Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Return to Light and Love

 April 27, 2021

Return to Light and Love

As our lives are  beginning to calm down "we hope," after such a long time of dealing with the unknown, it can be difficult to return to what was once "our normal life." What will our lives be like as we move forward, and, very importantly,  how can we be sure what our lives will be like from here on.

After such a long time of "shut down," illnesses, and even the loss of loved ones, we are wondering what will happen next. How long will it take for us to return to "life as we have known it." 

"What will happen next?" we often ask ourselves. This is a good NOW to ask ourselves that question because if we ask our self, then we are beginning to remember that we DO have control over how we feel about difficult situations, how our human self can continue, and, most important "How can we remember to return to intimate communications with our Galactic SELF.

"Who is our Galactic SELF?" you may ask. Our Galactic SELF is the higher frequency of our consciousness. How people begin to communicate with their Galactic SELF is a question that we will all need to answer within our own meditations, dreams and memories.

This difference is largely because we are not just one human. We are "The humans on Earth,"and we all have many different  frequencies of consciousness. A "frequency of consciousness" is similar to the different frequencies of light. 

These frequencies of light can start out almost dark, as darkness is the lowest frequency of light, and often the lowest frequency of consciousness. However, as we begin to raise our frequency of consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of light, we can slowly, or quickly, change the frequencies of our perceptual reality. 

Our "perceptual reality" is our thoughts, moods and desires as they slowly, or even quickly, become brighter and brighter within our awareness. In fact, the "frequencies of light" are a large component of our" frequency of consciousness."

For example, if one's consciousness is based on sorrow or fear, they would likely feel like they are "within the darkness." On the other hand, if their frequency of consciousness is based on "light and hope" they will be more able to feel like they can always find a way to     


It is important that we remember that we DO have a choice! Even when things are going very wrong, one can make the choice to focus on the possibility that Light and Love is always there, even if they cannot perceive it. 

In fact, for one to perceive light and love they will need to have some form of belief in their own ability to attract and maintain the RESPONSIBILITY to remember that Light and Love it NOT just about a person or a desire.

Light and Love are energy fields that one can choose to ignore, or seek out it their daily life. One can choose to love a big tree in their yard, or in a park. Light and Love can also be found within you own heart, and/or within your friends and family.

It is the ability to RETURN to Light and Love, even when you are in the midst of a great challenge, which  many of you are within now! But, with the return of Light and Love within your thoughts, your communications, your desires and your expanding memories of your own Higher Dimensional SELF who resonates to the higher fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions of reality, there is always Light and Love!

There are, of course, many humans who have not yet allowed themselves to perceive the Higher Dimensional Beings who are our own Higher Dimensional Expressions of SELF! Because these higher expressions of our SELF, and of our own Galactic Family, are ALWAYS with us. 

This Light and Love can be found in our dreams, in our desires, in our daily life and imagination, which just may be the TRUTH! 

What if we woke up to see that the "dream" of your Higher Dimensional Self was, in fact, a living component of the SELF that we have always thought of as "just being a human." Yes, we are "just a human." 

But in our dreams and in our imaginations, maybe, just maybe, we are remembering a "ME" that we forgot about when chose to be a third dimensional human form. It is the NOW that we could assist the other third dimensional humans to WAKE YOU AND REMEMBER  the YOU that you were before you landed your Starship on Gaia's Earth to assist the other ones who were NOT just humans ! 


And remember why you came to Earth!


  1. Let Light, Love and Power restore the plan on Earth!!
    Thank you!!! Blessings!!!

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