Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I don't know for sure who wrote this, but it is brilliant.

Subject:Unseen factors - Fall of Hierarchy

From: "Yolanda Williamson"

Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 22:58:45 -0500

The strings that have always held the process of life together on Planet Earth are unraveling at an astonishing rate. This was predicted yet we did not really believed it could happen to us.

It is happening and we need to make adjustments to flow with the process of deconstruction of male dominated hierarchy and the birth of a system of equal strength of male and female energies.

Those who have done well with the existing hierarchical system will be devastated at what is being formed. They will moan about the collapse of the banking system, the collapse of governments who protected that hierarchical system and the collapse of their comfy world.

Those who allowed the hierarchy to exist because of their work ethics and efforts will find themselves confused at their new power and the lack of guidance from their old masters.

Where do you fit in? Which group is your place? What is going to happen to you?

It all depends on your attitude. If you naturally hated hierarchy, then you should feel content, unless you hated hierarchy because you were not at the top. You will very unhappy because there no longer will be a "top".

If corporations, governments or your father victimized you, then you probably hated hierarchy even if you do not know it. But that only means you hate the abusive attitude of the hierarchy, not necessarily hierarchy itself.

But if you truly yearn to live like many indigenous, a community with a leader when it is necessary but on a daily basis a group of people with equal power, then you would be very happy indeed. There are not many of us who would voluntarily choose that lifestyle, and that is the problem.

We have managed to get used to a lifestyle that is so unnatural that is collapsing of its own weight. It is not just that the Planet has been raped and can no longer give us what we demand. It is that our souls can no longer tolerate the lack of joy, the lack of companionship and community we secretly yearn for.

It is no longer coming, it is here, and the long awaited Age of Aquarius, the preamble of the Golden Age. I now understand the 2012, ending of the world issues, as the path we are on is rapidly leading to a total collapse of the world, as we knew it. Whatever is going to happen in 2012 is already happening. The good news is that all the prophets without exception have also predicted the New Era called the Golden Age.

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  1. Yes! I do believe we are headed for the Golden Age of Aquarius, a New Earth, a New Era of Peace for the People now! Fantastic! ( :