Thursday, November 2, 2017

Day 3 with My SELF--YOUR Higher SELF--Forgiveness


Day 3 with my SELF

Through my Higher SELF

FORGIVENESS is something that we ALL love to GET,
but is difficult to GIVE to ourselves.

I FORGIVE myself for what I did not know, but thought I did.

I FORGIVE myself for what I said without thought.

I FORGIVE myself for what I said I would do, but did not find the time to do it.

I FORGIVE myself for all the times that I did not forgive others.

I FORGIVE myself for all the times that I did not forgive myself.

Therefore, I take a moment to send FORGIVENESS to anyone I think has hurt me,

And ask for forgiveness from anyone that I have hurt.

FORGIVENESS is something that we ALL love to GET, but too often cannot give away.

Therefore, TODAY, I forgive MYSELF for all I did and did not do.

I OWN this forgiveness of my self, so that I can, also, forgive others!

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  1. perfect timing for this for me! I forgive my urge to not forgive I forgive my own perfect timing that I may not understand I forgive my need to know I forgive everything that seems to make things complicated or painful I forgive my own resistance (maybe it had a 3rd dimensional purpose?) and I love myself

    1. and of course I got an instant reply which was "You resist their urge to throw lie on you"

  2. Hello dear family, I actively work in service clearing the earth grids and collective time frames affecting the earths energy.

    I am seeing blame and shame lifting from the programs feeding the grid and entraining the DNA to vibrate at very low frequencies, evoking all kinds of lower emotions within. This will help us clear judgement and feelings of low self worth that we have been experiencing through eons of existence!!

    Hang in there, we are clearing these old patterns where forgiveness will be less necessary as we treat ourselves and each other with joy and gratitude :)

    With love to us all and forgiveness for so much pain that we have experienced through the fall of our biology!!

    1. Hi Cheri, Thank you! I am so deeply grateful, and appreciate you sharing this. Together we are one! And making a difference. Shifting, in a relatively short space of time, in the grand scheme of things, all the eons of abuse, fear, darkness/dark forces, power over others. LOVE is the only answer, and the only solution, my BeYOUtiFUL friend. I love you ❤️