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                 FINDING PEACE IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS          

                  How do we find peace in the midst of CHAOS?

Of course, each person must go inside themselves to find that answer for their self. In fact, each person may have a different definition for "peace," as well as a different definition of "looking inside themselves."  

Also, people often perceive "peace" in a different manner, as well as have as a different perception of "looking inside," and  of  "defining themselves."

Is there some form of unity consciousness in which different people can allow themselves to be open enough with others? 

And, does one need to be open within themselves in order to be open with others. Of course, different people will have different answers to these questions.

However, most people have inner question about themselves and about their life. How much of there their life feels happy and loving, and how much of their life feels overwhelming and unhappy?

If one can answer the above questions, for themselves, they will likely feel more inner comfort and less of a sense of chaos. But, what exactly is "chaos?" Again, the answers to these questions are likely different for different people and at different times.

However, every person has the ability to create a sense of structure within their life so that they can put aside some "very important time" to have a conversation with their self.

This "self" could be their third dimensional, make it though the day self. 
Or, it could be their most creative self, which is often their fourth dimensional self.

 It could be their "inner conversation self with their 3D, everyday self, OR their 4D creative self, or even their 5D and beyond, Galactic SELF.

This inner conversations about how they are doing, how they are feeling, what they are learning, and how they are feeling is very grounding into your physical life. On the other hand, taking some time to communicate, and even merge with, their 5D Galactic SELF 
                        will be a very different experience.

It is important for all humans to connect with their present needs, thoughts, desires, so that they know that they are the ones who are awake and aware of themselves.  If ones are not awake to their thoughts, their actions, their needs, their daily life, desires and experiences, they will not be the one who is "driving the bus!"

There is also the daily awareness of ones creative fourth dimensional self as well as an awareness of ones fifth dimensional, Galactic SELF. Yes, most people are not aware that they even have a fifth dimensional Galactic SELF.

But, on the other hand, more and more people are beginning to remember that there is something else, or maybe someone else that resonates to a fifth dimensional frequency. Of course, the ones who resonate to a fifth dimensional frequency of awareness are far less than those who resonate to the third and fourth dimensional frequency of awareness.

However, more and more people are beginning to realize that when they are resonating to a higher fourth, or even a fifth dimensional frequency of reality, there is a much greater sense of remembering something. 

This something that they "feel," "remember," and/or "accept" into their daily life is new, but at the same time, it has always been there.  In fact, what is new is the awareness that "some
thing new" is coming into their awareness that makes them feel: 

                                           PEACE IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS

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