Thursday, July 7, 2016


Arcturian Message
Living Your Highest Point of Perception

Having some Summer Guests and Summer Fun, so I am sending out an Arcturian message from 12-28-12. Was that over three years ago, or was that just yesterday??

You may think that your world is the same, but if you look deep into your consciousness you will find that it as greatly changed. Whereas before you looked within and sensed the warning to be careful and even secretive, you now find the message that something has changed.

You may not know, yet, what that “something” that changed is. However, there is a feeling of safety where once there was a sense of alert. Your body, which has been running on adrenalin for much of this life, in fact most of your Earthly incarnations, is now going through adrenalin withdrawal. It is because of this withdrawal that you feel so exhausted and may even have episodes of anger for no apparent reason.

You awoke on 12-22-12 to a world that was apparently the same, but you did not understand what a victory that "nothing" was. Great battles, both mental and physical, have been waged, and many lives were lost in the invisible battle to save Earth from the unseen Service to Self dark ones.

Hence, to awaken to find a world that appears to be the same is a sign that your consciousness has expanded into the resonance of reality in which the Light has won! Remember, ascension does not mean leaving a certain place and going to another “place.” Ascension means attaching your Point of Perception to a higher frequency of reality.

The underbelly of your world is still tainted with darkness and driven by unseen forces. However, you have ascended beyond the tentacles of that reality. You know this is true because whereas once your inner self felt a constant state of alarm, you now feel an inner safety. The years of 1996 to 2003 were the darkest times since the fall of Atlantis.

These times were even darker than your World Wars because these were times when your entire planet was on the edge of complete domination and/or destruction. That reality still exists, but at a much lower frequency.

Nevertheless, the lower versions of "life on planet Earth" are beginning to close. The area of Cosmic Space in which Earth is now traveling is too intense for those frequencies of reality. Hence, they are beginning to cease to exist.

Dear Ascending Ones, it is because of your silent, and apparently individual, process of expanding your consciousness that this victory of freedom from darkness is yours.

The mere fact that so many groups could openly and publicly gather to meditate and send love to Gaia is proof that you have expanded your Planetary Consciousness into a higher octave.

On the other hand, some of you had no idea of the true state of your world because you looked to your mainstream media instead of the Internet or your inner SELF. However, each day more and more of you are experiencing unexplained changes in your daily reality.

These changes are not because Earth has changed, but because you have changed your Point of Perception into a higher frequency of Earth’s myriad versions of reality.

Releasing your third-dimensional habit of believing that your life is outside-of- you is the KEY to holding your Point of Perception at a higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Your third-dimensional self is accustomed to looking outside of you to find out how your life is doing.

"Are my bills paid? Do I have a nice house? Do I have a good job?” These are all questions based on the illusion that life is outside-of-you. Fortunately, you are beginning to realize and remember that the truest assessment of your life is found within.
Those of you who have been awake to the Truth for the last decades of extreme darkness, sought solace in your outer world because when you went inside to view life, you found fear and darkness.

Hence, you often focused on your outer life of finding good jobs, nice houses and lot of toys to distract you from the fear you found within.

This inner fear was NOT a sign of your personal depression or mental illness. This fear was a true perception of how your world was in great battle with the forces of Service to SELF. However, if you consciously realized that your inner feelings stemmed from such a frightening truth, your resulting depression and anxiety could diminish whatever determination you had to carry on.

We now want you to know that NOW you can remove your cloak of denial. Your deep, inner fear was not based on whether or not you could pay your bills or would lose your job. The deep inner fear was a true reaction to the secret world that you were fortunate enough to not live.

You, our wondrous ascending ones, did your parts marvelously. You pretended and/or believed that life was what it appeared to be while you sought to expand your consciousness into the higher expressions of your SELF.

Congratulations, you have been victorious. Not only have you remained attached to the fringe reality of the third dimension, rather than the underbelly of the battle for planet Earth, but you also expanded your inner awareness into the true, higher-dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. In doing so you assisted Gaia more than you can imagine.

Unknown wars were being fought inside of Gaia’s body. Auspiciously, the Lemurians resonate to their fifth dimensional expressions and could balance the darkness with the great light of their inner cities.

Fortunately, now most of the dark ones have been defeated. Also, Earth is still intact, which is largely due to the service dwellers who held the Light of higher consciousness for Gaia through Her darkest nights.

Your choice to not consciously know what was happening was a good tactic, as it greatly diminished your fear. However, you paid the price of depression and anxiety, which appeared to be unfounded. We wish to remind you again that your fears were, indeed, true. As Gaia moves into higher frequencies of reality more of these facts will come into the light of day.

