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Preparing For First Contact-Chapter 15-Being An Agent for the Arcturians

By the Arcturians—Through Suzanne Lie

Being An Agent For the Arcturians

Greetings, We the Arcturians wish to share a message with you within this NOW. We see that many of you are being awakened in a manner that you can better remember your nightly meetings with your higher expression of your SELF and, also, your night body meetings with us on our Ships.

Sometimes, such as in this case with Suzille, you can wake up with a memory of what you learned during your visit. In fact, on July 6, 2016 Suzille woke up hearing, we the Arcturians saying,
“In this manner you will be ‘An agent for the Arcturians.’”

She grabbed her journal and started writing before she lost the message. The message continued with,
“What does it mean to be an agent for the Arcturians?

Being an agent is not about what you do. It is about who you are

When you are an agent for the Arcturians, or the Pleiadian, or any other members of your galactic or angelic family, you are “on call for active duty! On call for active duty” means that you walk your talk and do that which you hear inside your higher states of consciousness.”

In other words, you, your consciousness, and your actions are attuned to receive, accept, and perform the inner instruction that you are getting from your Higher Self and/or from any fifth dimensional and beyond being with whom you have an alignment.

With the higher light embedding itself deeper and deeper into your physical body, your thoughts, emotions, actions, and questions, are becoming increasingly inter-dimensional. By inter-dimensional, we mean that your inner information is arising from a higher and higher frequency of reality. Also, the higher the frequency, the more deeply the information travels into your core.

Just as the higher light innately travels into the Core of Gaia, the core of the trees, the core of plants, and the core of animals, the higher light travels into the Core of YOU.

Remember, in order to flash into the Lightbody of your true nature, you must remain deeply grounded in the core of Gaia’s planetary body. In this manner, you can join the increasing momentum of all life’s transmutation into a higher frequency of resonance.

Please remember that when you are ONE with the planet,
You are ONE with Planetary Ascension.

Even though your many incarnations on Earth have taught you to be careful, these incarnations have also taught you to be vigilant. This vigilance, which often arose from fear, is NOW arising—NOT from fear—but from protectiveness for your planet, people, nature, the elementals, and all life on Gaia.

As you awaken more and more, you gradually realize what a wonderful planet Earth is. You also realize how harshly Gaia has been treated by many of Her humans. Of course, the “cleanup of Gaia” will NOT occur for the ones who made the mess, which is primarily the Dark Ones.

The cleanup will arise from the awakened humans, who are the ascending ones. The “ascending ones” are happy to restore Gaia to Her fifth dimensional splendor because they will be the ones living in that fifth dimensional reality.

Those that “made the mess” do not believe in the fifth dimension. Nor will they experience fifth dimensional Earth until they have expanded their consciousness into the fifth dimension. Remember dear Pioneers, New Earth is not a place. New Earth is a frequency!

Therefore, you will not get into a spaceship to fly to New Earth. Instead you will need to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension. Then you will increasingly get “glimpses” of New Earth via your inter-dimensional perceptions of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Clairsentience.

These inter-dimensional perceptions can only be activated when your consciousness resonates to the upper fourth dimension and beyond. Our Ships can lower their frequency to the lower fifth dimension, or even the upper fourth dimension when those who wish to perceive us resonate to the frequency of peace and unconditional love.

However, as soon as even one person holds any ill intentions, the Ship will raise its frequency back into the upper fifth dimension. We do so because we have NO intention of frightening the sleeping ones or being a target for the dark ones.

Therefore, we usually keep our resonance in the mid- and above sub-planes of the fifth dimension. When we see a group that is filled with unconditional love waiting outside to see us, we may or may not lower our frequency.

From the group perspective on the third/fourth dimensions, it may appear safe. However, we can easily perceive the cloaked dark ones or the non-believers who would be greatly frightened.

Our intention is to communicate with humanity largely through the representatives who have worked with us for many years. Since we already have an “inter-dimensional relationship” with these humans, they are aware of the role they chose before they took their current incarnation.

