Sunday, October 30, 2016

Arcturian Answers to Human Questions The Arcturians Through Sue Lie

Arcturian Answers to Human Questions

Messages from 10-28-16

Dear Arcturians,
Something “died” last night, and something new was reborn. I had a dream, or vision, or reality in which it occurred. I cannot remember the details of the dream, and I don’t think the details are important.

What I do remember is the feeling that I had when I awoke, which was just a few minutes ago. Can you assist me to remember the dream, the lessons, or whatever it is that was forgotten and is now remembered?

Dear Suzille,
Of course we can assist you to understand the deepest memory of your morning dream of death and rebirth. Indeed, the dream was about “death and rebirth,” which is often an invisible, yet ongoing, theme for everyone’s third dimensional incarnation.

In fact, within your NOW, death and rebirth is a major theme for all of OUR dear ones who have chosen to take an incarnation to assist with planetary ascension.

As we have said uncountable times, the physical form that you wear is merely a holographic projection that has been sent into the 3D Matrix so that your higher expressions of SELF can appear to have a third dimensional earth vessel.

In fact, your earth vessel is merely the container for the magnificent multidimensional being that you ALL are. However, the illusion of a third dimensional body has become a third dimensional truth.

Often, our grounded ones cannot remember that their 3D form is an illusion because it has become so “plugged in” to the third dimensional Matrix. On the other hand, our volunteers to assist Gaia, are beginning to “die” to that illusion and be “reborn to the truth” of their true SELF.

However, third dimensional illusions have been in place for more incarnations than most of you could count, which has left you immensely attached to the illusion of your third dimensional reality.

Our Dear Ones, who volunteered to take an earth vessel, will be the first ones to release that illusion. Unfortunately, it can only be a complete release of illusion when you, our volunteers, have remembered the Truth. “But what is the Truth,” so many ask.

There are many of you who know their true SELF, but have grown attached to the illusion in which you have lived for more incarnations than you can remember. In all these incarnations, death was the sign that that attempt to assist Gaia and Her inhabitants was coming into its completion.

Therefore, a “fear of death” grew within your hearts and minds, which you soon forgot was NOT a fear of leaving your life. No, this fear was one of leaving what you had come to believe was your life.

On the other hand, the illusion was also a truth. You volunteered to enter the 3D illusion to remember to remember the TRUTH during that incarnation. If you could remember what you learned, were given and received during that incarnation, your Mission to Earth was successful.

However, the current incarnation of our volunteers to assist Gaia represents a great transition that will feel much like the many deaths that you have experienced at the close of all your personal incarnation.

During your many “deaths,” when you passed out of your third dimensional form and into your fourth and then fifth dimensional form, you went through an immense shift that you had forgotten, that was often forgotten in the “deaths” of your other incarnations.

Once one begins their preparation to leave their physical form, they pull together all that they learned within that incarnation. They can review the lessons of that incarnation from the higher dimensional perspective of their higher dimensional SELF.

When one is on the cusp of ascension, they have many of the same sensations, thoughts, memories, and concerns as they have had in the many incarnations in which they died.

Within this NOW, you will not “die.” Within this NOW you will “ascend.”

However, ascension and dying feel much the same. Some events, illness, accident, etc. needs to occur in order to shut down your third dimensional vessel, so that YOU, your multidimensional consciousness, can “get the clearance to take off” out of your third dimensional body.

We tell you this now NOT because you are on the verge of death, but because you (the greater YOU to whom we are speaking) are ascending. However, Gaia is ascending with you. Now, that is something that you have never experienced in any of your incarnations.

In ALL your former incarnations, your consciousness left your body, your home, your neighborhood, your state, your country, your hemisphere, and your planet when you “died.” However, in this death, all the above will “die—transcend” with you.

This process will not be for everyone, all at once—YET. Within your NOW, and for an undetermined third dimensional time, each of you will answer your own “ascension call,” to begin your “lift off,” into the higher dimensions.

However, this “lift off” will only feel like a “death” before your “take off.” That feeling of death is your third dimensional form preparing you for a great change. For most of you this “great change” has more to do with your life in general, than with your health specifically. However, a “sickness” will force you to stay in bed, be still, and listen to your body.

It is this act of being still enough to listen to your body that we wish to highlight. Your body, and often your dreams and meditations, have been, and/or will soon be, telling you that “a great change” is occurring.

For some of you, this great change will appear to be around you, and for others this change will appear to be within you. Eventually, all of you who experience the beginning of this great change/transition/ascension will experience it in every aspect of your life.

It is the NOW for you who are our volunteers to Earth to begin your return into your fifth dimensional consciousness, your fifth dimensional body, your fifth dimensional reality and most important, your fifth dimensional purpose.