There are still many people who resonate just below your current Point of Perception that would rather doubt themselves than confront the illusions that seemed to offer them enough security to carry on with their lives.

It is for this reason that many of the higher frequency facts such as our Galactic assistance, NESARA, withheld technologies and other advantages have not been released to the mainstream public.

Those of you, the Ascending Ones, who so needed to know the Truth that you sought out the terrible facts of the battle for planet Earth, are now being rewarded with the knowledge that you are not alone.

You will, also, become increasingly aware that your world is on the cusp of an incredible transition. Because you could allow yourself to know the fearful truths, you can now know the glorious achievement that YOU have fulfilled.

We are sorry that the truth must still remain at a frequency that can only be known by those who expand their consciousness into that resonance. We understand that you tire of waiting.

However, we remind you that you were NOT passively waiting for a new world to spontaneously rise up on its own. Now, you can realize that you have been brave warriors who had to block the hidden enemy of inner truth because it could destroy your resolve to continue and/or endanger your safety.

Therefore, you paced your reception of truth and only knew as much about the underbelly of reality with its myriad lies and deceits as you could balance with your daily life.

Now your daily consciousness has reconnected with your Higher SELF, and you have achieved the safety of Unity Consciousness with other Ascending Ones as well as with Gaia. Hence, now we can reveal that you were not suffering a psychosomatic illness. 

Instead, YOU, our brave multidimensional warriors, were trying to ignore that which you could not change. Instead, you focused on what you could change, which was the resonance of your earth vessel and the Earth vessel of Gaia. Congratulations, our beloved ones, for you have been victorious.

However, we feel how much you want to instantly awaken to find New Earth outside your bedroom window. PLEASE maintain this constant desire. However, do not feed it disappointment.

Instead, feed this desire Unity Consciousness, hope, anticipation, joy and unconditional love. You are learning to accept what you were waiting for during your myriad lifetimes.

Impatience is understandable and even normal, but not effective in your manifestation process. You have just emerged from a dark cave in which shadows have been perceived as reality. Hence, as you step out of this cave, your perceptions are not yet calibrated to the frequency of light that is still blinding to your physical eyes.

Therefore, you perceive the reality to which you are accustomed. Just as you have tenaciously held on to an inner hope of salvation through the last years of the Kali Yuga, we ask that you maintain that hope while your perceptions re-calibrate to match the frequency of your expanding states of consciousness.

We understand that many of you do not know that your consciousness has expanded into the fifth dimension. However, if you find this message and can accept it, you HAVE indeed invisibly crossed that threshold.

You see, our beloveds, YOU are New Earth. YOU are New Earth because you have expanded your glorious Unity Consciousness to encompass the entire planet.

Do you know how much Gaia is cherished in Galactic Circles? You are NOW within the reality for which you have fought and waited for myriad incarnations. However, your Point of Perception has been habitually locked onto the outside-of-you in the physical world.

Therefore, open the windows of your Earth Vessel and allow the higher light to activate your inner perceptions. In this manner, you can look inside-of-you to find your highest Point of Perception. Then, attach your High Heart to this state of consciousness and open your Third Eye to see the New Earth that is YOU.

You have now come into the next phase of your reality. What has changed is the inner causation that creates the effect in your reality. Gaia is moving into the Causal Plane of the fourth dimension.

Hence, the 3D lag time between cause and effect will increasingly diminish until your state of consciousness is instantly manifested to become the reality that you wish to perceive.

Most importantly, there is a dimming of the darkness and an expansion of the light. This expansion is felt within your earth vessel and within your daily life.

Your bodies are changing more each day, and as they do so, more expanded perceptions will come online. Because the lag time between cause and effect is ever closing, your thoughts will appear as light, and oppositions will become fluid and timeless.

Your expanding perceptions are a shift that is 100% under your control.  Hence, there is no event out-side-of-you that can deter this process.

Furthermore, the in-side-of-you is undergoing a slow but steady alteration. Your Lightbody grows stronger each day, which is why interacting with the third dimensional paradigm is becoming increasingly burdensome.

You are realizing how your consciousness is manifesting into creation. Verbal words are becoming restrictive and you yearn to live in unconditional love and peace. There are many components of your apparently third-dimensional life that have already shifted into the fifth dimensional resonance. 

You recognize these areas of your life because they are filled with, and/or create the sensation of unconditional love. This unconditional love may not feel the same as the love that we, the Galactics and Celestials, can emanate from our Group Mind, but it is love that has no conditions. 

