Sunday, November 19, 2017

Your "GO TO" Higher Frequency Friend--The Arcturians Through Sue Lie

Nov 19-17
 Your “GO TO” Higher Frequency Friend

 The Arcturians Through Sue Lie

Suzille tends to call us, the Arcturians, when she is confused, frightened, or hopeful. We Arcturians wish to remind you all that it is very helpful to have a “GO TO” Higher Frequency Being to assist you in your VERY FAST, “How to Ascend” class.

Many of you are beginning to realize that this “Ascension Class,” is real. This real “class” is an important learning experience,” and most important, a real peek into the fifth dimension, which is increasingly becoming your “New Home.”

EVERYTHING that you perceive, experience, create etc. radiates with your “Primary Resonance Frequency.” This resonance is the primary frequency of reality to which you have calibrated your consciousness.

Just as you would go to a certain channel/frequency on your TV to choose the information that the “channel/frequency” carries, you all consciously, or unconsciously, “tune into” a certain channel/frequency of reality.

The pictures and words (channel of reality) have great power to influence your state of consciousness. You have chosen your channel of reality because the information, which comes in pictures and words, has something special to say to you.

Also, pictures and words create concepts. As a child, you developed many of the same, and some different, concepts that brought forth a meaning within each of your communications.

However, when you were children, it was quite different from when you were an adult. As a child, your world was smaller, but as an adult your world expanded to embrace many different people, cultures, lifestyles, countries, families and experiences.

Of course, it often took great practice, and especially a connection with your “Go To Higher Being” to learn/remember your innate fifth dimensional gift of speaking with your Heart and Mind joined into ONE.

To speak with your Heart and Mind joined into ONE, you must KNOW the deep, hidden thoughts and long suppressed emotions that your Heart and Mind are sheltering you from remembering. It is often through your relationship with your own Higher Dimensional Friend that you can allow yourself to feel like “something” is trying come to the surface.”

When you are speaking with your Higher Dimensional Friend, this “something” often feels like a fifth dimensional energy field because it is HERE in the NOW. When you find yourself in the HERE of the NOW, you cannot “hide,” nor would you want to.

While wearing your human vessel, you are usually very accustomed to hearing “bad news” from inside your own consciousness, as well as on your media. But, on the other hand, if you can remember to “trust your OWN translation of your OWN inter-dimensional messages, you will often find great comfort and even protection.

You may even feel so empowered and loving that you will want to document your higher dimensional messages and share them with others. If you continue to share these higher dimensional messages with others, as well as attend to what others are receiving from their Higher Guidance, you will begin to see that certain messages are being sent to many different people.

That validation of, “We really did get that message because so many other people got the same message!” will activate a greater confidence in our self.  Many have been communicating with “unseen Higher Beings” for many years and/or their entire life.

Knowing that others are getting a similar message will really assist your confidence in your SELF, as well as in your Inter-dimensional communications. These fifth dimensional energy fields have been among us all for quite some time.

However, the Illuminati, and other dark ones, do NOT want humanity to awaken to their innate, Inter-dimensional Perceptions. An “Inter-dimensional Perception” is an experience when an Ascending One is having a “conscious experience of communication with the fifth dimensional or beyond.”

Forming a deep relationship with your “higher dimensional friend” is a component of your experience of being a physical human on third dimensional Earth because inter-dimensional communication is one of the important reasons why you chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW.

Having a personal relationship with a higher dimensional being, such as the Pleiadians, or ourselves, the Arcturians, actually reminds you how to have a deeper relationship with your  own Multidimensional SELF who also resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Sometimes these inter-dimensional communications can take you “on a Roller Coaster Ride” of High Self to Grounded One—THEN Grounded One to Higher SELF—Over and over. However, when you have a “peak experience” of communicating with a higher dimensional being, you will likely experience having a “peak experience” of creativity, change, knowing, spirituality.

We, your higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, are cheering you on through all the third dimensional reality that needs to be cleared, as well as the great challenges you find that you can effectively clear with the help of your “Higher dimensional friends,” who are often higher dimensional expressions of your own Higher SELF.

It is our honor and responsibility to prepare you, our brave expression of SELF who volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist dear Gaia, are receiving fifth dimensional “updates” to expand your:

Range of Emotions
Clarity of Thoughts
States of Consciousness
And your Perceptual Field of Reality

As you are likely aware, the Third Dimensional Operating System was based on TIME and SPACE. However, the Fifth Dimensional Operating is based on the HERE and the NOW.

