Wednesday, October 12, 2016

An Inter-dimensional Message from Ascension From Zadkiel - Through Suzanne Lie

An Inter-dimensional Message from Archangel Zadkiel

Through Suzanne Lie

Blessings, I am Zadkiel, here to communicate with you. We wish to tell you that there is what may be “membrane” that encompasses every reality. Yes, there are many realities that are birthing within this NOW of your planetary transition from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.

“As it is for the greatest, it is for the least!” Therefore, just as each of your physical organs is encompassed by a membrane (skin around each organ), each person, planet, solar system and galaxy is contained in and protected by a “frequency membrane.”

The frequency membrane is that which maintains and distributes the resonant frequency of every reality, person, planet, solar system, and galaxy throughout the entire system of that which is contained within and protected by each frequency membrane.

When any person, place, situation or thing is preparing for the process of ascension from a lower resonant frequency to a higher resonate frequency, the surrounding membrane slowly, or quickly, transmutes into a higher frequency.

The reason why this occurs is that the membrane is the interface between the current resonant frequency and the incoming higher, or lower, frequency of resonance that is about to impinge on that person, place, situation, or thing.

The membrane serves much like your skin serves to protect your body. However, many humans are unaware of these membranes, as well as they are unaware of the higher frequencies of reality through which each membrane progresses.

These membranes begin in your etheric body, which resonates to a slightly higher frequency than your skin, and extend into the fifth dimensional resonance of your personal and planetary ascension. The higher dimensional light enters your planetary membrane from the fifth dimension and beyond to allow for a slow and steady download into Gaia’s planetary body.

First the higher light moves into the fifth dimensional frequency of the membrane to await the merging of the fifth dimensional light with the third dimensional persons, planet and all the inhabitants of each reality.

There are many realities that are simultaneously running on Earth’s third/fourth dimensional matrix. Each of these realities is surrounded by an invisible membrane, which serves to “separate” each reality.

These membranes serve to create Earth’s third dimensional illusion of separation between dimensions, persons, and all aspects of third dimensional reality. These invisible membranes serve to connect all the dimensions into the ONE of Gaia’s planetary body.

These membranes are multidimensional and assist the gradually step-down of the higher light, which is entering Gaia within the NOW, from the fifth dimension, through the fourth dimension and into the third dimensional matrix.

Within your NOW, your third dimensional matrix, which is based on separation, is slowly being transformed by the higher frequencies of light. There is an invisible planetary membrane that creates a gradual and safe step-down of the incoming fifth dimensional light.

Once the membrane has absorbed the fifth dimensional light, the membrane serves to slowly step-down the light into the fourth dimension. Then, when the fourth dimension has absorbed the higher light, the light is stepped down to enter the etheric shield around Gaia’s planetary body.

As the higher light penetrates and merges with Gaia’s etheric body, it slowly flows into and merges with third dimensional Earth. Much as a sunscreen protects your skin from getting a “sunburn” from the hot Sun, inter-dimensional membranes protect your planetary and human earth vessels from accepting more light than your consciousness can control.

Thus, just as you control how much Sun you get on the beach by putting a sunblock on your body, you need to control how much fifth dimensional light that you take into your third dimensional body.

Fortunately, invisible inter-dimensional membranes surround all of your body’s organs, muscles, vascular and nervous system, as well as your skin, which is the largest organ of your body.

These inter-dimensional membranes create a gradual progression between your third/fourth dimensional earth vessel and your fifth dimensional body during each NOW of your transmutation back into your true fifth dimensional, and beyond, Lightbody.

To protect your entire earth vessel, there is an inner, invisible membrane around your spinal column to send a message to your brain if you are too vigorous with your transmutations into Lightbody and are in danger of harming the delicate synchronicity of all the portions of your third dimensional form.

When this synchronicity within your third dimensional earth vessel is disturbed, certain areas of your physical body can become “out of sync” with the rest of your bodily systems.