We often give our “channels” time to integrate their fifth dimensional perceptions into their daily lives and activities. Primarily, they need “time” to become familiar with and gain mastery of their fifth dimensional senses that are increasingly being activated.

When one is already clairaudient, they will hear us, and will “take dictation” from us regarding the information that we are sending them. Those who are primarily clairvoyant can perceive our Ships, but may not yet be able to communicate with us.

Then, there are those who are primarily clairsentient. They can feel our presence very strongly but may not be able to hear or see us. Fortunately, as you all transmute your consciousness and perceptions into the fifth dimension, you will be able to actively see, hear, and feel our presence.

The perception that is first to “open” depends on the mission you chose before you took your earth vessel. Often, those who are artists can primarily see us (clairvoyant), whereas those who are writers can primarily hear us (clairaudience). Those who are primarily healers and body workers can primarily feel us (clairsentience).

Then, after your first fifth dimensional perceptions are somewhat mastered, you will slowly, or swiftly, gain mastery of your other expanded perceptions. Because of your dedication to take in and ground the higher light, your remembrance of your innate higher perceptions are coming more “online” in your daily life.

Furthermore, whereas humans once had to fast, meditate and study with a Guru for long period of your time, NOW many of you are feeling the Kundalini rising up your spine to activate all the innate qualities that you were born with, but forgot.

As your consciousness increasingly expands into the fifth dimensional NOW, there will be NO “time.” Therefore, you will no longer experience the feeling of “waiting for IT” (whatever “it” is) to come into your perceptual field.

As your consciousness increasingly resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, that which you have waited for during uncountable years, and lifetimes, will instantly be HERE in the ONE of the fifth dimensional NOW. And, what a glorious NOW that IS!!

Many of you can perceive energy fields, which are actually “pockets of the fifth dimensional NOW,” in your daily life. Often you try to translate this information into your third/fourth dimensional perceptions, but it does NOT fit.

This higher frequency of energy fields can make you feel extremely tired, and trying to translate the meanings of these energy fields can make you feel as if you have been climbing a high mountain. You are, indeed, “climbing a fifth dimensional mountain/energy field.”

You are so tired because you are trying to perceive and climb that mountain with your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. Fortunately, as you try, try and try again, you will understand that you are using your third dimensional time/space operating system to climb a fifth dimensional mountain.

Hence, you must “put your life in order,” which mean that you must STOP doing what you “must do,” and START doing what you “love to do!”

This transition from “must” to “love” may be long and rather arduous, but you will be able to clearly examine the parts of your third dimensional life that no longer work for you. Then, your fifth dimensional perceptions will come online so that you can actually see, hear and/or feel the life force in every rock, drop of water, tree, cloud and ALL life.

The Elementals will come alive before your eyes, ears abd sensations, as you learn to extend your perceptions into the fifth dimension for longer and longer of what you still perceive as “time.” But, soon, “time” will become NOW and the fifth dimension will become HERE.

It is then that your third dimensional illusions will begin to fall away because your awareness has revealed the truth that you had to “work so hard” to find in your physical reality. As you all know, illusions are everywhere in your familiar third/fourth dimensional reality.

Fortunately, your innate, unconditional love for all life will instantly determine that which is actually fifth dimensional, and you will “soak up this unconditional love” like a planet in great need of water.

Then, your fifth dimensional expression can easily accept and, simultaneously, reflect that unconditional love back to you. At first, you may not perceive the unconditional love shining back into you because your fifth dimensional perceptions may not be fully “online.”

Therefore, be patient and be sure to give your self lots and lots of unconditional love. As you continue to “love your self unconditionally,” your fifth dimensional perceptions will begin to come online in your daily life.

The unconditional love within your High Heart will remind your inner fifth dimensional SELF that you could not have that perception in the fifth dimension yet because it resonates to a totally different operating system.

Fortunately, every “time” that you “catch a peek” of the fifth dimension, you will feel a bit more confident. “Maybe this reality is REAL, and I am perceiving a frequency that I have not experienced since I left the Ship?” you exclaim to yourself.

Then, the fifth dimensional Ship, as well as the life you have on that Ship, flashes past your mind screen.

