Monday, March 29, 2021

Visiting our Galactic Family


Communicating with our Higher SELF



We have often thought of our Galactic Family visiting us, but how often have we throught of the fact that WE can visit Them.  The above picture is a cartoon idea of humans being in outer space sitting on clouds typing a message to where?

Are the ones on the clouds receiving the messages, or are they sending a message to us?  In fact, what if the "ones on the clouds," also known as the "Galactics," are actually, what we would call our "human self" in their higher frequency of SELF.

In fact, humans have many frequencies of "self," which are available to them all of what humans call "time."  We say  to them that it does not mean that they must know that they ALL have the ability to communicate with the Higher Beings. 

What  they need to know, is that they can expand their consciousness to encompass the higher frequencies of reality. It is much like your radio or television in that, if you do not turn them on, you will not hear them.  

However, the message on the radio or television is being sent out to any one who is willing to turn on the radio, the television, or TURN ON the higher frequencies of perception that are waiting in different parts of the brain to be called on to send information to the owner of the television.

It is much the same as knowing that one can communicate with the higher frequencies of reality, BUT they need to "turn on" that area of their brain, which is the area in their brain   where one's thoughts and emotions can believe that they DO have the ability to "turn on" and/or "tune into" their "Higher Self." 

One's Higher SELF is the area, thoughts, emotions and/or desires that can BELIEVE that they CAN activate that component of themselves in which their self esteem  is high enough to  be able to interface with their own "Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF." 

Yes, every one has the ability to connect with their own Higher Self who resonates to the higher fourth, fifth and beyond frequencies of reality. In fact,  it is in these higher frequencies of our heart, mind, emotions and perception in which you will be able to make that connection with you own Higher Self.

However, just as if you wanted to watch channel 2 on your television, but the television was set on channel 4, you would not receive the information that you wanted. If that occurred to one who has not yet remembered that they are the "Masters of their Reality" they might get very angry at the "stupid television" that was on the wrong channel! 

These "lost ones," who are ones who have "lost their memory of their TRUE Multidimensional Self" are not able (YET) able to remember that they are WEARING a third dimensional body, but their true Multidimensional, Inter-dimensional SELF, is connected to their third dimensional Heart, Brain, Emotions and Thoughts.

However, if these lost ones tried, and/or even sought assistance, to remember where, when, and how they lost that wonderful component of their Multidimensional SELF, they would be able to find the ONE within them selves that they thought they had lost, or perhaps never knew that they had.

Once they retrieve these "lost components of self," they will likely find that there are higher and higher dimensional components of their SELF. Then much like moving into a new, wonderful house, it may take some time and effort to find, embrace, accept and expand their own connection with their own Higher Dimensional SELF!

Then, once they connect with their own Higher Dimensional SELF, they will always have an inner friend, and adviser, who loves them for who they are right now.   It is that Inner and Higher SELF guides them to Give to Others what they need, because they have learned that, "Energy out is energy back!"   

Also, as your relationship with your own Higher Self grows more and more, you will be able to find and enjoy many other relationships that are based on  the "YOU" that you remember you have always had within and above you. 

It is when you are able to remember to live in the Love and Light, you will more easily remember to live within your own Higher Dimensional SELF.   

Then you will find a way to lovingly and clearly pass on your experience of how YOU remember your own Higher Dimensional SELF, and how you have learned how to allow that SELF to live within your Heart so that you can share the Higher/Inner Gift that we everyone has, but may have forgotten to remember. 

In closing, we remind you that YOU are Love and YOU are Light! If, or when, you forget that truth, just jump on the "cloud of light"and send a quick S0S to your own Higher Dimensional SELF that resonates to the Higher Dimensions of reality!



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