Sunday, October 23, 2016

Transmutation Of Illusion by Archangel Zadkiel through Suzanne Lie



Through Suzanne Lie

Greetings, dear grounded ones who have volunteered to assist in clearing the lower astral plane. I AM Zadkiel the Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Transmutation. I AM here within your NOW to speak with you about the transmutation of illusion.

Does your third dimensional life appear to be falling apart? If so, we say, “Thank you!” because you are among those who have volunteered to assist with the clearing of the Lower Astral Plane.

The Lower Astral Plane is the lowest frequency of the fourth dimension, as well as the “hiding place” of the Archon Groups who are finally losing their planned hostile, takeover of your dear Gaia. In other words, you, our volunteers for the Light, are spending many of your nights in combat against the forces of darkness.

This “conflict” is coming into your physical life to remind you that it is the NOW to Release ALL illusion. Remember, Dear Warriors for the Light, your enemy is NOT the third-dimensional dark ones, as their frequency is much lower than your frequency.

These “puppet masters” of the dark ones, who are now trapped in the Lower Astral Plane, are NOT your enemy. In fact, they cannot even perceive you through your shield of higher dimensional light.

I, Zadkiel, am within your NOW to remind you that it is only a third dimensional illusion that any person, place, situation, or thing could have power over you. It is a third dimensional illusion that any person, place, situation, or thing can trap you in whatever “3D drama” your process of ascension is revealing in your current NOW.

You, our beloved Representatives for the Light, are experiencing “the death of illusion.”
Of course, it is not the death of all illusion, but it is the death of any illusions that you created in order to survive the lies and deceit of your current third dimensional reality.

We, the members of your Galactic and Angelic Family, are HERE within your NOW to remind you that WE are always with you. In other words, you are NEVER alone. We, your higher expressions of SELF, are ALWAYS with you.

Your third dimensional vision may not be able to perceive us, but if you tune into your body, you will feel the Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love that we, your higher expressions of SELF, are constantly sending into your physical earth vessel.

If you relax deeply into your physical form and focus on your spinal column, you will eventually become aware of the Force of Kundalini that is working its way up your spinal column.

When this Force of Kundalini rises all the way into your Pineal Gland, it will totally activate your higher perceptions of:

·      Clairsentience, to allow you to consciously FEEL the higher dimensional realities that are swirling around and through your aura…
·      Clairvoyance, to allow you to consciously SEE the higher dimensional realties that continually dance around in and flowing through your aura…
·      Clairaudience, to allow you to hear the messages that are flowing into and through your High Heart and Multidimensional Mind…

We, all of your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, ask you ALL to relax into the knowing that our messages are of the Truth. We are saying to all of you that YOU are consciously, or unconsciously, accepting, connecting, intertwining, and merging with your True, Multidimensional SELF.

Therefore, you are all beginning to perceive the myriad illusions that you created in order to give service to a reality filled with lies, illusions, fearful messages, and the deep longing to return HOME to your SELF.

What we say to ALL of you is that your SELF is returning HOME into Your Physical Earth Vessel. “How can that be?” we hear you ask. “How can my wounded, frightened, over worked and tired earth vessel accept our immense, multidimensional light?”

Our beloved Warriors for the Light, we know that you tire of this “battle with the invisible.” Therefore, we remind you that there is also:

Invisible Support,
Unconditional Love
And Violet Fire
Constantly surrounding your third/fourth dimensional aura.

We, your Angelic and Galactic Family, lovingly request that you allow yourself to consciously perceive and accept your fifth dimensional, and beyond, Qualities of the Divine.

“Yeh, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I fear no evil for Thou art with me!” is a call for comfort that one of our beloved Ascended Masters cried out into the dark night. 

We invite you to look into your heritage, your past for this incarnation, as well as into your future SELF, to gain a mantra that you can repeat within your mind and store within your heart as YOU walk through whatever darkness that you are now transmuting into Light, Light, Light.

Our beloved St. Germain reminds you of the powerful transmutational energy field that is created by saying:
Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, the Violet Fire
Transmuting ALL Shadow into
Light, Light, Light!

We also hear the suggestion of our beloved Archangel Michael reminding you to unsheathe your Blue Sword from your High Heart and use it to clear and protect your aura.

Point your Blue Sword above your head and pull it down across your body as you face the North, then turn to the East, the South, and West.

With each turn of your body, and clearing of your Blue Sword, pause with your Blue Sword facing downward into Gaia to share your healing force with Gaia’s planetary body.

Now that you have called on the immense power of the Seventh Ray’s Beloved St. Germain, as well as the immense power of the First Ray’s Archangel Michael, the Quality of Each of the Seven Rays of Light will be re-ignited within your aura.

The First Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner Quality of Power.

The Second Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner Quality of Wisdom.

The Third Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner Quality of Love.

The Fourth Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner quality of Purity.

The Fifth Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner quality of Truth.

The Sixth Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner quality of Invocation.

The Seventh Ray, to which your human body resonates,
Represents your inner quality of Precipitation.

