Thursday, April 1, 2021


April 1, 2021

                                        WHO COULD HAVE IMAGINED?


Who could have imagined that Earth's reality would be what it is within this now? 

But then, who could ever believe that there are higher dimensional beings, The Galactics, who are "over lighting" humanity? "

And why are these Galactics over-lighting humanity? 

The reason is that they, the Galactics, are here (in the higher frequencies of reality) so that more and more humans will gradually, or quickly, move more and more into the Higher Wavelengths of Gaia Planetary SELF.

These Higher Wavelengths of Light are coming to Gaia within this NOW to assist with the ascension of Gaia, also known as Earth, by expanding the frequency of Higher Dimensional Light that humans are finally beginning to believe in!

The third dimensional humans do not "believe in," what they cannot see with their third dimensional vision. 

However, many Galactics, who resonate to the fourth, fifth and beyond frequencies of reality, have been assisting the third dimensional humans to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF?

But how are humans able to remember that the fourth and fifth dimensional Galactics are starting to more and more openly reveal that they are actually Higher Dimensional, even Fifth Dimensional, Being? 

In fact, how many humans will be able to believe that they are being over-lit so that they can remember their own true Multidimensional SELF!

One of the first questions the humans will ask is "who is "over-lighting us, as well as our dear living planet known as Earth and/or Gaia?

The question now is, "Can the humans continue to believe that there are "human like beings" that resonate to the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of Gaia's Earth?"

I, the writer of this message, have been in contact with the Galactics, beginning from the early 1980s. Of course, the first challenge of communication with the fourth, fifth, and even higher dimensional beings, is to allow your self to believe in which seems to be impossible.

Of course, much of what we, your Galactic Family, are speaking of is thought to be impossible to many third dimensional humans. 

We say, "Third  dimensional humans," because, just as many of our higher dimensional expressions of SELF are Galactic Beings who have chosen to take an earth vessel in order assist with the "landings" of our true Higher Dimensional expressions of SELF.

The Galactics are aware that many of the "humans" they will meet on Earth are actually members of their own "Galactic Family" who have also chosen to wear a third dimensional body in order to best serve their beloved third dimensional Gaia.

Of course, just as the higher dimensional beings on Earth are actually Galactics who have volunteered to respond to Gaia's SOS! Too many "human" forgot that they were also Galactic Beings. 

Then some of them even forgot that they had volunteered to assist dear Gaia with Her transition back into Her true fifth dimensional Planetary SELF.

What a JOY! What a HONOR! To assist Gaia with Her return back to Her true Fifth dimensional SELF!

We, the members of your Galactic Family are beginning to awakening to their true Multidimensional SELF! What a Glorious NOW that awakening will be!!