If you can remember to allow this unconditional love to guide you to surrender to all issues of life, you will be creating an aura of protection around you composed of that frequency of unconditional love.

Whenever you surrender your life to your higher expressions of SELF without any conditions or limitations, you are creating an aura of unconditional love around you.

This aura of protection allows you to become very brave. Thus, you will gain more confidence in your SELF. It is not easy to put down your 3D reactive and protective shield to surrender into a situation. You have lived in a defensive mode for myriad lives.

Thus, it is difficult to completely own your great multidimensional power so that you can release all fear in EVERY situation. In fact, one of your greatest challenges will be to KNOW that you are a Multidimensional Being who naturally resonates beyond the grasp of any 3D issue.

You may experience your Multidimensional SELF as a higher frequency, a sound, a color, a vibration, an energy and/or a higher intelligence. As you come to KNOW your innate protection, you will be able to easily surrender into every situation.

This protective frequency of “YOU surrounding you” realizes that EVERY situation that comes into your life is your creation. If you are having a problem in your life, you created that problem so that you could learn and/or remember.

We know that these statements might sound cold to those who have not yet awakened to their true SELF. They still live in a reality where something can be “out of their control.” However, surrender is not a problem for your Ascended Master SELF, as the third dimension is below your base-line resonance.

For example, if you are in the water and a shark comes, you can raise your resonance and become invisible to the shark. Furthermore, the shark’s teeth cannot harm you because they will just go through your aura.

Many of you are beginning to have experiences in which you resonate just a half octave above your environment. You are “in that place” and “with those people,” but you are also just above it, as if you were looking into a dream.

In other words, your resonance is going “out of sync” with the physical world. At first, people will not notice this because they just saw you there and believe that you are still there. In fact, the same will hold true for you.

 At first, you may still believe that you are resonating to the 3D, but feel strangely detached and “spacey.” Do not judge yourself when this happens or try to “pay attention.”

Instead, make sure that your body is safe and grounded then allow your bodily sensations and attention to gradually shift. It is preferable to shift gradually, rather than swiftly, as fear can come into your consciousness if you change so quickly that you feel out of control.

Try to consciously recognize this experience. Stay calm and breathe slowly with longer exhales. If your body is unsafe, i.e. driving a car or walking on a road, pull your attention back to your physical body and 3D life.

When you learned to drive, you first understood about braking and steering before you pushed the accelerator. The same rule applies here. First learn how to stop the experience and how to steer your body and consciousness. In this manner, you will feel in control and will not allow doubt or fear to stop you.

You are learning a new way of living. If you can meditate on a regular basis, you will gain more intimacy with your Higher Expressions of SELF. These Expressions of SELF will assist you to remember what you already know within your higher Point of Perception.

Without their guidance, you may believe that you are learning. Learning is a long process, whereas remembering can be instant. Many will have an instant experience, but then doubt it so much that they forget about it until later when they have gained more mastery.

Doubt will be your greatest foe, as it is fear in disguise and lack of confidence in your SELF. When you feel doubt, send yourself unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance. There is no hurry, as time is ending.

Yes, your world appears to be the same in many ways, but do you really FEEL the same? You survived and even prospered in the physical world by listening to yourself and by keeping track of your instincts and interactions with your environment.

You will keep this tool and hone it to a sharper edge. As you interact with the higher frequencies of your environment, your instincts will greatly expand. No matter how much you learn from others, you are your own best teacher.

You learned and/or remembered how to walk. You often fell, but you still continued. Now that you are learning to run, you may fall more often. However, you are in the company of many others that are taking their baby steps, as well.

Most important, you have constant guidance and protection from your Higher Expressions of SELF. Begin your day communing with your SELF, think about your SELF as often during your day as often as you can. Think of your SELF as you drift off to sleep and as soon as you awaken.

It is only within your third dimensional consciousness that you think you should do it alone. As your consciousness expands into the Theta and Delta waves, you will feel the need to actively unite your consciousness with higher expressions of your SELF. 

As you grow to appreciate your own higher states of consciousness, you will want to share these experiences with another and/or with a group. You will also find yourself more attached to Nature, plants, animals, water ways and even the sky. You will be getting to know Gaia in a more intimate manner, and experience that Her entire planet is alive and happy to communicate with you.

Do you remember when you were a child and found great fascination in a spider on a web or a bird in a tree? You will begin to return to these interests because you will be returning to the innocence and purity of your Divine Child.

