Saturday, March 12, 2011



Arcturians: Jefrees, we are here.

Jefferson: Wow, fantastic! How have you been?

Arcturians: Hmm, such an earthly question.

Jefferson: I know!

Arcturians: It is difficult for us to answer it. We only exist in unconditional love. We can understand you’re asking the question, but we can’t understand a way to reply to it in your language. The best way to answer your question would be to send you unconditional love, but we doubt that the written page could retain that energy.

Jefferson: Do you not experience the progression of beingness? In other words, at one point you were at some stage in you evolution and after having a particular experience you were more than what you were at that point?

Arcturians: Yes, we did so, but it was what you would experience in your “time” to be long, long ago. There are those of us who have endeavored to go to lower dimensions to repeat that experience.

Jefferson: Cool! So, on the same note, you said: “You are the group mind of the Arcturus.” I would like you to expand on that. Does your beingness, encompasses an entire planet of experiences and all its timeframes or just some individuals from that place?

Arcturians: Our beingness, resonates to the frequency of the ONE in which we are able to experience our individuality via our specific signature frequencies while also experiencing the group mind of Arcturians. It is the same way with the group mind of Andromedans, the group mind of Pleiadians and the group mind of the Sirians. In the dimension to which we resonate, we exist in a state of consciousness. This consciousness is able to discern individual signature frequencies within the ONE group mind of that Galactic Being.

Jefferson: I see. Would it be appropriate to say that this is a vibrational universe that is hierarchically structure by layers that divide themselves by respective vibrational frequencies and resonance?

Arcturians: There is definitely a frequency, a resonance for each of our worlds. Hierarchal is a human term based on time and space. Meaning that one level is of greater authority and or power than the lower. We do have differing frequency of existence. Yet, there is no judgment as to better or worst. Each of the units of our group mind, choose differing experiences. However, we, the group mind to whom you speak, are at a frequency where we are choosing many experiences at that same moment in the ONE. We share every experience with our group mind. We, also, share every experience with all of our grounded ones who have chosen to manifest in the physical dimension, as well as with our members who are presently serving on Star Ships. In fact, there are myriad expressions of ourselves with whom we share all of our experiences.

Jefferson: Oh.

Arcturians: When you, meaning those of Earth, raise your frequency into the fifth dimension, you too will be able to experience and maintain, many different realities within that same moment of the ONE.

Jefferson: Hmm. Wow, that is big! Let me see if I can just focus on a particular point so that I can expand more on that... If we were to define hierarchy in the sense that in each level up you expand your awareness and consciousness, would it be correct to support my affirmation about the structure of the universe? Would it, also, be correct to say that some of you have a more evolved sense of awareness, of beingness and unity?

Arcturians: Yes, that would be correct. However, we choose to use the word “multidimensional” rather than “hierarchy,” as it does not carry the polarity of up/down or more/less. We do not think in polarities. We think in frequencies of expression.

Jefferson: Okay. You said that the channel can tune into as far as the eighth dimension, but you exist up to the twelfth, right?

Arcturians: Yes that is correct!

Jefferson: Now, below the eighth dimension, from the fifth to the eighth…do you exist in those dimensions as well?

Arcturians: Yes! We are multidimensional in that we exist in all dimensions.


  1. Wow, thanks so much Suzanne :)

    Love reading this new info. :)

    P.S. love the clock time of your post ;)


  2. who is Jefferson asking the questions? Is it your higher self as well?