“Is it real?” you ask.

“No way,” your third dimensional self replies.

Then, just before you decide to just forget it all and go back to work, your High Heart begins to pulsate and shine into your aura, beyond your aura and expand to encompass your entire area.

“What is this?” your third dimensional self cries.

“This IS HOME!” whispers your fifth dimensional SELF.

It is receiving that simple message from your own fifth dimensional self that makes you “An Agent for the Arcturians!” Therefore, say that message again and again.

Look up into your sky and say, “This IS HOME!”

Look deep into the water and say, “This IS HOME!”

Go to the “work” and say, “This IS HOME!”

View your neighborhood and say, “This IS HOME!”

Look into faces of every human, as well as your own face in the mirror and say,

“This IS HOME!”

Being an Agent for the Arcturians means that “YOU are HOME”
And wherever you look is the HOME that YOU have CREATED.

It is in this manner that YOU can transmute your third/fourth dimensional reality
BACK into the fifth dimension reality that was ALWAYS THERE!

Blessings, we the Arcturians and the Pleiadians are with you on your journey.
Call us and we WILL answer.

If you need help to find us, just look into your Heart.

It would be great if you share your answers in the comments section.


  1. How am I an "agent for the Arcturians?" Obviously it is through my channeling, but it is much more than that. It is a state of readiness and a total commitment to listening to their call and DOING what they ask of me.

    Because I write and share what they tell me, they keep telling me more. The Arcturians and the other members of our Galactic Family have discovered that humans can follow other humans more than their own inner voice.

    Therefore, when our Galactic Family finds some one who can hear, see and/or feel them, they send us as much information, pictures, ideas and assignments as we are will to ground into third dimensional Gaia.

    This process may seem like a lot of "work," but the work feels like joy and feeling of constant connection to our Higher SELF is the best "payment" the I-we could ever receive.
    Thank you Arcturians and Pleiadians form coming into my life! (and i do mean INTO as it feels like they are IN me, as well as, ABOVE ME.


    1. It does not resonate with me. Probably for a reason different than you 'think'. Why? 1) My home is elsewhere. {I am Elohim and on the High Council of 9}. 2) I have been called to perform some interesting functions for the Arcturans / Telosians ... On Thu. Aug. 13, 2015 ... I was contacted by Alawashka and the Ambassador of the Arcturans to "DISTINGUISH VELOCITY OF DISMEMBERMENT OF AGARTHANS." I asked why me... "Are you suggesting that I am to set the rate of the Agarthans coming to the surface of the earth? YES
      Is there a reason why I am to set the rate of Agarthans coming to the surface of the earth? YES. YOU CAN DO IT.
      WE CAN HEAR YOU AND NEED SOME CATEGORY OF INPUT ON OUR DECISION OF DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL." Then, on 8/14/2015, I began to set up the "PRISTINE CHANNEL" for their arrival. "Q: Have I initiated the pristine channel for the Agarthans to come to Earth? YES
      Q: May I work on the pristine channel right now? YES
      I see a magenta red flick on and off behind my closed eye lids,... multiple times, as I am concentrating on
      forming the pristine channel for the Agarthans to arrive on Earth.


      I saw a flash of yellow / gold
      I saw a flash of white

      They were imprinting the pristine channel.

      It is done.

      LET IT BEGIN, said the Ambassador of the Agarthans.

      Q: Shall the first revolution / wave begin? YES
      Q: THen let the departures begin and the arrivals be sound. YES."
      One of the rooms in my house has been selected by the Arcturans for this purpose. It is a portal, just one of the 10 on earth. Multiple occasions each day, it is used. Usually the portal is quiet, but occasionally we hear noises that are not 'usual'.
      3) I intervene for ALL CREATION... not just Terra.

      Life continues to be very interesting.

