Saturday, August 15, 2020

It is the Time of the NOW of the ONE


Please enjoy the latest meeting with Sue and Danny





It is the NOW of the Time of the ONE


It is the NOW of the time of the ONE because humanity is slowly, in fact, far too slowly, remembering that the planet Earth is NOT the only reality in which humanoid beings can exist. In fact, within his NOW there are many, many Star Ships that are flying through Gaia's atmosphere, as well entering the dreams and imaginations of humanity. 

Fortunately, bit-by-bit, more and more humans are finding within themselves that there is an "Inner Feeling" which sometimes, if they really pay attention, there is an Inner Voice and Inner Feeling, an "inner memory," of that which they mostly choose to call a "dream." 

But this "dream" often remains within their consciousness long after they have returned to the visions, feelings, thoughts and memories that they have tried to push away by saying, "Wow! That was quite a dream. Then having pushed their memories safely into the guise of a "dream," they try to forget that"dream" and go back to their "real life!"

However, the memory of that NOW of their Time in the ONE of the Higher Dimensional Realities, which of course were "just part of their crazy dream life," they return to their daily consciousness again and again. But, however hard, they try to push away that"dream," because it distracts them from their third dimensional duties, the dream returns again and again. 

As soon as they relax into their own imagination, their own remembering, their own "many, many important things that they have to do in their 3D world" seem to be less and less important. But they MUST do what they must do!  

They must do this "chore" within that certain NOW as it is ONE thing that seems to be very normal and very important for their regular third dimensional live.

But why are they calling their life their "third dimensional life?" Why would they take the time within that NOW to remember a "very weird" message, memory, or dream, that they somehow know is NOT just a dream!

But, if it was not a dream, and it was a memory, but this memory was NOT from their third dimensional, physical life. This message--no no they say--it is not a message!!  No, No, it is just a dream that they had, and now they are awake.  But the "dream," which is supposed to be forgotten when they awaken, is beginning to feel more and more like a real meeting that they really had!

"Yes, Yes," they say, "that memory is just a dream that I had in the time of my dreaming.  But they begin to remember that that ONE dream had occurred many times through out their life. 

As children they thought those dreams were cool, and played out the dreams with their friends as they traveled to different realities to assist people within that NOW. Yes, they are beginning to remember now that they had that dream so often that they though it was real.

But they were "just children" and once they "grew up" they forgot that nonsense and went to work to make more and more and more money so that they could finally go on a vacation and relax again into their "imagination!"   


"What would have happened, or did change, because they listened to their imagination.

Did they ever awaken to the NOW of the Time of the ONE?


Please enjoy the latest meeting with Sue and Danny