Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arcturian Teachings 3-22-11

On March 20, 2011 I awoke with the question in my mind of "When will the planetary ascension begin."
When I went inside to ask that question, the answer was, "NOW!


Arcturians: Hello Jeffrees!

Jefferson: It is lovely to speak to you again.

Arcturians: Yes, it is lovely for us, as well.

Jefferson: what have you been up to these days?

Arcturians: We don't have days as you would count them.

Jefferson: Oh. That's true... (giggles). It must be boring then! Right?

Arcturians: We are not limited by time or space. We are doing more things within our 'now' than most humans will do in many lifetimes.

Jefferson: (Laughs). Wow! Ok, so I guess you wouldn't be able to explain everything in a few minutes, so let me move on here.

Arcturians: Yes, it would be difficult for a human to embrace the experience of our reality.

Jefferson: Mmhmm. So, you exist in the 8th dimension, right?

Arcturians: The 8th dimension through 10th. Yes.

Jefferson: To the 10th, right. We are on the 3rd dimension. Correct?

Arcturians: Actually, you are all becoming multidimensional in that you are not bound only to the 3rd dimension, but many including yourself, and our channel, are resonating to the 4th dimension and crossing into the 5th. In fact, more and more, are expanding your frequency in this manner.

Jefferson: Wow! Would you help us to understand the basics in the differences between the 3rd and 4th dimension?

Arcturians: The 3rd dimension is the physical plane of which you are well aware, where there is space, time, and polarity, limitation and separation...

Jefferson: Yes...

Arcturians: The 4th dimension is, as you would think your aura, which is seen by many awakened ones. Both the 3rd, the 4th dimensions are still within the confines of space and time. However, the time and spaces of the 4th dimension does not run parallel to that of the 3rd. In fact, they are quite different.

Jefferson: Ok...

Arcturians: One short moment of your 3rd dimensional time could be an entire lifetime in the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is the realm of the Shapeshifters. These Shapeshifters are thought of as a myth within your reality, but are common within the 4th dimension, where form can be changed with thought and with emotion.

Jefferson: When you speak about shape shifting I remembered that some extraterrestrials have referred to that before. They said that they could do that and that many others could do that, as well. For example, a Shapeshifter is a person that looks like a human that can turn into a tree, or whatever he/she desires. But, now it came to my attention that shape shifting has to do with thought and emotions. In other words, you were a type of a person in one minute and you can change, almost as if changing your sense of identity to become a totally different person. What is the meaning of shape shifting as you refer to it?

Arcturians: Shape shifting is the alteration of the envelope, the encasement that is placed around your light, your consciousness.

Jefferson: Hmmm

Arcturians: - We Arcturians do not often choose to not limit our consciousness to a shape. Often we are quite content with holding a mutable form of light. On the 4th dimension, consciousness still needs housing around it in order to hold one’s form. If one wishes to have the experience of being a wolf, they need to commune with the consciousness of that animal.

Jefferson: Oh. I know what you mean. It’s transference of consciousness. It's not like you’re going to change your human physical body. Will you live within that wolf as if you were a "walk in" to that being?

Arcturians: You will still think of yourself as a human, however, much as our channel feels her self within us as we speak, the shape shifter would imagine their self within a wolf as if they were behaving like that animal.

Jefferson: I see. Makes sense. You speak about time and space being more flexible. Is it correct to think that in the 4th density we are still, as you said, bound to the physical form, so we are still going to have the human physical body. It's not like we can teleport of fly or anything like that.

Arcturians: The 4th dimension has many sub-planes. The lowest soul plane, the lower astral, is much like the bottom of your ocean. It is where the consciousness of the lowest frequency must resonate until it has disencumbered itself from the fear that it has collected during its human embodiments. There is little freedom within that plane. The form is often built from fear, so would appear fearful for one who looks at it. There are beings who remember what you would call nightmares. They are likely seeing the beings of the lower astral plane, as these forms only occur when one is trapped in the own fear.

Jefferson: Ohhh.

Arcturians: As you move into the realm of fairy, there are many bodies, just as your fairy tales. Within the fairy tales, there is more of an attachment to their form, unless they have chosen the role of being a wizard. Within the form of being a wizard, it is quite common to shape shift, as you would say. As your consciousness moves into the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension, there is less attachment to form. Finally, you can raise your consciousness high enough to experience the final plane of your "I Am" Presence, in which the form of your Lightbody awaits you.

