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Preparing For First Contact--Chapter 17--Energetic Communications--Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

This story begins on 5-19-16 in the Blog

By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie

Energetic Communications

Greetings. I am Sharman here again to speak with you. I am actually wearing an earth vessel within your NOW, so that I can walk among you to best feel the human energy fields. I wear different “disguises” on different days depending on what area I am visiting.

At the end of each day, I return to my cloaked Ship to “call home” to share what I have experienced. I was chosen for this mission because I spent a long lifetime as a human and learned to “read” many of the thoughts and emotions of the humans that I observed.

What I have perceived is that many of you are feeling VERY tired. I have also observed that many of you feel like you are leaving soon, but you do not realize that “soon” is a third/fourth dimensional term.

In the fifth dimension, there is only NOW, so “soon” does not exist as there is only the NOW of “no-time.” However, I have observed that many of you are experiencing a transmutation of your entire physical body.

These physical transmutations, as well as your relationship with thoughts and emotions, are going through a total “remodel.” I have observed that many of you have very full lives in which you are very busy within your third/fourth dimensional self. Then, when you relax, even though you may not be aware of it, you can release the tension of your expansion/return to your SELF into the fifth dimension. 

Yes, there is a “tension” regarding your shift. Your third dimensional form is being called on to transmute into a frequency that was only experienced before you took an earth vessel on third dimensional Earth.

 Simultaneously, your consciousness rejoices to return to your true SELF who soon, will no longer need to wear a dense, third dimensional form. Many of you ponder, “I am not sure that my body could go through the transmutation into lightbody.”

Therefore, I wish to remind you that you do not need to worry about your physical body, as it will be automatically be transmuted into it’s higher expression as you continue your journey.

“How am I doing, and where am I on my journey?” I perceived in the thoughts of many. Yes, your thoughts and emotions are very clear to my fifth dimensional perceptions, and as your consciousness fully expands into the fifth dimension, you too will consciously perceive the thoughts and emotions of others.

What I have observed is that many of you are doing quite well with your journey, as it is a journey of consciousness. Part of the reason why so many of you are so tired is because the frequency of your consciousness is MUCH higher than the frequency of your body.

However, your body cannot transmute too quickly because the 3D patterns of connection within your body elementals are too slow to contain all the higher frequency energy fields.

Therefore, you are using your higher-frequency, Multidimensional Mind, your Third Eye, and your High Heart to assist you in your process of adapting to the higher frequencies of your reality. Within your NOW, the lower third dimension is slipping from the awareness of the ascending ones.

As you continue your multidimensional journey into the fifth dimension, you will discover that you fell less fatigue. I also observed that many of you had created what I would call an “over-lay of your lightbody network.” In other words, many of you are consciously, or unconsciously, feeling your lightbody floating just beyond, yet around, your physical form.

I have noticed that more and more of you are becoming aware of this “overlay.” As you become increasingly aware of what may appear to be an “external” lightbody network around your physical form, you expand your “sense of self” to include your ever-expanding aura.

You will experience this overlay of Lightbody via a sensation just above your skin. You will only be able to perceive this overlay when you are in a higher state of consciousness. But, once you have perceived it, it becomes quite more natural to feel this overlay of light whenever you remember to center your consciousness on unconditional love.

As you feel the inter-dimensional unconditional love within your consciousness, you will begin to sense it as it “tickles,” embraces, and surrounds your earth vessel. As these sensations come online with your third dimensional perceptions, you will begin to perceive your daily life in an expanded manner.

Before your expanded perceptions came “online” in your daily life, you experienced reality as “only physical” However your expanded perceptions are VERY sensitive to inter-dimensional energy fields. These inter-dimensional energy fields seem to suddenly occur then, just as suddenly, they seem to disappear.

It is not that the energy fields are coming “in to” and “out of” your life. What is occurring is that your calibration to the higher frequencies is coming online, then offline, then online as your consciousness changes from higher fourth and fifth dimension, then back to lower fourth and third dimension.

The frequency of consciousness determines the perceptions that you can consciously register in your brain as being “real.” There are many inter-dimensional visions, sounds, and thoughts entering your consciousness within this NOW.

By “inter-dimensional messages” we mean the message that are traveling through at least two of the higher dimensional frequency bands around Earth, as well as two higher dimensional frequency bands of your consciousness before you perceive it via your physical awareness.

The frequency bands of your consciousness, from the highest to the lowest are:
Theta Wave, fifth dimensional consciousness
Delta Wave, higher fourth dimensional consciousness
Alpha Wave, fourth dimensional consciousness
Beta Wave, third dimensional consciousness

There are, in fact, many communications that you, the awakening and ascending members of humanity, are beginning to consciously experience. The awakened ones call these messages “channels,” but the un-awakened ones may call them “hallucinations.”