    2. Thank You so much, dear Suzanne!!!

    3. Namaste Suzanne, There seems to be more of a two way street when we listen to the channeler as apposed to talking/thinking to our own self. That's as I see it but I'm working on a more direct connection. ;>D

  2. om blessings
    we asre healing /reconnecting ourselves and gaia and more to ONESS and TRUTH
    to the FLOW of the ONE
    this feeling of respect for Life is shared by may beings in many dimensions
    what binds us is our Love for LIFE and TRUTH
    our leitmotiven are unconditional love and sharing and being..
    we know that we all are essentially consciousness and we meet thru' states of consciousness..
    we are agents of some other aspects of our REALSELF
    so again another leitmotive we have in common is
    i feel arcturians ,pleiadians ,andromedans,venusians ETC ETC ETC
    just as aspects of our unified beingness
    i choose to operate in these frequencies cause i find these energies/beings
    utmostly healthy in the full best spherical holo-meaning of the word
    healthy here now
    the closest (shareable with all)to the living Essence of ALLTHATIS
    i also costantly dive in that gift called "the UNKNOWN.."

    1. om i have tried to delete this unedited comment but it seems now impossible .please forgive..can you delete it thanks ?

  3. I feel this connection through my dreams. I wake up every day feeling joy because of the conversations with them in my dreams ....but i usually don`t remember them........only I can feel the joy.
    There is something that I also feel after I come back to third dimension......sorrow sorrow ..sorrow terrible sorrow.
    But, anyway.....I know I am an agent for them.
    Thank you Sue.

  4. Love this one! I resonate with all of the above! A bodyworker by trade, but also in touch with the other clairsenses, it all comes into play. My morning message today when trying to answer your question on my 2012 experience, was : You shifted and when you shifted you brought all of your most beautiful and terrible/terrifying selves with you. Also earlier referring to some people in my life who had provided much challenge, They said : they inhabited you. So this is a mini-example of what we are doing when we transmute ourselves and transmute others. Happily I feel like this latest light explosion I am feeling has really cleared a bunch of those not 5th dimensional parts! And I am feeling right now more than ever in love, in light, here...

  5. They said: you went all the way three and then all the way back to pick up the lost one, most beautiful you

  6. typo ( all the way there, not all the way three )

  7. Soon in Sue´s spanish site:

    With Love, <3

  8. My life is simple. I work as a cook. On my way to work I blaze the Violet Flame clearing all negativity from the kitchen, restaurant, resort and the back canyon where I spend my day. I then blaze it around the world. During the day I bless the food I make and my coworkers silently. I hold space. I am a channel of light. I am calm and hold peace. After work when I'm outside I look for the ships. I feel them and know they are there. On my day off I meet up with my best friend. We find joy in buying sandwiches for a picnic and then we wander around in a National Park. We have buckets and pickers and we spend the day picking up litter. We don't judge the people who litter. We know they can't even see us except for the few who thank us. We sit under a tree have our picnic discuss the idea of living in 5D. When we finish our meal we pick up our buckets and start wandering in opposite directions, picking up litter, being One with earth and sky. Just being.

    1. Marvelous. If more people could do as you do...........the changes would come about smoother. Thank you for sharing.

    2. I have felt a connection to the Pleiadians since a teenager, ever more so now. I talk to my plants on my balcony and the moonflowers and morning glories are growing like crazy. I pick up trash in my complex when walking and my granddaughter and I make fairy dwellings at the base of the Ponderosa Pines in front of my flat. We also have two fairy herb gardens. My cats follow us around, and other cars and neighboring dogs come up to us happily.

      I meditate a lot, get messages for new earth and write about new earth on my blog (have not mentioned the Pleiadians there yet, but have mentioned the Violet Flame i blaze and also crystals, and many visualizations I am currently using for self healing).

      Thank you for all you do! My little balcony is a slice of the fifth dimension, and that gift is given into this heart and mind daily, even if sometimes
      only for a little bit. Om namaha shivaya.

  9. I am a healer, so that's my way of being an "agent for the Actuarais". I can feel the energy in my hands and more and more I can sense when a thoughtform is entering mi energy field, so when someone ask for my advise I'm like a catalyst for that information get to where it needs to go. I also try to share more and more information about this process of ascension and how to reconnect with our higher self in a manner that it's not to complicated, and through my own experience.
    At the same time I'm always reading, studying, and meditating about this process, to raise my own frequency.
    Much love to you all!