For many of you, your transition will begin with your consciousness. This shift will occur because your fifth dimensional consciousness will determine that which you perceive and that which you will accept as truth.

Dear Arcturians, it was about 12 hours ago that I received your “awakening message.” I am now ready to receive your “going to sleep” message. It was a very busy day with challenges, resolutions, and good conversations.

I would say that it was a very “conscious” day, as well as a very exhausting day. I am ready to cross into sleep soon and would like to complete this day with a message from you in that same manner that I started this day with a message from you.

Dear Suzille,
We, the Arcturians, are happy to send you another message. Actually, we have sent you many messages today, some of which you forgot, and some of which you remembered. However, you did not remember our morning message until you saw it on the desktop of your computer.

That is, you did not remember it with your 3D consciousness, but you did remember our message with your 5D consciousness. However, your consciousness was mostly calibrated to the third dimension during this eventful day. Hence, the messages gathered via your 5D consciousness were ignored.

Did you realize that there are many fifth dimensional messages that you, that everyone, get throughout your-everyone’s day? These fifth dimensional messages are stored within your Multidimensional Mind in the hope that they will be recovered when they are most needed.

In other words, when you (meaning all of YOU who have chosen to take your earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her ascension) remember any of the many inter-dimensional messages that are stored in your Multidimensional Mind, you will find many answers to your many questions.

Therefore, do not worry about if you have “time” to meditate in order to expand your consciousness to find important answers. Most of the answers to most of the questions that you have asked throughout most of your life are ALL stored in your Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind is the interface between the earth vessel that you wear and the Lightbody that you ARE. Your Lightbody SELF resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, and extends from your Multidimensional Mind, through your spinal cord, and down into the base of your spine.

Activating the force of your Kundalini, which is stored within your First Chakra, can access your Lightbody SELF. When you become consciously aware of this “force of transmutation into your Lightbody,” you will feel it rise up your spine when there is an important message from your Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind serves as an inter-dimensional antenna that receives and stores your fifth dimensional, and beyond, messages until you are ready to receive them. You can best receive these messages via the gamma waves of your fifth dimensional consciousness.

However, like all messages within your brain, they are activated by a “need to activate that neural system.” Just as you must turn on your computer, radio, television, when you wish to gain that information, you must “turn on” your fifth dimensional consciousness in order to receive the information stored within your Multidimensional Mind.

Your computer, radio and/or television are always able to gather, disseminate and share what their circuitry has been programmed to receive. However, until you “turn on these machines” they are unable to share their stored information.

In the same manner, your must “turn on” your Multidimensional Mind. However, just as you must “plug in” and “charge” your computer, radio or television, your must “plug in and charge” your Multidimensional Mind. 

You charge your Multidimensional Mind by “plugging in your consciousness to the frequency of the fifth dimension.” Then, once your Multidimensional Mind is charged with fifth dimensional input, you can choose the “channel” which meets your needs within the NOW.

However, just as you must calibrate your computer, television, and/or radio to a certain frequency to receive certain information, you must calibrate your consciousness to the frequency of information that you need to access.

If you want information about what your body needs to consume, you use a different channel than if you want information about how to heal your body. In the same manner, there are different channels of information for all the many questions you have and activities you are performing.

Fortunately, your third/fourth dimensional brain has many “channels” to choose from. However, for many of you, your fifth dimensional brain is not “totally plugged in.” Therefore, you may only receive static or “bits and pieces” of information.

Be patient with your self, for if your physical body is not totally “plugged in/grounded” into Gaia’s third dimensional body, you will not be able to access many of the multidimensional channels within your mind, brain and body.

On the other hand, the more you focus your attention on “plugging in to your Multidimensional Mind,” the more you will remember what you have always known, but you forgot.

What we want to share with you within this NOW is that the ONLY reason why you forgot who your really are, and what your came to do, is because you have become entangled in the many illusions that fill your third/fourth dimensional reality.

It is for this reason that we happily share with you an “Outline for Releasing Illusion.”

You can receive this Outline for free by simply clicking—HERE



  1. Dearest Sue and the Arcturians, thank you for this post, however, I must say that you are making it very difficult for many to understand that at the foundation of all of the ascension process is love, that's it. It is not a 3d love based on conditions.... i.e. I don't have a clue what you talk about when it comes to the 'conditions' that if I 'get' an understanding of gamma, delta, and all the other terms that have been used by the Arcturians to give us their Light/Love/Information, then gee, I will ascend. It even has nothing to do whether one feels their kundalini rise or not rise, etc, etc, etc. The base note of this Universe.... the base tune, frequency, oneness etc. of All That Is, all Universes, all galaxies, stars, moons, plants, animals, humans, cells, ad infinitum, is love. That's it. There's no need to be blasting Violet flames or whatever color of flame one chooses to send out... The days of following rules and regulations and do this, do that to 'be like me' are over. We are free NOW, have always been free, will always be free. Give up the fear of having to ask anyone, Arcturians included, for guidance, find your own divinity, believe in your own power of love and wisdom. There are so many who know this now. Do you understand, my Arcturian friends, who have been my guides for so long?