Most of you will first feel these energetic communications via your physical body. Your physical body is much like the encasement around a long-range radio. Most of these, higher frequency message are first directed to your High Heart.

Inter-dimensional messages are first received via your High Heart because the Three Fold Flame within the ATMA (core) of your High Heart is your own inter-dimensional center. Your ATMA is your “inter-dimensional center” because the Unconditional Love, Infinite Wisdom, and Multidimensional Power within your ATMA are all inter-dimensional qualities.

When you experience an inter-dimensional message, and you are ready to receive it, tune into your High Heart (between your physical heart and your throat) to translate that message via your own inter-dimensional “unconditional love,” “infinite wisdom,” and “multidimensional power.”

Inter-dimensional messages arise in the fifth dimension and beyond to eventually be shared with your third dimensional brain and body. These inter-dimensional communications move first into:
·      The higher states of consciousness within your Multidimensional Mind,
·      To be shared with your physical body to be grounded into the Earth,
·      Then into your High Heart to be translated.

The frequency of these inter-dimensional messages cannot be fully accepted by your conscious awareness before they are grounded. If you were aware of them before they are grounded, they might feel like as electrical buzzing.

Fortunately, every time you ground an inter-dimensional message, it re-enters your physical form, and is then routed to your High Heart so that the inter-dimensional communication can be translated into a message that you can more clearly understand.

Some will perceive the message via their clairaudience—inter-dimensional hearing. Some will perceive the message via their clairvoyance—inter-dimensional vision.
Some will perceive the message via their clairsentience—inter-dimensional feelings.   

We remind you that any thoughts of, “I am so sorry, but I do not have enough time to do that.” actually means: “I am so sorry, but that is not important enough for me to create the time to do that.”

Please remember that an inter-dimensional message comes into your awareness within the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension. If you push it away because you are not ready to hear it, you will not be able to recover that NOW.

However, if you say, “I am ready to receive that message into my body.” You will naturally discover a NOW in which the message, that has been stored in your High Heart, will suddenly arise within your conscious awareness.

Then, be sure to document that message within that NOW. If you are not able to do so, remember to recognize that an important inter-dimensional message awaits you in your High Heart. I remind you to remember that you choose your life by choosing exactly what you “have enough time to do.”

People often think they have no choice about what happens with their time, which puts them into a state of “victim consciousness.” I remember having that experience myself when I volunteered to take an earth vessel to better understand being human.

Therefore, I am not judging you for that behavior. But, I also remember how very sad and lonely I was when I lost contact with my own inner power. In fact, I am writing this message now to assist you to remember that YOU are a Multidimensional Being who chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW to assist with planetary ascension.

Since my return to “wearing an earth vessel,” I realize how much the energy fields of Earth have shifted. Because I returned to the NOW of my fifth dimensional reality, I have no sense of how it felt to my human friends during the “time” of my absence.

However, because I did not go through the slow adaptation that all of you brave grounded ones went through, I can more easily experience the extent of shift between my return to the Ship and the NOW of my return to Earth.

“Bravo dear humans,” I say. “I am so happy to experience the overall rise in the resonance here on planet Earth. I can also sense Gaia urging me to tell you all that She, also, greatly appreciates your assistance.

Yes, Gaia and Her planetary self are an “alive, sentient, planetary being. She also wants me to share with all of you that her fifth dimensional core is expanding more and more towards her surface area on which many of Her inhabitants live. As you open your communications up to Gaia, She WILL answer.

In closing, I wish to remind you again that in the fifth dimension YOU are the complete creator of your life. In fact, your every thought and every emotions, becomes instantly manifest.

If you do not like some of the choices you have made in your life, ask your self, “What did I learn?” By that one question you have shifted from “making a mistake” to “creating a lesson that assisted you on your journey HOME.”

If you see a tall, thin man with a hat and big sunglasses to protect my Pleaidian eyes, it just may be me. Otherwise, see you on the Ship.
end transmission
Have YOU seen him?


  1. Hello Suzanne and the other beings.
    I wonder if you could include in a channeling a bit of insight about hallucinogenic substances (I find some knowledge would be greatly needed about the utility of them,because there is much controversy about them. )
    One time i ate some hallucinogen mushrooms and i seemed to be able to receive and translate,what i think were "interdimensional messages". I also saw lots of ufos with my naked eye(with another eyewitness),giving us a light show.