If any of your bodily elements, and elementals rise into a resonance that is too far beyond the resonance for the rest of your earth vessel, the portions of your body that become too high for the rest of your body will likely cause you discomfort and maybe even a “burning sensation.”

Also, the components of your body that cannot “keep up” with the accelerated spin of the nucleus of the other cells in your body will fall out of connection with your innate healing systems. Then these parts of your third dimensional body can become damaged or diseased.

It is the function of your inter-dimensional membranes to keep the ascension of your physical body in alignment with ALL components of your physical form. These membranes are “inter-dimensional” because they are able to operate from the frequency of your fifth dimensional expression, all the way down into the resonance of the first dimensional components of your body.

Your body is comprised of uncountable first dimensional cells that serve much a mortar serves to bond each brick together to create a house. As the fifth dimensional light comes into your aura, it will first seek out any components of your thoughts, emotions, and physical body that are able to sustain that higher frequency of light.

The inter-dimensional membranes, which are only activated by the infusion of this higher light into your form, capture this higher frequency of light. Then, just as your digested food goes to areas of your body that are ready to receive it, the fifth dimensional light will be directed to the areas of your body that YOU have prepared for this frequency of light.

There are many “lost ones,” which is the term that we use for what you call the Illuminati, who are unable to accept any of the higher light, as that resonance would act like hot sun on dry grass. When we ask you to send Unconditional Love and Violet fire to these lost ones, it is so that you can assist them to accept the Higher Light.

Once anyone accepts this fifth dimensional and beyond light into their third dimensional body, that higher frequency of light moves into the base of the spine to activate the mission of the force of the Kundalini to begin its slow, or fast, transmutation of inner darkness into higher light.

Those who have “done their homework” and have prepared for their acceptance of the fifth dimension light will be able to incorporate these higher frequencies of light into their physical earth vessel.

These awakened ones, and especially those who have already designed a life in which they live in “service to others,” have already changed their diets, meditate on a regular basis to align ALL the cells of their body with their ever-expanding higher states of consciousness, and are receiving and documenting their many inter-dimensional conversations.

Meanwhile, Gaia, as well as all the planets in Her entire Solar System and Galaxy are allowing each of their planetary, solar and/or galactic membranes to slowly step-down the fifth dimensional frequencies of light into all third-dimensional, physical realities.

Because all these “membranes” are multidimensional, the fifth dimensional light is easily captured by the outer portions of the membrane to be stored in the fourth dimensional sub-membranes until the collective of the third dimensional person, planet, solar system, and galaxy has aligned their highest resonant frequency with their lowest resonate frequency.

In this manner, each octave of every celestial body, person, place, situation or seemingly thing, will serve as a “stair” on a virtual stairway or bridge across which the higher light can flow into the lower frequencies of each person, place, reality or thing.

This higher, fifth dimensional light will initially move into the highest frequencies of the “bridge,” and allow the time-bound third/fourth dimensional realities to adjust before the fifth dimensional light moves down into next, lower octave of that reality.

When that process is completed, the membrane will dissolve into the higher, fifth dimensional light. We remind you that this “light” is alive. In fact, this fifth dimensional light is not only the cause of your transmutation but also the result of how each neural synapse can activate the “birth” of the transmutation of a person, planet, or even solar system.

Light is that which “turns ON” the neural synapses that allow the first spark of life to expand into its own genetic destiny. We Archangels, as well as all the other Angels, are pleased to have the wondrous duty of breathing Unconditional Love into each of these new creations.

It is the Unconditional Love that allows the life force of the ONE to enter into the Heart, or core, of each person, place, situation, or thing. We ask that you, our higher dimensional beings wearing an earth vessel, vow to distribute this incoming fifth dimensional light throughout every aspect of ever-expanding form and reality.

Please remember that Unconditional Love can over-ride any dissonant third or fourth neural patterns and return them to their higher dimensional expression. We speak of neural patterns as that is the component of any physical being, planet, solar system, and/or galaxy.

