Friday, February 26, 2021

How can we confront that which we cannot see?

 Feb, 26, 2020           

                                     How Can We Confront

What we cannot see?

How can we remember

Who we are meant to be?

This is a NOW 

To remember HOW

We came to be within this NOW

We realize that something, somehow

Has changed our world, in an invisible way

That we must deal with every day

How do we deal with this unknown

 If we search inside, 

Will we be shown?

At least if we look deep inside

We'll know that we aren't

Trying to hide

Hide from what?

We ask above

Can we face this NOW

With Faith and Love?

We cannot hide,

From this unknown

But if we look inside

We may be shown

"Shown what?"

We ask, in our own way,

"How can we see our SELF 

Each day?"

As we move throughout

Our daily life

We are finding ways 

To face this strife

Is Gaia calling us to say,

"Please heal my planet

In every way"

"Dear Humans who

Live on  my WORLD"

"I, your Mother ask you to show

How each of you will

Join the Flow"

"The Flow that I, 

Your Mother Earth, "

Is calling you from deep inside,

"Do not run and do NOT hide!"

"The answers to your questions 

Are found down deep inside!'

Inside your Mother Earth 

The planet of your Birth

It is the NOW 

to Remember HOW

YOU are Gaia

In your Heart and Soul

When you remember that


Remember that the Ascended Masters are