Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Something new is coming in!


                                                            SOMETHING NEW                                                                                   


Something new is coming in, 

That's free of guilt and free of sin

The guilt that once did rule your life 

filled you all with fear and strife

But..what if you knew 

what would come true

In the now of here, 

when there is no fear

"No fear at last!"

You hear you shout

As now you know

What it is about

Fear within and high above

Was blinding you from seeing love

But, first the love must be within

So it an clean up all the sin

But "What is Sin?"

You ask above

Sin is the opposite

of  True LOVE

Love and light

Can conquer strife

Strife was just a lovely song 

That somehow had gone very wrong

"Gone wrong?" 

you ask your Inner Self

"Oh Yes," says the you

Who  does not know quite what to do

"What will I do?"

You ask your Self

"Just put this fear

Up on a shelf"

This "shelf," of corse

is deep inside

Looking for 

a place to hide

"Why do I hide?"

You ask your self.

"And, what did I hide

up on that shelf?"

"It need not hide!"

You must confess.

It only needed

Time to rest.

Within that "rest"

You can look inside

Above your fear

and within you pride

"But pride is bad,"

you think your learned

Or was it something

to be returned.

Pride is what you give your self

And can't be placed up on a shelf

But, if that is true

then answer why

When you see that shelf

it makes you cry?

You think that crying

means that your bad...

But, inside your crying

because you're sad

You are sad because, the YOU  you are

 is waiting for your own true Star

This "Star" is our Ship

you know remember

And, you were the recruiter

and the sender

It was then  that you

opened up your heart

And KNEW  your real life

Could NOW start!

But, will the life that you have known

leave you feeling all  alone?

Alone inside your "Inner SELF"

the "you" who is waiting on that Higher Shelf

Is this "Shelf" a grand illusion?

That YOU created while lost in confusion?

But, now you wonder

 just who you are?

Were you born on Earth

Or did you come from a Star?

The "Star" you thought

was just a dream

Turned out to be more,

then it might seem.

Then, before you could remember

You knew that "YOU" were the true sender

The sender of  the LIGHT and LOVE

That trickles down from up above

Then, within that NOW

you did remember

YOU are the Giver!

YOU are the Sender!

But, who and what

do you give away?

As now you know

it will return some day!!

And then wherever, you may be

you will know that you are always free 

In fact the YOU

that you could not see

Is ready Now

to be set FREE

This Inner SELF 

that you can"t see

Is your Higher SELF

who will set FREE

Then your Higher SELF

can easily SEE

The ONE that you have

Come to BE

You came from a STAR

from high above

To enter to Earth

To spread more LOVE

And now you know

your life can show

That the YOU, you are

Came from a Star!

(And/or a Star Ship!)

Thank  you dear Galactics for returning to Gaia!

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