We remind you that all planets, solar systems and galaxies are alive and are as aware, in fact they are much more aware, than humanity. Because Earth humans are such a young species compared to planets and other celestial beings, they have not yet remembered the “spark of the ONE” that was awakened by their birth.

We are sorry to say that far too many humans lose all connections with that spark shortly after birth, during childhood and/or during the challenges of early adulthood. It is for this reason that the Golden Ones have decided to reveal themselves to the consciousness of those who can expand their perceptual field to encompass the Threshold between third/fourth dimensional Earth and the newly awakening fifth dimensional Earth.

The Golden Ones are much like “planetary doulas” in that they assist with the planetary birthing, actually the re-birthing, of a third/fourth dimensional planet into the fifth dimension. To the perspective of the Golden Ones, Gaia’s Earth is having Her labor pains and needs their inter-dimensional assistance to open the threshold between the third/fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of planetary resonance.

Humanity was meant to be the most evolved beings on the Earth during this time of planetary transmutation. However, due to the constant bombardment of darkness from the laggards who could not ascend with their own planet, as well as the negative extra-terrestrials who invaded Earth long ago, Gaia is having a difficult “rebirth” into the next octave of Her reality.

It is for this reason that so many higher dimensional beings have volunteered for the difficult assignment of sending their higher dimensional energy field into a third dimensional earth vessel. In fact, we, the Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters, have been directly assisting Gaia’s planetary being.

Fortunately, just as many of the laggards have taken human forms, many higher dimensional beings have also taken a human form. Furthermore, any human who can expand their consciousness into the frequency of the fifth dimension can directly merge with their Higher SELF to perceive their changing reality from the vantage point of their higher dimensional home world or star ship.

As more and more of those wearing an earth vessel merge with their higher expressions of Ascended Master, Elohim and Archangel, the resonance of Gaia’s energy field can easily expand into the resonance of the fifth dimension.

It is for this reason that we invite all of our volunteers who took an earth vessel within this NOW to remember their Ray of Service, which will guide them to remember their higher expressions of Ascended Master, Elohim, and Archangel.
(Please see: HERE)

Yes, you ALL have a primary Ray of Service on which you have specialized so that you can best prepare for the process of assisting Gaia to transmute into Her fifth dimensional expression. You see, our beloved ones wearing an earth vessel, you volunteered to assist with planetary ascension when you first entered your earth vessel. Once you took your incarnation on Gaia, you moved into different timelines and locations during your myriad incarnations.

We call you NOW to remember your true Multidimensional SELF, as well as the many incarnations in which you served on Gaia’s Earth in preparation for Her planetary re-birth into Her fifth dimensional, planetary expression.

Within the HERE and NOW of the fifth dimension, you are merging with your Multidimensional SELF to fulfill your pledge to assist with the ascension of planet Earth.

I, Zadkiel, vow to assist you during your process of personal and planetary transmutation.


  1. In reading your latest 2 posts I thought I am probably of the first ray because of an experience I had in a session some years ago with the pleiadian discs. They are a tool that someone created and were used with a strobe light in an enhanced meditation. In this vision I saw myself as a being of deep silvery blue way out in the emptiness. There was nothing else but this being made of thin muscle-like striated bands, me. I knew there were the other colors around but decided to stick with where I was. So when I read the previous post I thought probably blue. I asked this morning and after an extensive test/explanation experience was told: With El Morya as guide, you do you, and in keeping with the plan the planet is healed. I really related to some of the other rays' descriptions but am accepting El Morya as the test he said he was giving me really was exactly how I have been thinking anyway. And he has been trying to identify himself to me by name for a while. Although it feels deep and personal, I share this so others may feel encouraged to open up to their own ray guidance.

