Sunday, February 14, 2021

Remembering Love

February 14, 2021

                                                       REMEMBERING LOVE

Today is Valentine's Day, 

Which is a day we have created a to remember LOVE!

Remembering Love should be something this is totally normal and a feeling which we all wish we could carry within our hearts at all times. 

However, too often we can forget that love is a gift that we all strive to "give away for free." What a wonderful world we would have if we all "gave away love for free." 

Yes, unfortunately "giving away love for free" is forgotten in the midst of our very busy and often demanding life. But, if we can remember that,"LOVE IS FREE" and remember that, 

"Love is a gift that keeps on giving"

We may also remember to take a few moments to let someone know how much we love them. In fact, wouldn't it be a wonderful gift if we all contacted our loved ones and told them that we love them? 

But, we may "be too busy" to remember to say, "I love you" to those whom you love. In fact, how often do we hear ourselves saying the words, "I love you?" 

Maybe we say, "I love you" in special occasions, but forget to say those three words as we walk through our every day life. Also, how often to we say, "I love ME?"

Yes, love is a gift that we give away for free. In fact, it is important that we give that love to ourselves FOR FREE. How many times a day do we remind ourselves that, "I love ME!" 

 In fact, do we ever remember to say those words to to our own self?

                 How often to we remember to say to ourselves...

I Love ME!

Can we take a moment NOW to say to ourselves

"Dear SELF, I really DO love ME!"

And I do not just love myself because I am "good enough," or because "someone else loves me." 

No, I am now ready to unconditionally love my self because I "deserve to love my self!" 

Then we will be more and more aware that loving our own self is the key to remembering to love others.

Just as we can more easily say, "I love myself," we can more easily say to others, "I LOVE YOU!"

What if you decided that today is the day that we will remember to say to our loved ones, "I LOVE YOU!" In fact, today can be the day that you look in the mirror and say:

Happy Valentines Day

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