It is the purity and innocence of your Divine Child that will heal your many wounds from your long sojourn through the third dimension. Therefore, perceive your expanding reality through the eyes of a child in order to find the wonder and adventure within EVERY moment of the NOW.

Congratulations Beloved Family
Welcome Home to your true SELF.

The Arcturians

TODAY, July 7, 2016
From your higher perspective of the July 7, 2016, how has your life changed since December  28, 2012? We would love to hear from you in comments section...
I, Sue, will make the first comment.


  1. Dear Readers,
    How has my life changed--oh "Let me count the ways." I was still a licensed psychotherapist and needing to deal with the whole issue of being licensed and having to go to seminars I did not need to go to. Wow, that was only four years ago and it seems like a lifetime ago.

    In fact, I am pretty sure that I am living a totally different life then I was then. Same house, same husband, same family, same friend, but an OH SO very different me.
    I have totally released all that I "HAD TO DO" in order make a living and now "DO WHAT I WANT TO DO."

    I have published quite a few books and made uncountable friends. The publishing of my first book, The Third Veils of Illusion" was a big deal because as a child I always said, "When I grow up, I want to write a book." I remember one New Years Eve in the late 70's when I wrote, "I am ready to write my first book." and "consigned it to fire" to send my PROMISE to myself into the higher dimensions.

    Well, I guess it worked! What has "worked" for you, and what has changed? Take a moment to look back into your SELF to remember, "where were you in 2012?"
    Remember, we were going to ascend that year.

    OOPS wrong date. "Were your disappointed?" Was I disappointed? No, actually, I think that I never FELT it was happening OR maybe I was not ready then.

    Maybe, I did ascend, and we all ascended, but we just don't know it. That thought really messes with my mind.
    Please share your comments

  2. During the closing of 2012 my life changed in many, many ways - internally and externally as well. I was not consciously aware of what ascension was at the time, but was meditating on a daily basis and did know that my thoughts created my reality and was practicing steadily becoming master of my thoughts and emotions. In 2013 I came upon a deep resolve to no longer look for answers outside of my self. I had spent my whole life asking others "Well what do you think?" "What do you think?" And I had never stopped to really confer deeply with what my SELF thinks. Now that is all I am concerned with. What does my inner guidance tell me? What are my guides / higher expressions of SELF telling me?

    On July 4th, 2014 I started experiencing a terrible pain in my stomach. It went beyond an emotional pain, something I had never felt before. This was the call for me to go within more consistently and master my 'braking' system and how best to steer this vehicle of consciousness that I AM.

    During the end of 2015 my life has now become 100% focused on my life path of maintaining a high state of consciousness and assisting others. Situations came to pass that were beyond my control and were miraculous to watch. I knew all along that this was happening because I was finally ready to take that leap into the next phase of life which is a phase of living Unconditional Love and service to others.


  3. Dearest Sue, Firstly Enjoy your Summer & visiting Friends !
    & agreed that what you ask is difficult to answer in just a few words, or sentences as so much has indeed happened to each of us....all within our selves - our new found & continually growing expanding perceptions....sure that when you have time to visit our pond that essence is reflected, & like Water, always flowing & changing, coming from somewhere & on it's way to some place else. For me this quote from Emerson sums it up rather nicely :
    much Love to you & may Nature also share with you some of her beautiful treasured living secrets....I really loved this repeat from 12-28-12...especially the developing intimate love for Mother & all her beloved life upon this world !.....xo Bev

  4. I myself woke up in 1982 and 2012 I waited for people to awaken on their own like I did but they tricked everybody that it was another End of the World so a lot of people lost interest. There's a lot of people out there teaching something that they themselves have not accomplished and leading others astray for the sake of money. I'm still waiting for people to be born again and wake up on their own besides my followers.

    I can't speak for everybody else but I Ascended long time ago so I can be here in the NOW to help you/ others Ascend also.

    Did you know that when you meditate on breath all of the time you automatically live in the Now ? This keeps you from slipping back into 3D so you can move forward with your Ascension.

    Many Blessings...

    Love and Light FaFa Gomes

  5. For me it has been a great expansion. In 2012 I was a puddle and now I am a lake. Gratitude and forgiveness have allowed me to overcome my ego. I still am far from BEING unconditional love. But just knowing that I am a multidimensional being and a part of GAIA, about to transorm together who are there open and aware and being portals of light. My knowingness is at an all time high. 2012 was more about fear based 3D survival. Now it is Love based knowing, that All is done all is well. You dear Suzanne have been the most wonderful guide along the yellow brick road to Oz.

