Thursday, July 21, 2016

CHAPTER 18--Quick Arcturian Bulletin--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


                                    By the Arcturians—Through Suzanne Lie

Quick Arcturian Bulletin

Greetings, we are the Arcturians,
Suzille has been feeling us all morning, but has not been able to concentrate her energy fields in that manner as she is preparing everything that she wants to take on her vacation. So she has asked that we speak to her NOW when she doesn’t have ‘something else to do.’

Initially, we would like to speak a bit about having “something else” that has to be done before one/you/everyone, are able to find the time to connect with your own Higher Expression of Self.

What we would like to say to you is that once you are thinking in terms of "time", it’s already too late. Already, you are within the confines of your third and fourth dimensional reality. So before you ‘find the time,’ you will need to center yourself and allow your consciousness to expand into the upper fourth and fifth dimension. Then all time is NOW.

Shawnna would you like to ask us a question?

Shawnna: Sure! In response to what you just mentioned, it sounds as if even when planning or setting intentions for agendas and activities and management of schedules, it is advisable to do so in a higher state of consciousness?

The Arcturians: Yes it is definitely advisable to do so in a higher state of consciousness.

Shawnna: Then, that higher state of consciousness creates potential for so much more because you are more fully aligned with your activities and initiatives?

The Arcturians: Yes, the higher state of consciousness will allow you to log out of the third/fourth dimensional thinking of ‘should I / could I / when will I / do I have time / can I fit this in’ and shift you into the NOW of ‘what could be more important than planetary ascension?’

Shawnna: And that statement alone assists in providing clarity in the priorities of the “time.”

The Arcturians: Yes. This moment of alignment with the higher frequencies is definitely something that is difficult for those who are new to the process of realizing that they are not just third dimensional.

It is especially difficult for those who are new to the realization that it is their own higher expression of SELF that is over-lighting them within every moment. Their higher expressions of SELF are also sending higher frequencies of light into their core to begin the activation of their Kundalini.

Also, when they are not aware that this higher energy is REAL, that ascension is REAL, that what they are exploring is something that is ACTUALLY happening, then it comes into direct juxtaposition with their daily life.

Now before that, before they came to this realization, meditation and reading spiritual information is something that they do on their spare time. During their daily life, during their work life, they are making money, raising a family, taking care of their home, and driving to work. Therefore, a primary percentage of their consciousness is still logged in to the third/ fourth dimensional illusion.

However, as they, the awakened and awakening, ones, allow themselves to fully embrace what is occurring during their inter-dimensional communications, meditations, and dreams as 100% real, once that component of their life matches their third dimensional life, they come to a quandary.

This quandary is, “Can I afford to put my focus on to the Higher Self? What about my children, what about my job, how will I get my chores done?” At this point, some people will become lost. They will say, “That’s ridiculous, I don’t have time, I can go to church on Sunday. That’s only a couple of hours, and then I can rest most of the day. That’s fine.”

Others may say, “You know what, I LIKE the way I feel when I am connected with my Higher Self! And I’m going to give it and try and see if I can clean the house in that state of consciousness.

Can I go through my emails in that state of consciousness?
Can I have a meditation just because I feel like I need to get more important information and then make sure that I write it down?
Can I begin to make these kinds of choices in my daily life?

That is a very big question because when you say ‘can I’ who are you asking? Are you asking your ego self? It would most assuredly say “No! No of course you can’t do that, you don’t have time. There are important things for you to do here! Stop fooling around with all that weird stuff.”

But what if you center yourself and move into that state that is increasingly coming into your consciousness? This feeling is one in which you feel that you are not alone, that you are protected, that you are over-lit, that someone is whispering something into your ear all the time. What if you could embrace that feeling that you can’t always grab, but you REALLY want to?

 What if you somehow “found the time” to be still and listen, to even jot down what you’re receiving and maybe even share it with a friend? THAT is when you are beginning to choose to make ascension normal.

That is when you have entered into that process of “I am leaving the old normal. I am moving into the new normal. And, the new normal is that I AM on the path of the process of, minute by minute, experiencing interactions and intercommunications with energy fields, with plants, with animals, with people’s consciousness, with my own higher guidance."

As you begin to live the new normal, it doesn’t matter what other people think. If somebody else says, “That’s weird,” you’ll just smile. And, in fact, you’ll remember to look at their aura and see if they want that information, because to give them the information if they don’t want it, just frightens them, and then they say something mean or rude to you because you scared them.

Therefore, before you share, make sure you take a long moment to check out their energy field, to ask a couple of introductory questions and see if they really want to hear what you wish to say. If they really want to hear it, then you’ll have a good experience. You’ll feel good about it. You’ll feel good about this new reality that you are creating by sharing it with others.

Then, as you feel good about sharing, your consciousness will expand more and more. You bring your clairsentience online, and you’ll instantly be able to feel if a person is ready. You’ll bring your clairvoyance online to see via your Higher Self what’s occurring, and you will bring your clairaudience online so that you can hear your Higher Self.

