Monday, March 7, 2011

Arcturian Teachings 3-7-11

Jefferson: All right! So, Am I connected to the Arcturians?

Arcturians: Jeffrees, of course! Do you not feel our connection?

Jefferson: (Giggles). Are you connected to me?

Arcturians: Yes! Of course we are! We feel that humor that you have, and the boy that we knew, the boy inside of you. And, of course, we are very connected with your future self!

Jefferson: Oh.

Arcturians: You see? As you move to The One, all of you, all of us have many expressions.

Jefferson: So you said you are connected to my future self. Which one?

Arcturians: We are speaking of the blue skinned beings, who you spoke of before.

Jefferson: Arvantis?

Arcturians: Our channel cannot remember their name; we cannot connect with her consciousness. The ones we speak of originally came from Sirius. Long ago they ascended moved into other realities. Our channel was also a Sirian and experienced planetary ascension, as well.

Jefferson: I understand.

Arcturians: So that is part of how, the two of you found each other energetically. Think about it. It is way beyond your statistical possibility that the two of you would meet. That is unless there was a “contract” that was written long before you both entered form!

Jefferson: Wow! Can you share more information about such contracts? Can you speak more about it?

Arcturians: The contract that was written is that you, our dear Jeffrees, would collaborate different channels that are already in constant contact with our ships, group energies, planets, and our galactic energies. These are being who have fully moved into Planetary, Galactic and/or Cosmic Consciousness. You see our first landing begins not ON your Earth but IN the consciousness of Earth’s inhabitants.

Jefferson: Please continue.

Arcturians: Different beings were born with a fascination with the other side, the unknown, and with outer space. This particular channel saw some very frightening stories about beings from outer space that were terrifying to her. However, these images served the purpose of keeping awake to the fact that even in the restrictive times of the fifties that there was life outside of Earth!

Jefferson: So it is not a coincidence that I met her? It was basically the acclimation of two points of attraction that just came together because of the “contracts” that they made previously?

Arcturians: Yes, both of you had to reach a certain frequency of consciousness in order for this information to be, as you would say, “turned on”!

Jefferson: Oh.

Arcturians: If this frequency of consciousness is turned off, our information is not available to your daily life. When this frequency is turned on, it becomes available to you whenever you listen for it!

Jefferson: Yes, and about this beacon, how do you send out the message, and how can a human being pick it up?

Arcturians: When you have reached the level of consciousness that can receive our message, it is loud and clear! Of course, just as radio messages go out everywhere, if the radio is not tuned to that frequency, it will not receive that message. Therefore, your consciousness must tune in to the frequency of our message. The frequency of our message is unconditional love.

Jefferson: I see! And when you said that I am connected with you, did you mean that my future self has been to your planet?

Arcturians: What we meant when we spoke at that time is that the person that you are right now, the person that you have been throughout this one life of yours, has always been connected to us. For we knew of your “contract”! Just as we watched over Suzille, we watched over you! We watch over all of those who have volunteered to assist with this great planetary, galactic moment of awakening.

Jefferson: Wow! This is big! So you’ve been with me like guides!

Arcturians: Absolutely!

Jefferson: Wow! And who am I having the enjoying pleasure to speak wit

Arcturians: We are the group mind of Arcturus. We are no longer in form. We resonate to the eighth, through tenth dimensions. We could resonate to even higher frequency, but our channel would not be able to receive that signal. Through many years of meditation, she is able to receive our signal from the eighth through tenth dimensions.

The Arcturians to whom you are now speaking no longer reside in a body, live on a planet, or travel in starships. However, there are brave members of our Star Nation who have incarnated into physical form on Earth at this time. Others still live on one of our planets or have taken on the collective form of the Starship, which appears to be a huge machine. The Starship is actually a collective being, and all components of its form are individual members of the One. The entire “ship” is alive.

Jefferson: Are you saying that you are no longer in physical form?

Arcturians: Our particular frequency is no longer in physical form. However, some of us still hold form, and have even chosen to incarnate in a physical body on Earth. Many of our Ones incarnated at the fall of Atlantis. In making that contract, they agreed to stay with Gaia, through a very deep darkness of the last twelve, thirteen thousand years. These Ones are now ready to again stand before the Galactic Center. Do you want to know about us as a species?

Jefferson: Yes?

Arcturians: The ones to whom you speak have not been planet bound for more millennia than you could count. We have evolved far beyond having to wear vessels that live upon a planet. However, there have been those, including our channel, that had the experience of going back within what you call time to when we were planet bound. Most of our planetary realities are stored on the Galactic Akashic record and are not an active reality.

Jefferson: When you spoke about the ship, you said: “Our brave members that went down to incarnate in physical form.” Why did you refer to them as brave members?

Arcturians: Have you not found that be in physical form is a great challenge?

Jefferson: Of course…in many ways, yeah…(Laughter)

Arcturians: We know that our channel has found it greatly difficult! However, as she awakens more and more, there is an ease that she is able to maintain. This ease comes when one lives in the Flow, as well as within our unconditional love. On the other hand, when one falls out of the Flow, life is usually quite challenging! It is such a sacrifice for one to give up the unconditional love, joy, beauty, freedom and the Unity Consciousness in which we live to enter a reality that is polarized and driven by illusion.

Jefferson: I see! So, if it is that bad, why do people end up saying I want to go there?

Arcturians: Is what you really mean, “Why do people wish to go Home to their higher frequency reality?” Is that your question?

Jefferson: No! I mean, before they come into physical form, they know it is a big challenge (given the level of consciousness of the collective consciousness). Therefore, why do they accept the challenge anyway? What is the drive that motivates them to go ahead and say: “Yes, I want to go again?”

Arcturians: The drive that motivates them is beloved Gaia!

Jefferson: Oh. Beloved Gaia?

Arcturians: Beloved Gaia. She is such a great warrior. She has made so many sacrifices for the evolution of many beings. The evolution of Draconians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and now the newest group: the human beings—the Terrains. She needs our help now, and we cannot resist her call!

Jefferson: All right! Soon we will talk about this call, this help and everything that we can get from you as far as treasures for the heart and the mind. Unfortunately, for now we are out of time. Do you have a last message for this introduction chapter?

Arcturians: Yes!

Jefferson: Please!

Arcturians: Dear ones, our final message shall be brief, but it shall be pure. Our final message is: “Love yourself unconditionally. Then, love all life in the very same manner.”

Jefferson: Wow! Thank you very much! I am extremely pleased and excited that you have “touched” me for this project, and I am thankful that you have been with me for so long. Now that we (the channel and I) have acclimated to this interaction, we can gather some messages that will be beneficial for all. It is my intention that, within their timing and through their allowance, this book touches as many people as possible. Thank you very much!

Arcturians: Dear Jeffrees?

Jefferson: Yes?

Arcturians: We want you to know, that that is why we chose you! We know you to be a very tenacious young man with immense powers of creation!

Jefferson: (Giggles). Hopefully, we will get to be of service and make a positive contribution to people’s life.

Arcturians: For now, we wish you well! Good-bye.


  1. This is great! There is talk about the blue skinned. This I don't really understand. Who are these beings?

  2. are they talking about the Blue Ray Beings, because I think I resonate with these beings as well ! ? Wow!

  3. I've recently felt overwhelmed with a wish for people on this planet to finally realize there's a whole Universe out there - life of every kinds. What a strange moment in time - when it seems that in reality no-one knows.