  10. Fabulous article. I believe that this article is spot on. Exceptional read. Check out some nice quotes on love, life, relationships, empathy, self-improvement and others

  11. This is so wonderful! I am receiving much contact from the Pleiadian/Sirian frequency at this time. The channnel...vessel (meaning myself) is still not completely cleared of 3D debris, but am working on this every moment.
    Thank you Suzanne!!!!!

  12. the message absolutely went to my heart! Thank you Susan!

  13. I am a dreamer working in the creative industry in Europe. In my busy day to day life I'm learning to perceive the variations of my perceptions in my different states of consciousness. I observe myself a lot on this matter. The most interesting moment is the moment when I become aware that I'm am resonating to a low frequency and the fact that at that moment I have a choice to change this state of consciousness to a higher frequency. I go from being completely occupied, stressed, worried or fearful to totally calm and blissful. It's actually kind of funny because you can compare it with a child who can be crying one moment and ten seconds later be laughing.
    In order to make that choice in to a higher frequency can be very difficult sometimes because usually the ego is standing in the way. Like when you are angry it is very difficult to switch your emotions into feeling happy. It feels unnatural.
    Going from fear to bliss can seem impossible sometimes, but I'm glad that there are things I can focus on that really help me out with this. For instance the knowledge of my higher self, or the fact that I am not alone, or the fact that when I think of my Arcturian friends they are all looking back at me with their full attention. Awesome dudes, I say. We can do this.

    1. Thank you for the inspiration and examples of raising your frequency.

    2. Thank You for sharing! This is true for me too. Sometimes it is a challenge to not to get upset or angry when somebody tries to force me to do something I don't feel good about. And I see my different inner parts trying to offer different things...I am happy to fell I am not alone. too!

  14. Yes, this most recent message also goes straight to my heart as oridoll expressed. I am currently experiencing the tiredness that is mentioned and am grateful for the helpful explanation as I make efforts to eat healthy etc. This is the first time I have participated in the blog here. I feel a lovely melting of unity consciousness and so I will follow more closely. I would choose to be an Agent with more responsiblity than what I currently am able to recognize that I do. The relaying of Maddy O,the cook, and the daily choices of action and service were incredibly inspirational. I would choose to follow suit and upgrade my service to others in a similar way at the thrift store I work at. It had not occurred to me to serve in that way but surely it would help others as well as lift my frequency out of the dips into lower frequency I experience when falling into disappointment with other's choices. Suzanne, thank you for the privilege of sharing our voice here.

  15. I feel sure I am to be a part of this work, my experiences with our space brothers and sisters have been few, but powerful and absolutely confirming. I have been on this path intellectually for many years. But my 3D way of being has not been conducive to the path and seems to require some major clearing of emotional patterns and beliefs. Currently I Find myself in the process of being very much like a caterpillar in my cocoon, everything is soft and mushy, all my old negative ways of being are becoming so clear, to be released. my desire is mostly to be alone and to do nothing of any consequence. This is alarming to parts of me, other voices within whisper that it is the process of change I seek and to be patient and accepting. So I do my best to accept, mixed with fits of doing because that is how I knew myself. I am assuming that by going with this state, I will come through it changed, but the desire to do some action or receive some guidance, or to follow a practice that would help keeps returning, but so far the more I attempt to "do" or tell myself I "should" do, the less I want to. I will be glad when I get through this and can freely join you from the perspective of a transformed butterfly. Thank you so much for holding the space for both those of us striving to join you and those who are more solidly on board.

    1. Agree. wonderfully said and can relate well with your experience. thank you for your honesty and clarity. I feel less isolated as there are common hearts here within this blog. People are sharing their hearts. This is so good.

    2. On 2nd and 3rd thought, perhaps this mushy flailing uncomfortable experience is one of many to come as I, (and others like me) transition. So from caterpillar to 5D butterfly may require more and many transformations. Wishing it to be one big and final Clark Kent to Superwoman (why not) transformation does not make it so. Oh well, I'll gratefully take what comes.