As these higher perspectives of life come online, you will automatically begin to shift your consciousness. It is not that “oh no, you have to meditate even longer.” No. Actually you’ll probably have to meditate less. You’ll need to read less articles because you will be within the moment of that newness.

We wish to remind you that you will still have a physical body. You still live in the physical world. You will still get pulled out of your reverie. You will get a phone call. You will have a child that is crying. You will have a neighbor that knocks on your door.

Part of making ascension normal is that ascension is normal!

It is normal to be interrupted, it is normal to be distracted, and, it is normal to have something else happen. Therefore, when you make ascension normal, you “normally integrate” all of these distractions and disruptions into your process of ascension.

Shawnna, we’re asking you if you have any questions or comments that you would like to add to this little commentary that we will share with our friends?

Shawnna: Well, it’s a valuable reminder of the common challenges that we face as we go through this transition of expanding our consciousness and slowly, one moment at a time, and are exiting the matrix, as we go through the reprogramming.

We are shifting into that new operating system where there are so many potentials and possibilities. It is a fascinating process to imagine how far we’ve already come! We are beginning to understand how we create our own realities.

Thus, it is a helpful reminder to remember that it is okay to still live in 3D, while we are learning to balance the 3D/4D/5D connection and, also, being as mindful as possible to make the best decisions to, moment to moment, create the highest possible reality.

As we have said many times, “What could be more important than planetary ascension?” I think that that question clarifies our purpose and is a very important reminder.

The Arcturians: Yes, “What could be more important than planetary ascension?” is a good sign to put up at your work desk, on your Facebook, on the desktop of your computer, to remind you to make ascension normal.

What is probably the primary difficulty that we observe from our higher perception is that people will say, “I’m busy, and I just can’t do that now. I just don’t have time to do that now.” We want to remind you that that sentence arises when you are now looking at your life via the third or the fourth rung of this ladder.

Therefore, you are on the same perspective of the issue and the problems that you are dealing with in your daily life. However, when you climb higher and higher up that ladder, you will expand your consciousness. With that expanded consciousness, you will have a point of perception that you can look down into that lower frequency where those issues are and say…

“Oh my heavens, look at that. Hey, from this perspective I can see that I can do this, I can try that, I can do this other thing, Oh, yes that works perfectly!”

Thus, when you allow your ascension process to be normal, you allow yourself to take five minutes. You can go take a little walk, as if you’re going to the bathroom at the office. Go into the stall, close the door and say, “Okay this problem is really bothering me. Is there a higher dimensional perspective of this?”

Then, because you asked the question, you will find the answer. Then, you can go back to your desk, finish that to which you have found the solution, and you leave work early because you finished all your work.

Know that the process of simultaneously going through ascension, while you do your daily life, actually greatly assists you with your daily life.

We the Arcturians say, “Blessings to all of you. We wanted to peek in and say hello to you all. Shawnna did you want to add anything?

Shawnna: Oh, I think it’s always fun to have discussions like these to show us that ascension is normal. Sometimes, when we have difficulties, having that higher perspective is so valuable. In fact, that is what it’s all about. So thank you, Arcturians, for this reminder.

The Arcturians: Yes and blessings to all of you. In closing, we ask you to remember that:

You are not a human being.
You are wearing a human being.
Inside of your kundalini, which is inside of your spinal column        
Your Lightbody is anxious to burst forth into your daily life.

Blessings for this NOW

We will return with more of these “Quick Arcturian Bulletins.”


  1. thank you so much for that, this, today

  2. Nothing real can be threatened
    Nothing unreal exists
    This is the grace of God

  3. Thanks for prioritising your time to communicate this - a useful and "timely" reminder!!! Bon voyage.,.

  4. I can totally relate to this message. This few days I've being feeling like I haven't meditate so much, but It is because I feel like I'm always looking things from a higher perspective now. I am in constant communication with my higher self in my everyday life. So that's right! It is normal now. And it feels different to, is more ease, more peaceful. So NOTHING can be more important than ascension! We are working from the source of everything. What ever we experience in our daily life, would be the ripple effect of what we create from this higher perspective! Much love to you all NAMASTE! ;-)

  5. Quote:

    "You know what, I LIKE the way I feel when I am connected with my Higher Self! And I’m going to give it and try and see if I can clean the house in that state of consciousness."



    Always, ALL-ways, ALLWAYS as Yoda says:

    "DO. Or do not. There is no *try*!!":



  6. "Then, you can go back to your desk, finish that to which you have found the solution, and you leave work early because you finished all your work."


    And THEN, you retract ALL continued support of this now-obsolete holographic *WORK*-slave reality, by pulling a "Jerry Maguire" and immediately quitting your ridiculous low-frequency 3D-matrix job in the deadly soul-sucking Illuminati "machine"...

    ...And BEcoming instead, souly/solely focused on permanently fusing with your Higher Self at ALL TIMES and operating only from the Higher Self passionate, playful, joyful mode of 5D+ realities.

