Thursday, February 11, 2021

Working Together as People and Planet

 Feb, 11, 2021

Working Together as People and Planet   

The Galactics through Suzanne Lie


It is THE NOW for People and planet to

work together as ONE being.

Of course, we, your Galactic Family, realize that many Third Dimensional Humanoids do not--yet--think of themselves as, "Members of Gaia, " who is also known as Planet Earth!  

It is more likely that a third dimensional human may think of themselves as human beings who "own" a certain amount of land, houses, and other "things"or "places." Fortunately, there are many humans who take good care of that place that they "own."

However, we the members of your Galactic Family, do not think that we "own" any part of Mother Earth, in the same manner that a child would not think that they "own" their parents or their parent's home in which they live.

In the same manner that an adult would teach their children to "take good care" of their Home and Yard," your Galactic Family reminds you that Gaia is a living being who needs ALL of her human guests to take good care of their third dimensional planetary home.

Of course, it is quite obvious that there are many, many humans who do NOT take good care of the living Being of Gaia, who is known as Earth to most humans. 

In fact, that is not many third dimensional humans who are awakened enough to  even think of Gaia as a living being. For most humans, planet Earth is thought of as a "thing," or maybe something that they "own" in some manner. 

However, we Galactics only think of Gaia as Mother Earth. To us, the Galactics who have traveled to as well as lived on, many planets have discovered that Gaia is an exceptional planet because She (planet Earth) radiates a sense of Love and Light.

Of course, only the humans who are able to love themselves, their friends and family, and themselves are able to understand the concept of "loving a planet," and/or "living on a planet that seems to resonate love to those who are willing to acknowledge and  experience that sense of Unconditional Love that resonates from the many beautiful areas of Gaia's planetary body. 

Yes, Gaia does have a "planetary body," and Yes, she is awakening to something more wider, more intensively caring which in a similar manner to which awakened humans who live on Earth can feel that something is changing.

Of course, "The darkest night is just before dawn," which means that one must be willing to find out exactly what needs to be healed, changed and/or uplifted so that humanity can begin to remember that there is another HIGHER DIMENSIONAL REALITY that has always around and above them, but they forgot about that reality as they were so very distracted by all the "daily issues and problems."

The key point is whether or not the humans can remember that they--the humans on Earth--are in some level connected to the higher dimensional Galactics. In fact, in many chases, these higher dimensional Galactics are actually humans who have volunteered to leave their beloved higher dimensional realities in order to assist the dear planet Gaia who is deep need of SPECIAL LOVING CARE?

How can a human being give "special loving care" to an entire planet?

The answer to that question must be sent to your own Higher Dimensional SELF via whatever manner you and your own Higher Self have learned to communicate with each other. 

If you do NOT have the answer to that questions now, 

Then perhaps you should start searching for it!

Just remember that YOU are the creator of your reality 

and only YOU can remember how YOU can communicate 

with you own Higher Dimensional Expressions of SELF!

As a hint, try to remember to ask you own Higher Dimensional SELF!

If you have not been communicating with that YOU lately

You might want to start out by putting aside a special time

and a special place  where you can go 


To find the YOU that was always there within you


When you find that YOU, your Galactic YOU

You will begin to 




  1. Hi Suzanne, I am writing to you from Nova Scotia Canada. While I was googleing information on Ascension your workshop came up.
    Activating Multidimensional Portals webinar. I was eager to join you until I saw the date...2019.. would you be offering anything similar in the near future?

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