    1. Meditation can take you to that same state of consciousness without the side effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms etc
      Then you can write the information down and gain even more information for that writing

    2. I understand that Suzanne should be carefull about encouraging someone to use hallucinogenics, because the side effects they could bring together, but I would like to suggest to those that cannot to reach that state of consciousness by meditation, that would look for to know more about Ayahuasca. The Ayahuasca can be found in some 'controlled' environments that would protect users from side effects, from indiscriminate use. According to studies made in Brazil, Ayahuasca does not cause quimical dependency. The substancy has been also liberated to use in United States, by FDA, in religious environments. I have been used for about 6 years in a monthly basis and say that It was very important to me to understand everything that I have known here on Suzanne's writings, due to my skeptical nature.
      Thank you Suzanne for everything you have done for me bringing all this information that really changed my life.


  2. om blessings
    ITAL TRANSL ON REQUEST + intercooperation
    thank you for this very interesting message..
    my realself reminds me that most of the strange symptoms so many are having ,are not coming from an excess of light /awareness ,
    these are coming because Gaia and Life here are heavily polluted and distorted so a very healthy place like original clean gaia was,has become a totally unhealthy .
    humans have objectively (no paranoia,just a real scene) thousands of poisonous chemical,nuclear,biological pollutants inside and around plus invisible negative rays and frequencies harmful to life ...
    the main energy coming from benevolent ETs and higheselves /source is unconditional love which only heals never damage is very simple some ones must clean in 3D earth water fire air ether etc .
    thes ones are the keepers of the land ,i hope you are among this cleaning crew..Gaia was a clean jewel and can again be so ..
    to free Gaia ,i personally have spent countless dollars/euros and sacrified comfort,rest,lost properties and dear ones ,and been hit haunted etc . in the last decades..i hope we all wake up Unity consciousness and practice what we speak also in 3D like spirit into matter
    to clean/respect/resurrect Gaia
    thank you

  3. I like the part about the high heart. It keeps the messages from getting lost in translation in the mind. Also looking forward to seeing Sharman if I haven't already,

  4. "Yes, Gaia and Her planetary self are an “alive, sentient, planetary being. She also wants me to share with all of you that her fifth dimensional core is expanding more and more towards her surface area on which many of Her inhabitants live. As you open your communications up to Gaia, She WILL answer."


    I AM in the Core.

    I have been in GAIA's Core all this time, bringing in and re-working the Core Energies....and being nearly radiated to death in the process of usually running 47 different Higher Dimensional Frequencies through my now-decimated "physical" body, as well.

    What I need, desperately, is my radiation-ruined, now-zombie-like "skin" --- to be instantly replaced with this Lightbody "overlay" network of new skin, that you mention....but which I cannot see.

    I'll take your word for it, that it is there.


  5. In apparently insoluable situations, or times of extreme physical or psycho-spiritual distress, I have found it useful to:
    1. Obtain Higher Self guidance in relation to the best course of action:
    2. Perform a 4 /7 /14 /21 day "Vision Quest" in nature, either at a Sacred Site or other "Sacred Work-Space", usually water only (approx 5 litres per day) or with some basic supplementation (eg. Cleansing herbs, vitamins, minersls etc). - in alignment with the protocols of whatever spiritual lineage is most relevant or appropriate (Some of us have worked in more than one tradition).
    3. Thus can allow the body-mind to "re-set" itself to a state of balanced centredness
    4. That "Neutral" centred state can itself be a state of contingency for experiencing higher dimensional awareness or Unity Consciousness in a way more suitable to the needs of each of us, in our individuality (and individual circumstances).
    5. Energetic overload is not necessarily conducive to well-being, at any level.
    6. In the longer "cleansing fasts" I have performed some with medical supervision and some without.
    7. There can, of course, be risks associated with deeper shamanic or spiritual work - individual higher guidance and common sense are obviously useful!!!
    8. The deeper process can involve an archetypical "death /rebirth", a change of life direction or spiritual path etc.
    9. I always put myself in the hands of my "guidance system" when engaging in undertakings if that nature.
    10. Hope this helps. I'm not suggesting it as a "one size fits all" solution but the process of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration can sometimes be adapted to suit.infividusl needs, in this or other similar ways. Being deeply immersed in nature, without over-amplified or discordant energetics, can in itself help to restore balance and harmony.
    Hope this is of some help, to some.