    Jerry Maguire - Quitting Scene - "Who's Coming With Me???":



  7. I quote:
    “That is a very big question because when you say ‘can I’ who are you asking? Are you asking your ego self? It would most assuredly say “No! No of course you can’t do that, you don’t have time. There are important things for you to do here! Stop fooling around with all that weird stuff.”

    But what if you center yourself and move into that state that is increasingly coming into your consciousness?"

    I am asking the Arcturians, why to me it is the opposite? Exactly my ego self is my center and it always answers me “Yes! Yes of course you can do that ...” and so on, but when I ask the periphery, other people, or anything outside my Ego - then the answer is: “No! No of course you can’t do that, you don’t have time. There are important things for you to do here! Stop fooling around with all that weird stuff and comply with the already available templates.”

    My ego is my higher self, it is my center and always supports me out of the templates. Counter-effect? Why?

    1. You are seeking the truth in a mind of illusion and not in a mind of truth if you believe the ego mind is your master. Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free. Man of man is a mind of illusion, man of God/ Creator is a man of mind of truth and Holy. Ego tells you what you think you need not a mind of Holy, this mind tells you the truth to set you free of the illusion of time, space, need, want, fear and so on....look within and you will find the truth, seek the ego and you will only see yourself as a man/ woman of man. Love and peace be with you in this time of grace and mercy. I AM

    2. Ego mind? I don't feel it like a mind, I feel it like a core of a Star, it interacts and generates energy, it is beautiful and free. My Ego does not tell me stuff like that ... never mind. I'm very pleased with it. I AM

  8. thank you
    Ital.transl.on request
    cooperation always

  9. I just made an image with "What could be more important than planetary ascension?" to place around my house. Even found a Pleiades star cluster photo to use as background which seemed fitting. I will come back to read this again as I listen to the audio version on YouTube A very good reminder. Thanks!

  10. I really enjoyed hearing the perspective of planning from a higher perspective to release the limitations and confines of 3D "time". When we plan from that state of consciousness, the possibilities (and productivity) are endless (a big plus!) Also, I sense the truth in needing to meditate less and less as we constantly integrate and adjust to the highest octave of energy flowing through us. The frequency of NOW keeps us "expanded". In this way, ascension is normal as we live it every moment.

  11. Thank you for your enlightening posts. Enjoy your vacation. Thank you for letting us share our experiences. I find it that in this NOW as we are shifting back and forth between 3D/5D it is so important to "LET GO". If we overthink it goes against us and lowers our vibes so might as well let go and let it flow. Whenever I feel conflicted I go to a park/open field or basement of my home and just stand barefoot grounding/earthing and connecting to Mother earth requesting her to flush those conflicts from my system and I do feel earth's vibrations and so much more calmer/relaxed after that. So our planet is assisting us as we assist her. Also recently I have noticed that when I go to public places I feel loving energetic embrace in my hands as people walk past me as if their oversouls are all saying hi to me even if they sometimes are not even looking my way. Same embrace from trees in a park no difference between human/trees energy embrace maybe that is oneness of all or maybe I am not fine tuning. Few days ago I heard sound of conches being played like they were celebrating something up there astrally lasted for about 15 seconds next day I heard a youtube video that critical mass for ascension has been achieved or it could just be the ringing in my right ear that I have always had.

  12. Thank you for the reminder and the beautiful insights!

  13. Translation in romanian

  14. On my 1/2hr bus commute, I close my eyes and take my attention within and connect to my higher lightbody self. I connect my consciousness to that of my higher self and then allow my reality to be experienced through my higher self. It is my soul mission to teach others how to bring ascension into their everyday lives. I do not use the word ascension, words are but limited constructs of the 3D, it is the intention/energy/emotion which matters. This is so important. It is not about meditating for a half hour a day, it is about bringing that experience/ state of consciousness or even simply that intention into this NOW. xx gratitude

  15. Wanted to add also that I'm reading Telos Vol. 2 and once again this subject comes up and there's a chapter explaining why this is all so important now.

    "Your divine presence, with great patience and compassion, has granted you thousands upon thousands of these opportunities. For so many of you, each time you came here you ignored the reasons for your coming. Lifetime after lifetime you did not meet your goals for that incarnation. This is why you are still here facing many challenges instead of enjoying the bliss of the light realms. You will keep coming back, again and again, until you finally surrender to the longings of your own soul... it yearns to bring you back home, but it cannot force you; it requires your willingness, your intention and your cooperation."

    Once again making me really rethink the question: What could be more important that planetary ascension?

    1. Wonderful, thank you for sharing xx

  16. Thank you for this message, it is very important and helps me alien with my higher self in all human 3rd detention situations.


  17. In response , I live my life in the moment too moment, so making time does not apply in my life, guidence also flows through the moment, taking care of anything also flows through the now. Whatever life presents is responded too in the now, Living life in Simplicity Ordinariness Innocence is my way .Have lived this truth now for 25 yrs.
    All flows very easily. THIS DOES not mean live has not presented big challenges,it does mean that these also get to be lived in the moment. This is shared in ♡♡☆☆▪