re-calibrate—again, again, again and again—my consciousness to unconditional love and invite you to do the same.

As I feel this love, I wish to thank my wonderful readers for all the beautiful and heart-felt responses I have been receiving. Thank you


  1. I hate to be hurtful, but I am frustrated with your writings, which are brilliant and true. If you want to help others with ascension, than you should help us by telling us HOW to live with unconditional love (techniques) and what experiences you have had day to day, second by second, in securing this way of life. Otherwise your writings are just like hundreds out there, witnessing to your own experiences, sharing without PRACTICAL aspects. I know all of us are different in these bodies, but structurally, lightbody is one. Can you please be more helpful?

  2. I too have some questions..
    Do we have to die on the earth plane to ascend?
    How do we ascend ?
    Do we retain all of our thoughts and memories?
    I have no ill or hard feelings to any one and I do have a light in my heart and soul but... Just by me caring for my fellow man (true caring) is that enough to help me ascend?
    I need to know how to ascend.
    Any Info you could give would be greatly appreciated on this subject.
    Thank you
    Love & Light!

  3. I always have to remind myself when I will be with people or at events that typically lower my vibration that I do not serve anyone by lowering my vibration to match theirs, I serve All by allowing them the opportunity to raise their vibration to match mine. Not always easily accomplished but it is always my intention. Thank you Suzille. Brightest Blessings, Maria

  4. Thank you for sharing. I have had a lot of experiences like you describe the last months and it feels so good to read the words you use for explaining the situations. Peace and love from a co-creater in Sweden

  5. thank you for sharing. beautiful.

  6. Thank you. I got goose bumps all over my body when reading your post.

  7. to nutty professor :

    the techniques are all there and it works!!! Follow the Integration Process
    and you will remember your divinity. Blessings