Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Day 2 with my SELF--Embracing the Light

Day 2 of With My SELF

Today, on my second “Day with my SELF” I am choosing to Embrace the Light.

What Light am I embracing? And, how can I embrace the Light?

These are questions for which I do not have the answers. I do not have the answers because I have never asked my SELF the questions of,

“How do I embrace the Light?”

“When do I embrace the Light?”

"Why would I embrace the Light?"

"Where would I go to embrace the Light?

Which of the many versions of my SELF will remember to embrace the Light?

So many questions, and somehow I know that I will only know the answers when I choose to…


How do YOU Embrace the LIGHT?

We welcome you to share how YOU embrace the Light, 

by writing your answer in the comments section...

Thank you for your wonderful participation,

Sue Lie and The Arcturians

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  1. going within is how I embrace the light, when I am not myself it always finds me this way. when I am not lost, its easy, the light is all around and within, it is everything, but when I am strange and unbalanced I must gently focus and return to the light. it can be a challenge when things are distorted, but always works and it's as if I never left.

  2. When I embrace and love myself unconditionally I am embracing the light because I am the light. These days I regularly give myself big hugs and I do my best to give myself the encouragement and love I know I deserve. Love and light

  3. I embrace the Light by breathing the Light of Source into every cell of my body and by filling my heart and mind with positive thoughts and feelings.

  4. Now I understand the phrase I received, "I am here to witness the light in the land".The Light is in conscious awareness, and the Embrace is in the reciprocal see-being-seen. I see Gaia and Gaia sees me, and we are conscious of this experience. I practice this with Gaia, but it applies to everything everywhere everyone.

  5. we embrace the light every time we step into the unknown, every time we jump into the leap of faith!

  6. By Being the best version of me, embodying my I AM presence, choosing love and not fear and generating a positive impact on the life of everyone around me.

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  8. I embrace the light through joy. Joy has always been my expression of my inner knowing that I am one with the source of all so perfectly enamoured with life and love and the entire experience of life in physicality.

    It has not always been welcomed as I always felt a bit too optimistic as joy used to bounce off of people rather than being absorbed. But the energy is changing as we all realize this is our true inner power!

    So I dance and sing and even skip once in awhile. The joy is in my heart, it is my inner light and it finally feels appropriate to express it yay!!!