    1. Yes, love--unconditional love--is the core of ascension. But illusion often blocks the perception of unconditional love. If humans were already fifth dimensional, this planet would already be ascended. We, the humans, need to look at how WE humans have allowed ourselves to by ruled by the illusions that the dark ones have created and we have believed.

      One can only give away what they have. Hence, to give unconditional love to others and to the planet, one must have unconditional love for themselves.

      Therefore, humanity must release all the illusion that they do not deserve and/or cannot receive and give unconditional love in order for them to find the TRUTH of their own ability to release the illusions that have blinded them from the FACT the they ARE unconditional love.

    2. Yes, exactly. We've been deluded into believing that we are separated from Source and that we needed to have 'middle men' between us and Source to have any sort of connection at all to it. Source is the truth and is unconditional love and we are expressions of that Source regardless of what we 'name' it, which is yet another illusion of separation! Oh, what a tangled web we humans have weaved, but we're getting clearer by the day. Thank you, Sue and the Arcturians, for all that you do to untangle!

    3. Could I just add, using the term 'unconditional' love implies that there could be love with 'condition', and of course this cannot be so. Needing to define love as conditional or unconditional is a 3D construct which reflects a warped understanding of Love. There is no such thing as 'unconditional' love, there is only love. Conditional and unconditional love are merely facets of illusion. Love is love, which is all there ever could be. x

  2. I really appreciate the help in understanding with my mind the experiences I have with different frequencies I tune into, different channels I tune into, and basically the multidimensional physics. I appreciate having someone more experienced in this earth Now who can be as a teacher, confirming much to me. There are many levels in which to perceive this information. It does not have to be solely a mental experience, that is just a doorway.

    1. Yes, as we become increasingly fifth dimensional, we will awaken our multidimensional consciousness, and hence, our multidimensional perceptions.
      Thanks for your comment

  3. This is so relevant for me right now. I had a fall almost three weeks ago. I fractured three ribs. I was in so much pain and I was also in shock. I told the doctor at the hospital I thought I was dieing. One fractured rib is painful. Three is excruciating. When I left the hospital and spent my first night at home, I told my husband I thought I had died when I fell and I just didn't know I was actually dead. I believed this for about a week.

    Oddly enough, it hasn't even been three weeks and I'm completely healed. I healed very quickly. I've resumed 100% of my normal activity and strength. You'd never know I had three fractured ribs.

    I also had a migraine headache for the first time in 20 years. And I thought I was dieing then also. That was two days ago. I was almost completely blinded by it. The pain was as bad as the fractured rib pain. I thought I was dieing. I've thought about death a lot over the past three weeks.

    And so many losses are happening in my life right now. Not people, just things like emails, business endings, moving back to Canada from New Zealand, friendship endings, losing a house we tried to rent in Canada and many other smaller losses.

    I feel grief, fatigue, confusion. But I also believe this is a turning point for me.

    This was a very important insightful article for me. Thank you for your great words.

    1. Yes, I too have had to face some major endings, and the challenge to create the new beginnings. If you look at the lives of all the Ascended Master, you will see that they all have major challenges before their final ascension. It is about the release we must face before we can embrace something totally new.
      Many of us are having major challenges now, and it is important that we share them with others. Then we can give them comfort as they see us adapt, just as we received comfort from being able to share.

  4. Swollen are we with ideas of me to be left like leaves beneath the Tree this life that hope eternal wrought to live untethered to loosen knot and remember that which eludes by ego thought one heart one love free unconditionally

  5. I am having extreme mood swings and many many questions. I have a relative that has been diagnosed with an extreme social phobia. I live with the relative and am affected by his negativity. I am trying to center myself successfully yet still having mood swings. He is totally unaware of what is going on. I wish we could all just have peace of mind. This process seems to have to finish line.

  6. Peace of Mind is our goal, but often VERY difficult to gain. Only we know what we need to ignore and release and what we need to confront and heal.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank-you! I am learning to let go of my need to retort, engage in imagined slights. Also letting go of my need for recognition or validation. My mind has been cluttered with these things. Letting go has cleared spaces in my mind where good things can bloom. Also when I feel off balance and not centered I focus on breathing. In through my nose out through my mouth. All of these tactics require practice and vigilance but they are so worth it. Thanks again Suzanne for responding and for all the work you do.

  7. Love and gratitude.

    Yes after all, arent't westar dust, a sparkling energy whenever love emerges.