Saturday, April 17, 2021

Expanding our Consciousness


    Expanding our Consciousness



Expands our sense of reality!

As we expand our consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality, we enter the higher dimensional fields of awareness. Then, as we enter these "Higher frequencies of awareness" we begin to hear ourselves asking questions that we had never thought of before.  

For example, we may ask our self, or others,  questions like:

What is "Reality?"

What is "Consciousness?" 

What are the "Higher Frequencies of reality?" 

 "Is there an Unknown Reality?"

 The very fact that one would ask these questions means that they are ready to go beyond their third dimensional manner of thinking and also incorporate their ever-expanding "Multidimensional Thinking"!

As we look at the question above in red, we can take a moment to answer these questions. However these questions may have very different answers from different people. These differences are important as we expand  our consciousness into higher and higher frequencies. 

What does one's state of consciousness have to do with One's "Frequency of Reality?"

Ponder that questions and we will be back to you soon


The Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie

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