For more information about the Seven Rays, please see the two previous messages: 
HERE  and   HERE

Each ONE of you possesses ALL of these Inner Rays of Light. This inner light is your “sword and shield” as you confront the challenges that the ever-increasing light is revealing within The NOW of your inner and outer transmutation.

We remind you that YOU are both your INNER and your OUTER self.

It is your Inner Self that will guide you Home when it is your NOW for your “return to SELF.” In the meantime, your third/fourth dimensional earth vessel will assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension by grounding all your multidimensional experiences into the Core of Gaia’s planetary body.

Those of you who have volunteered to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension often visit the core of Gaia, as well as your Starship, on a regular basis. YOU are the “Inter-dimensional Representatives for Gaia.” Your alphabetic title is “IRG,” which is often pronounced as “urge.”

 This is an appropriate name as it notes the “inner urge” that you, our inter-dimensional representatives, have. You have an inner drive to assist with Planetary Ascension. You have an inner drive to share your process with others.

And, also you have an inner drive to assist other human, as well as non-human, members of Gaia’s great planet to flow into their process of ascension. You are the “Service to Others” grounded ones who unselfishly share your time and energy to first…

Go inside your SELF to receive your inner guidance…
Then, put this Inner Guidance into Outer Action…

We, the members of your Galactic and Angelic Family, thank you and honor you for finding your inner courage to face your NOW of great change.

We are aware that change has often been one of humanities greatest fears. Therefore, we, the higher expressions of your Multidimensional Self, say:

We Bless and Guide you as you create, receive and perform your
“Reason for Incarnation.”

I Zadkiel recommend that you call for Inter-dimensional Assistance by saying,
“I AM ready to receive my Mission Statement to assist with Planetary Ascension.”

Then, wait in patience and unconditional love. Soon, a soft breeze, a sudden streak of light, a long forgotten memory, or a peace within your body and/or the rise of your Kundalini, will whisper into your Soul.

Listen to Gaia, Listen to the Sky, the Sun, the Moon, a smile from your baby or a wag of your dog’s tail. Listen to the birds in the trees and the insects that buzz around your flowers. In fact, listen to the flowers, the lawn, and a nearby tree.

As you listen to these representatives of Gaia, you will begin to hear your SELF because YOU are Gaia and Gaia is YOU. As people and planet become ONE, there will be NO force strong enough to interfere with Gaia’s promise to reveal “Heaven on Earth.”

It is Gaia’s promise to all who can calibrate their consciousness to encompass dear, planet Earth, that People and Planet will become ONE, fifth dimensional Being of Light. We the Angels, Ascended Masters, and your Galactic Family serve as ONE being to support Gaia in Her promise.

Archangel Zadkiel


Within This NOW, WE are Every WHERE and Every ONE


Being Emissaries of Light
2-Part Webinar Series
Saturday, October 29
Saturday, November 4
11:00 AM - 12:30 PDT

Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians host a 2-part webinar series in which we gather as leaders and wayshowers to understand the shifts that are occurring within ourselves and our lives as we recognize and release all illusions. Together we will explore what this means for each of us since we are all unique.
We will evolve together into our new operating systems and align our efforts to those in support of planetary ascension. Being Emissaries of Light means that we embody the shifts into the unknown within this NOW so we can serve as role models and guide those who are ready.
Join in these interactive workshop discussions and align to the efforts of planetary ascension as we bravely lead the way into the unknown.


  1. Blessings & Gratitude!
    This song synchronistically entitled "Home" came through me these past couple of days. Feel free to enjoy it if you'd like :-)

    Much love / Many thanks!

  2. It's so beautiful and powerful...
    Yes, is my answer.
    Gratitude and Love.

  3. om namastè
    ITAL transl on request we send it
    and more

  4. Another delightful, insightful and uplifting message from Archangel Zadkiel. I laughed out loud when I read our alphabetic title is “IRG” and is pronounced as “urge”. I am so grateful he is reminding us to use the powerful tools we have received from our Galactic and Angelic Family.

    I AM ready to receive my Mission Statement to assist with Planetary Ascension!!

    Thank you Sue and thank you Archangel Zadkiel <3

  5. Very busy and exhausting week. Makes sense what Zadkiel says about nighttime combat. It can all get to us sometimes; even though it's been absolutely beautiful I managed to get disconnected. So here I am making an attempt to reconnect...

  6. Wonderful, comforting, enlightening, energizing, inspiring and yes RE-MINDING ! Good start to this new, beautiful, sacred day - Thank you so much, Namaste

  7. OMG this describes perfectly all I've been living, feeling, doing, listening, etc. Thank you very much Sue and Archangel Zadkiel!

    I AM ready to receive my Mission Statement to assist with Planetary Ascension!!


  8. This message was a huge part of alight shift again for me Thank you! Illusions falling away!

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  10. om BLESSINGS
    one is all allare one
    all life is interconnected
    we are ONE
    ITAL TRANSL on request
    and more

  11. Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, the Violet Fire
    Transmuting ALL Shadow into
    Light, Light, Light!