Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Day 5 of 7 Days with your SELF

Sue Lie and the Arcturians 
Dear Readers,

So much has happened, not happened, and is about to happen, but we don’t really know what all of these “things-events” are. I am not even sure of which “past” event have actually happened. I am not sure which events are significant and which events are just a part of daily life. But then isn’t “daily life” VERY significant??

I am now posting the final three “Days of Finding SELF” so I can get on with “finding the SELF that I AM NOW.” The energies are so strong and so fast, that they can become quite confusing, not to mention challenging.

I will Now go directly to Day 5 of Being with your SELF, which is:

“Remember your Mission—Your “Reason for Incarnation”

What I, Sue, have to say about “remembering my mission” is that it keeps changing, expanding, growing or even disappearing—only to appear again later.

What do I mean by “mission” in this context?
What I mean is, “that which we hear inside, that which we KNOW we need to do.”

We may not know why we need to do it. In fact, it takes Faith in our SELF to listen to our inner Guidance. Then, it takes more faith in our SELF to promise our SELF that,


Therefore, this fifth question is not as much about WHAT our Mission is, but more about WILL we dedicate our self to join our SELF so that we can LIVE our Mission!

Therefore, Day 5 of 7 Days with our SELF is: I Remember MY Mission!

If you repeat that statement, I remember my Mission, enough, you will get more and more details on why you chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW

I discovered that making the recordings was too time consuming, and likely the reason why I needed to “take a break.”  However, the “taking a break” is an important part of this exercise, as we ALL need to learn when:

“I REALLY NEED TO TAKE A BREAK FROM THIS—whatever what that “this” is!”

Therefore, for Day 5 of  7 Days with your SELF, the group experience is to look into your life, right NOW, and “take a long enough break” (whatever “break means to you) so that you can fully REMEMBER YOUR MISSION.

Please know that your Mission does not need to be “grand” in any fashion. But, you will likely need to “take a break” from what you are remembering, ignoring or doing about your “mission.

Give yourself a BREAK from whatever it was that so busied up your life that you do not have “time” to:
            “remember your mission,
                        document your mission,
                                    and do your Mission.”

The Challenge that we give you for this Fifth Day with your SELF
is that you say to yourself:
“Today, on my fifth day of the seven days with myself,
I allow my self to Take a Break so that I can BE my SELF in this NOW.


WE would love for you to share what you have discovered.


Sue Lie and the Arcturians


  1. Thank you very much Sue for this day!
    No doubt the energies are very strong, it has all been very confusing, the time is somewhat blurry now and I have been struggling to keep the focus and remember things .. it is as if I was floating through life. And somehow I feel disconnected from my superior aspects, or rather from the old ways of connecting ... it's as if I'm getting used to the fact that I no longer need a strategy to connect, I just already am ... and it's confusing to keep operating in 3D. You know what I mean?
    The only thing that I feel relieved me, is to connect with GAIA and take my break, just contemplating nature.
    Does Anyone else feels the same?
    Thank you so much! Blessings

    1. Hi Daniela,
      I feel the same. Always hated schedules but now cant't really have any. I've been thinking in going to live into some kind of nature community - just not like me but maybe a necessary step.
      S**t with all of this some times.

      Hug to you.

    2. I feel like you also!! Blessings!!!!

    3. I think we're just delaying the inevitable, which is forming our tribe in physicality.
      I envision normal 3D life stuck in a nature village (cars away), same money rolling, same activities, though different working dynamics and more suitable living schemes FOR THE ASCENDING ONES that go beyond internet. State of the art of everything kept quiet.
      Who's in? More ideas?

  2. Playtime was needed and so nice...the "go to higher frequency friend" was warm and loving...reiteration of purpose/mission stated..."this is what we do..." more details but no time to write Now love to all on this day

  3. Thank you Suzanne! Love and blessings to you, Gaia, the Arcturians and everyone. With infinite gratitude!