Jefferson: Hmm. So a magician then is an individual that has to discipline their self. They are a person who has to discipline their imagination. Then they can awaken the doors of consciousness to reach to regain their abilities of changing their physical characteristics. But now it has come to my mind that you are not speaking about changing physical form other that experiencing other physical forms while your physical body remains the same. Right?

Arcturians: Molecules of your physical body are altered to represent the body of the shape to which you have shifted, however, your primary consciousness would be that of a human. Within the chosen shape of an animal, it is easier to shape shift within an animal than within a plant, for it holds different Essense, as you would say in youe language.

Jefferson: I see.

Arcturians: It is more difficult to communicate and to take on plant consciousness, but it can be done by one who is quite experienced.

Jefferson: Does a soul have an evolutional path, where it basically starts ignorant, and then it goes through experience, evolving itself, until it reaches God consciousness?

Arcturians: The Soul has many sparks, many representations. The Soul is incarnated on many different worlds, dimensions and parallel realities. Within the NOW of the ONE, each of these realities is indeed on the path of self-discovery and evolution.

Jefferson: What was the basic and primary reason for God in creating humans?

Arcturians: God is not what humans perceive as a separate, individual, male entity. God is everything, everywhere, all the time. Each of us is God. Each of us is an expression of God, an expression of the great ONE. There are many expression of the great ONE. The humanoid is but one of those myriad expressions.

Jefferson: What is the purpose for creating life the way that we experience it on Earth?

Arcturians: Experience begins in an individual form. As your consciousness expands, you are able to embrace larger forms. For example, with a human, first you are an individual. Then you become a member of the collective of humanity. Then you become a member of the collective of the planet. Eventually, you come to the collective, where you and the planet are ONE. At that point, just as you would think of your body as being that of the human, you then think of your body as being that of a planet.

Jefferson:. So if you evolve to a group mind, does that mean you lose your individuality?

Arcturians: We do not lose our individuality. We become like individual drops within a sea of unity. We are ALL ONE with the whole.

Jefferson: If there is 6 billion individuals in this group mind, one of them can have the experience of all the other beings?

Arcturians: That is correct, if their individual consciousness has expanded enough to encompass that resonates of that group consciousness. For example, our channel is connected to the group mind in that she can allow us to speak through her, but her consciousness at present is only aware of her own thread that leads to our Arcturian Group Mind, but is not fully aware of the other, as you might say, drops in the ocean.

Jefferson: I understand. It is because the human physical body can only handle so much energy and information.

Arcturians: That is correct. And as our grounded ones, those of us who chose to incarnate into the evolutionary cycle of Earth, and those of us who are specifically within a form on Gaia at this time of transformation, we are preparing to return to our body of light that will allow us to fully experience living in the fifth dimension.


  1. When disclosure comes to Earth and we are able to meet the Sirians and you, beloved Arcturians and work with you openly, what form will you take? Are we needing to be in the 5th dimension to see you or can you manifest yourselves in the 3rd or 4th? I feel your spirit or etheric presence now or at least I think I do, is this my imagination? I also feel as if I'm earth, venus, or a planet myself. It is difficult if not impossible to tell where I begin and Gaia ends if you know what I mean? So great is my love ~ it is all embracing and although I remain within my I Am presence, it is embraced into a greater being of love. I hope this isn't too many questions. Many thanks! xoxox

  2. Dear Whispersong,
    When we come to Earth, there certain members of our ground crew (see most recent post) that will speak for us and some of us will lower our form into human perceptual range for brief periods of time. Just as it is difficult for your grounded ones to maintain their fifth dimensional expression, it is difficult for us to maintain a third/fourth dimensional expression for very long. The molecules that create that form spin so much slower than the rate of our consciousness. Therefore, we tend to "blink out" of your perceptual range after a certain amount of your time.

    Your imagination is your fifth dimensional thought, so trust it. Yes,when you ground your Multidimensional SELF you are a planet, as well as the planet on which you take a form. We feel you love and return it to you three fold.
    the Arcturians