The third dimensional operating system of Time and Space, offers us NO information about the frequencies of reality. The third dimensional realities have been in a constant state of expansion, which is expanded whenever a “Master” ascends.

Whenever a grounded one, usually human, but not always, ascends, they open a Portal  into the streaming flow of Fifth Dimensional Light. This flow of Higher Light is NOT an easy initiation because the Ascending Ones must totally trust their OWN inner guidance.

How are the Ascending Ones able to trust their inner guidance? They do so by FEELING and EMBRACING Unconditional Love. If they are NOT feeling Unconditional Love, then they have NOT yet totally cleared their “physical self” and allowed their “Ascending SELF" to take the helm of their daily life.”

When the alignment of their physical self with their Ascending SELF is completely sealed with Unconditional Love, all doubt and confusion can be released. However, if doubt and confusion is NOT gone, they will need to re-focus on: LEARNING, LIVING, AND TEACHING Unconditional Love.

Furthermore, if one is striving for “personal ascension,” they are not ready for the full ascension experience. In order for one to ascend—return to their innate fifth dimensional expression of SELF, they MUST perform great service to the PEOPLE and the PLANET.

If you look at the lives of Ascended Masters, you will see that ALL sacrificed themselves for the good of the whole. Some of the Masters had a huge sacrifice to make, whereas other’s sacrifice does not seem as extreme.

However, sacrifice is an individual act during the third dimensional reality from which they are ascending. Therefore, to complete all transmutation from the third/fourth dimensional reality and from your third/fourth dimensional SELF, one must realize that they are the creators of their reality.

They must also give “Service to Others,” which always includes Gaia being first and foremost. For untold eras, humanity has counted themselves to be of a greater importance than the Planet Earth.

They may have said the “right things,” but Gaia has become more and more polluted, poisoned, discarded and purposefully damaged. We, your Higher Expressions of SELF, as well as your Galactic family, ask you all to take a long moment to remember your Lightbody SELF who resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.

ONLY the awakening of your intimate relationship with your Lightbody SELF will be able to assist you to remember:

WHO you really are!
Remember WHAT service you promised you would give to Gaia.
WHERE you were when you made this promise.
WHEN your grounded self  promised to say, “It is the NOW for this service!”
WHY you choose to make this commitment?

Of course, there are many, many more questions to be answered,
but they will be answered while you are giving your service to GAIA.

You see, those of you who volunteered to take an earth vessel within this NOW, chose to participate in Planetary Ascension. Therefore, you are evolved enough to remember your true SELF and your true SERVICE.

However, many of our brave away team to Earth became lost to such a low frequency of reality and end up asking, “What was the Mission, the reason for my incarnation, that I chose before I took this embodiment?"

Our brave warriors to assist Gaia, had no idea how dark and lonely a third dimensional planet in transition could be. Too many of them became lost in the challenges of a reality in which there were still lies, deceit, murder and even wars.

They had not experienced those third dimensional issues for so many incarnations that they forgot that, they too, could become lost.

If you can remember the promise that you made TO Gaia and FOR your personal evolution, you will feel a great security that:


You ALL have that ability, but you MUST remember that you did NOT come to Earth for any personal fame or wealth. YOU are already a fifth dimensional Light Being who no longer needs, nor is attracted to, any form of “personal anything.”

Within your innate fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, you live in such Unity and Unconditional Love for Planet Gaia, including Gaia’s third and fourth dimensional planetary expressions, that you could NOT imagine harming Gaia in any way.

If you can allow your self to remember your Lightbody SELF, who silently waits for its full awakening within the Core of your Kundalini, you will begin to remember WHO you really are and WHY you came to Earth within this NOW.

More and more of you are experiencing the rising of “heat” as your Kundalini Force continues to open your Ascension Pathway up from your First Chakra, through each Chakra, to be joined with your true Lightbody SELF who awaits your return just above your Seventh Chakra.

This Personal Ascension Pathway is opening more and more within the consciousness, frequency and physical body of more and more “Ascending Ones.” However, please remember that, too often, “The Darkest Night is Just before Dawn.”

You see, the Darkness (absorption of light), allows, and forces, the Ascending Ones to LOOK DEEPLY inside their SELF. Whereas “The Darkness” is the “absorption of Light,” “The Light” is the “Sharing of Light.”

Therefore, ask NOT what Gaia can do for you!
            INSTEAD, ask what you can do for Gaia!

Your Galactic Family is constantly protecting, guarding and assisting YOU, the members of their volunteers, to take a third dimensional body on ascending Gaia.”  Are YOU among those volunteers?