  6. I am so thankful for this place to share and the openness of people. How we are tested when in a glorious space/here, by interactions with people who my guides explain as more fearful. How the ego is alerted, shackles raised. And then to step out of it like some old clothes that no longer fit, this is a blessing. Thank you to all who are willing to show how they are handling it all. The comments help. As my guides said, we are the grounded ones meaning we must ground in Gaia. This helps while walking in 2 worlds, or many actually. The ego is calmed and frequency raised again. We are shown very clearly who we don't want to be anymore. Presto changeo!

  7. It's all a matter of perspective, too, when it comes to each of our healing journeys - definitely plugging into Nature and unplugging from electronics is extremely healing on all levels! I have found some wonderful regenerative meditations that begin with the pineal gland, then hypothalamus and pituitary for recalibration of the brain, lots of exercises for renewing the aura, balancing the chakras, draining the releasing the adrenals, resetting the skin to neutral in order to facilitate return to pure state.

    We are one with Gaia and of course as such can renew ourselves with practice and high open hearts. And in so doing, we help Gaia, so it's a win-win situation!

    Rainbow Blessings from Oklahoma this fine full moon in July (my birthday, actually).

    1. Happy Birthday and love your beautiful comment : }

  8. I for sure have been tired! This past month I have been feeling vulnerable and I just want to keep to myself! I have been working on the mastering of my thoughts and emotions and as I face my deepest fears, I send myself and other constantly Unconditional Love and Violet Fire!!
    I’m also putting my awareness more and more in the NOW, I have noticed that most of the time I’m waiting for the things to happen soon! And that brings me to surrender and acknowledge that I’m being guided by my Higher Self and that what is happening in my NOW is perfect and that I need to embrace it!
    I feel the overlay of my higher self; its presence is coming more and more into my 3D state of perception.
    My first visual contact
    I was half of sleep and half-awake when I heard a high buzz and my eye lids became like a screen I could see in another frequency of reality! Distorted images of faces of the Arcturians, appeared on the screen, like a bad transmission on a TV set. I could see their faces in another octave of perception, perhaps the 5th dimension. It was the first time I have felt them so close-
    I’m hearing a high frequency buzz, I feel that sound comes up when the Arcturians want to make contact. It also feels as a down load.
    It was an amazing experience!
    Joy is the interdimensional portal to new earth. Unconditional love allows you to feel Joy and joy is the portal to new earth!
    “The frequency of these inter-dimensional messages cannot be fully accepted by your conscious awareness before they are grounded. If you were aware of them before they are grounded, they might feel like as electrical buzzing” This is a great reminder to be aware in the fact that we are portals if we need to ground all information and document our process in order to integrate our 5D perceptions in our 3D reality!
    I’m also integrating the reality that WE ARE ONE, which has greatly helped me dilute the judging of others or the circumstances! And connect with everything with deeper love!
    I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Sharman, but I’m sure going to put attention if he ever shows up in my line of reality!! I would love to make contact!!
    Unconditional Love and Blessings to you all.

    1. Thank's for your lovely (and informative) sharing. Hope everything goes well for you...

  9. In spanish at Sue´s spanish site:


  10. How beautiful to read of all your levels of awareness! And blessings sent to these going through the shadow side much love to all๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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  12. Blessings to you ALL in ONE, This has been my hunger in communicating with my Higher Self for
    what to do
    when to do it
    and where to do it.

    with my earth vessel trans mutating into higher multidimensional consciousness of unconditional Love. i belong to a Love Army Group in Church, but the messages grounded into my Higher Heart from my 5D is RAW and POWERFUL, which takes times to be interpreted by my Higher heart for better understanding.

    when will i see with my panel gland and hear from my Galactic Family and Above.

    I request to meet with Sharman in my reality because we need to talk

  13. Translation in romanian

  14. :O) grinning, smiling, dancing, singing THANKYOU

  15. I knew it! I can sense our "family" walking among us and intermingling with us in our daily lives. What a fun process this is. Thank you for letting us know that we are accompanied and supported (and progressing nicely in our awakening process.) We invite you to join us any time! Hope to see you again soon. :)

  16. ASHTON FROM athena MOTHERSHIPJuly 30, 2016 at 5:33 AM

    dearest sharman we are grateful for your help
    be sure that we also are doing our
    best cause we too love and respect life and we too knoW that

    infinite blessings and cosmik hugs

  17. Hi Suzanne
    I am really having a tough time trying to meditate. I can't seem to stay focused
    on it, do you have any suggestions? I
    really want to expand my consousness,
    how can I be successful in doing this? I
    love listening to your messages, it gives me
    hope to realize my dream of a better world.
    Thank you so much
    Douglas Brooks

    1. start by listening to my youtube

      Lots of them will help you meditate. Some are informational, so you do not need to listen to them unless you want the info