  2. om

  3. Hey, could you ask those higher beings for some messages or teachings for really, really bad times/lives? I mean, I want to go on doing some inner work, but it seems (to me), I don't really have that kind of a life. My life seems to call for immeadiate action all the time, the kind of work that is the most mundane, the most thankless jobs, the kind of work that suits best for psychopaths. I am blocked from every directions, except for the really bad ones that I rather die than doing. Nothing I can do, and it seems this unlucky nature of my life is pre-determined, as in planned for me for this life. I really can't make sense of this arrangement. Why throw yourself to wolves, right? Well, it seems I threw myself to wolves to do some inner work (?) in this life time :(

    So, what is the matter with this (my) kind of lives (there must be others, right)? My divinations point towards the regular "balance your feminine and masculine sides" type of answers. But, I'm scared sh.tless and think there's nothing for me in this life (want out!). I am not at all psychic, so I am, so to speak, firmly tied to this reality (a very bad combination of qualities). The usual "think good, create good" thingy don't work either, because, as I said earlier, this seems intentional. Could my higher self be a maniac? *joking*

    Anyway, as you might guess, I have no motivation, and I've been reading spiritual stuff that resonates with me (like the ones in this site, thanks!), but it doesn't seem I have (or will ever have) the opportunity to do any spiritual work (or anything, really). I mean I am stuck in a rut, and I definitily can't afford any trainings or classes, only can meditate at nights in clandestine, can't even access nature, can't have the opportunity to use my creativity (a recurrent pattern in my life)... anything you can think of, I cannot do it. So, what the hell? Why don't I ever hear these kind of lives? Don't we exist? I wonder what would those higher beings say about this. I'm out of my wits :(

    Thank you

    1. The best thing you can do is keep meditating. As you meditate ask your guides and your higher self for help and solutions. Take each situation one at a time. Start with one that is most important, ask for help for the best solution and outcome... Then you have to listen as the answers will come to you. You have all of the answers you are looking for within you. You just have to get quite and still (meditate) ask and listen. Much Love!

    2. Dear Friend, know that your power lies within, and it is now time to release all feelings and ideas associated with restriction, lack, chaos, fear, worry, and insecurity. Step into nature (with bare feet) and ground yourself into the core of the planet and welcome the Divine light into your being to assist you to feel nurtured, safe, abundant, and secure. Accept the love to flow within and through you. I highly recommend that you allocate some of your energy to the free 7-week process of unconditional love which Sue and the Arcturians led us through at the beginning of the year. You must re-learn to love yourself. The energies are very supportive of transformational progress - and you are ready to shift your attitude and mindset to acknowledge your power within. You can do this, and you will. Much love. ~ Shawnna

      Here are the free meditations along with the supporting information for the free 7-week process of unconditionally loving yourself:

    3. If you wish an to communicate with me, you can email me at
      How can i communicate with an anonymous person?

    4. You first need to change your thinking from "I can't" to "I can" "I will" "I am capable". That is the first step. You CAN!


    5. Sending much unconditional love and blessings and violet fire your way! You can do this!

    6. I must add, there was a time when I was thinking the same way as you Anonymous. I was thinking, my life is SO miserable that there is no point to it. And the misery just kept continuing, day after day... but gradually, it did change. Now, it's changed. What helped me, was living one day at a time. Try to live in the NOW, not concentrating on the past or the future, focus only on today. Don't give up. You can do it!

  4. Soon in spanish at Sue´s spanish site:

    Despertando con Suzanne Lie (


  5. Translation in romanian

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    What a beautiful offer from Sue, I do hope you take her up on it so that you may feel directly the power of love and support. In the meantime, I send am sending you waves of soft pink love to wrap around you like a warm duvet, so you may know that, no matter what appears to be happening, you are loved.

  7. infinite now and here BLESSINGS

  8. Thanks for the update, i really start missing this updates after a week when i dont see anything in my inbox, thank you and waiting for more instructions.

  9. Thank you Sue <3

    I'm fifth, knew it already.

  10. My gratitude and love.

    Which is the best diet?

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