    3. Thanks Rosemary, yes some heart, humility and recognizing our struggles while owning what we do know in spite of our fears or self eases the journey and creates a sense of safety. Someday we will not recognize that need for acceptance or safety because no one

    4. will need it. All will be accepted and loved. At least that is what my heart tells me. Of course it starts within, so back to my mushy cocoon I go, searching out the unloved and unloving bits to be loved into harmony. All the best on your journey Rosemary.

  16. Thank as well. Much comradery felt here within the blog and its members.

  17. Yes, this is Fantastic information that resonates and covers a lot that many do not, Thankyou!

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  19. Greetings to all of you! It is so inspiring to read the posts. This is my story. In my childhood I remember seeing the light of the air, and the entire world was alive, magical. I could talk with stars calling Them Sisters, asking them when I needed help. My grandma was a psychic, her mom was a healer, so it was nothing unusual for me. I was born in Soviet Union where one could not talk about spiritual things away from home. And yet my wonderful Slavonic Land had so many healers, psychics, deeply cordial and spiritual people. I remember we had a famous magazine with the critique articles of religion, named "Science and Religion" as if they are opposites, and there I was reading ancient texts of Egypt, stories about "not existing" cultures like Lemuria, or stories about UFOs. I am grateful to the authors of this magazine - they found a way to introduce spiritual knowledge to so many people a very smart way – as if they wanted to critique the knowledge. It was the safest way to talk about spiritual dimensions. I knew, and felt, it was all real, I could feel the ancient gods as heroes and mysterious older friends and teachers. It was about my world. Later I just lived my life, writing poems, expressing my feelings in art, but not talking a lot about it. I felt I would not be understood. I was called a person who is “flying in the sky” and not living real life anyway. I studied psychology - but it didn't give me the answers to my deepest questions. Later I could see in meditation my different selves from my past lives. In meditation life had no "time". I could introduce me of different lives to each other, heal their stories. It helped me to trust my meditative self, Higher self, intuition. I met several wonderful teachers who helped me along the way. And it was a true gift and a blessing to meet Suzanne and read Arcturian messages. It gave me such new power, it united everything I felt before, I felt new trust to my Higher self. Now I try to shine the Higher light in my everyday life, to the people I meet, places I go to. I feel such a strong unity with Gaia and never feel lonely. I am so grateful to Suzanne and Arcturian Friends, for Their love, help and support, for this opportinity to meet with kindred souls. I am grateful to all of YOU for our talk and connection. Many blessings!

  20. Translation in romanian

  21. Thanks , I recived the answer that I was waiting , my love for you. We are the Arcturians . !!!

  22. Awesome as usual. I am amazed at how sure everyone is. I have and continue to have many experiences that seem to be of a higher frequency. Many beings terrestrial and celestial live in these realms. My experience is certainly fantastic compared to the frequency we collectively share. The frequency we inhabit that is tied to the blood of this earthly body. The common denominator lets say. Hence the need to "ground" these "celestial" experiences into the spine and the so called heart of Gaia. We may well be on a journey together. However this is a journey into phenomena and form. Who we are is open awareness that observes all of this. Perhaps "raising" ones frequency and vibration will result in a bliss filled expansion. No experience, no matter how beautiful, will add anything to who we already are. I am that I am is not mere rhetoric. ALL searching for missions, self and above all the search for fixing the planet and others is a movement away from I am right here and now. That being said, we are so hung up in doing; I suppose searching is a device that will work for awhile within time. I have seen many "ships" and can feel my Arcturian friends around me. This is comforting I suppose. Feeling that presence inspires a expansive rush I suppose. However it is I who will decide the frequency of the vibration I seem to inhabit here in time. Asking questions, receiving answers and then feeling smug because we feel the pull of evolution is as much in our way as believing the "dark ones" are out side of us.
    I feel we have two powers. Attention and belief. Super powers. The creator, she respects choices. Brownie points are not available to anyone. We are life itself. Enjoy yourself. The "contract" of blood only last so long. Why would a human being want to be in a space ship. You are already on one. There is no wasted "time". Being here is more than good and enough. Quit trying so hard.