If you have read this far, then YOU are most likely ANOTHER ONE who has taken a human vessel to ASSIST GAIA WITH HER PLANETARY ASCENSION.

If a tall tree makes it through a difficult storm, then all the inhabitants also make it “though the Storm.” That NOW is closer than you may imagine, therefore, we ask that you “imagine” that GAIA IS ASCENDING NOW!

Remember “Imagination is fifth dimensional THOUGHT”

Blessings from your Higher Frequency Friends



  1. Question, what is the common opinion about somebody that is self-aware, but have no real interest furthering their ascension or following their path? Not out of spite, just not in agreement with the decisions made in planning this incarnation.

    1. imo,
      to 'walk the line' and to find the middle path is a challenge in awakening process.

    2. There is no right or wrong, all is experience. They will learn either way. Love and peace!

  2. Crying of joy. i woke up this morning and felt the urge to go on my cell which i never do when i am still in bed... i know why now. Gratitude.

  3. Suzanne, Am I an Arcturian? I've known since I was very young that I was sent here and agreed to stay until I was 84. I was told I was a "Messenger, one of many." I've had a very strange life, traveling and working as an artist all over the world, looking for others like me. I've resonated with the Arcturian teachings since I first heard of them. Help.

    1. If you resonate to the information and guidance shared here, you are most likely connecting to your own Arcturian heritage. It has also been taught that we have representations of SELVES at each frequency (including elemental, 5th, 6th, etc. up to 12th and beyond). Thank you for being a messenger! If you wish to receive more validation or affirmation, ask your higher guidance and see what comes through.

  4. I really appreciate the aspect of the message that presents our Higher Guidance as a team (and friend!) on which we can call at any time. I also enjoy the recognition that we receive similar, supportive messages from our teams. It's almost as if the truths we receive are aligned and hold resonance to our unique missions in service to GAIA. The magic is revealed when we compare our dreams, messages, and creative insights and combine them into a unified and empowered message. The more we do this, the more magic we can create together by bringing interdimensional communication into collective awareness.

    I guess we all get by with a little help from our Higher dimensional friends!

    We hope to see you in the upcoming event, and we can share & compare stories.
    ~ Shawnna

  5. I Feel A Wave of Gratitude
    Flow through my sense of me
    A swelling of my heart
    That rises upwards out enfolding my crown
    Out up spreading wide
    I am not my body-self
    It's not my mind-self
    It's my Spirit Self
    Of my eternal SELF
    Of me as I am
    In an energy field
    Of excited lightness
    A feeling of expanded awareness
    As I still my mind
    Of questions
    And ask within
    Are you there?

    I AM
    I hear your words
    And Feel your Ever-presence
    Envelope my sense of Being...
    My Beloved One Within
    My Silent Partner
    Of the Finer realms

    Thank God
    I smile my thanks
    For this Gift of Life
    Of Love
    Of Wisdom to Become
    I Know not what
    But I Trust
    Keep Faith
    For The Great Unknown
    Is Fast approaching
    And I Live in Trust
    That my Inner Being
    Is My Pilot
    Flowing our conjoined Auric Flight paths
    As ONE

  6. Thank you Sue and Arcturians! Just what I needed!


    I see GAIA as an inner plane of Cosmic Consciousness Of Pure SELF Awareness
    I Imagine it as non-physical reality of unimaginable perceptions of infinite dimensions in its potentialities to Grow in its SELF PERCEPTION as THAT
    I See it as a place of Divine Refuge where Compassion and Unconditional Love abound in Impersonal Infinitude, awaiting for the Asking which is ALL WAYS GIVEN
    I Feel Gaia as the Source Of Life Power in Natures Abundance of Beauty and Cosmic Harmony


    For Surely GAIA is the DIVINE SOURCE of our Earthly existence
    We, the human kind of Life existing in consciousness with choices of thoughts, feelings, action and reactions
    We the embodiments of Spirit in uniforms of Earth, fire, water and air..
    We, the human kind growing in awareness of our causes and effects; of our desires and fears, and yes of our inner Self Awareness as energy beings... Beings of Eternal Light

    Yes, we each are Spiritual cellular Earthlings of the Spiritual Planetary Reality called Gaia and we each are uniquely qualified to breathe, to Love Life and to light the way as fireflies of the Inner Planes


    I can scarcely equate the infinite Eternal Spiritual Reality of GAIA and her expression of her SELF as Planet Earth
    And YET it is so... Is it not?

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