    1. Yes, I released a log from 2012 till now. In fact, it has been a very important time filled with many challenges and changes
      Thanks for sharing

  6. 2-21/22-12 I was in Peru on a really sacred journey. Here I had for the first time deep inner journeys and also learnt the lecture that I was and am creating what is happening in my life. It was at that time that I choose to stay on planet earth. It was a conscious choice - I was sick and my soul showed me the option to leave or to stay. I stayed though I hardly knew about anything of ascension let alone of dimensions and so I did not expect fireworks or earthquakes, short circuits or whatever on that date. I KNEW that on the surface nothing would change and I also knew that IT had happened. I had no doubts about "energies" and the "other world" behind the veil, but that was it. Since then nothing has changed in my outer life. But I started on a completey new kind of inner journey. To "know myself" I went into deep, deep shadow work, meditation and past life-regression until finally I learnt that I have also had lifetimes of "bad" lives. Slowly it's dawning "who I really am". The most important thing that I have learnt now at the brink of global transmutation is compassion instead of judgement of the dark side which is brought forth by self-love which is brought forth by acceptance. Nina

    1. "compassion instead of judgement of the dark side which is brought forth by self-love which is brought forth by acceptance. Nina" Yes, Nina, I have been learning that too. It is a lesson that all ascended beings must learn, and a VERY difficult one as well
      Thanks for sharing

  7. How has my life change:
    Back then: I can remember clearly how I really believed we would all ascend on December 21, 2012. I sat for a long meditation and this was the first time I came into my blue peaceful, timeless space!! I stayed there for as long as I felt the need and when I came out I knew I had not ascended. I said to myself “OK you are only doing this for about a year, maybe you are not ready”. Somehow I knew in my heart that I will, that it was OK for now and I hoped those that were ready did ascend. I set the intention to do everything I can to ascend when it was time. I used mantras, affirmations and prayers to assist me with changing habits and releasing conditioning.
    Seeing and being in that blue space had a big impact on me. It gave me hope and a place to go and be with me and balance myself. Back then I was more a seeker then an awakened one.
    Now: I am more awaken and not seeking anymore. By this I mean I consciously follow and trust the guidance of my heart and my Higher self. I know I have the answers; all I need to do is go inside. One of the most powerful tools I have found within is the Unconditional Love, trust, faith and the knowing. Practising keeping my vibrations high was fun; my consciousness kept expanding and it brought me a lot of joy and the feeling of “walking on sunshine”.
    Recently I’ve noticed that I do not get upset or angry anymore by things happening outside of me, not even emotional things close to home, like with family and sisters!! I am instantly aware it is something the other needs to do or needs to release and I can see the growth and the beginning of awakening of the other person. Big thanks to the vibrations and higher state of consciousness. All this brings me more joy and I know we are all doing well; actually we are doing pretty well. Every day I give gratitude for all the guidance I’ve received and all whom I have met on my path to assist me.

    1. thank you so for sharing. You give good guidance to us all

  8. Good and timing remining NOW, Sue.  Thank you.
    Thanks to all sinserely sharings.
    Got the perseption of autencity and integrity.
    I very rarely already use words for writings as well for convesions.
    Just wanting to share the great change in last years from 2012.
    When I am looking back I even can’t remember 2012, may be a great mass media psichosis and mass consiousness panic about the end of the world. I didn’t belived any of them then.
    For me these were many years of gradually dying, may be in last 20+ years.
    With accelerating the pace, gardually was loosing the the sense of the old ‘me’ and the old 3D reality this old ‘me’ have lived, loosing the sense of Time as it was known, all old habits,thoughts,emotions,etc. and the way of understanding of Life and how to live it, the idea of separation, the acceptance both darkness and light,etc,…etc…
    It was not easy,not even easy….for anybody, I am sure ….and the Process is still going on and on…
    May be easyer and lighter…May be…Or it so seems from another Point of Perseption…
    We so hope….
    Aren’t we?:)

  9. yes, i think 2012 was like a dress rehearsal.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Thank you for the fun exercise! Yes, it seems like so long ago....I went back into my notes, journaling etc., and noticed that I was on a path of discovering the power of self-love, and I just finished some deep introspection on the power of gratitude. These were my topics of focus as we were approaching the 2012 timeframe.

    In December of 2012, we found ourselves on the shores of Waikiki in Hawaii (know the song, Duke's on Sunday?), and I could just feel that something was very different. I sensed it deep within, and I swear there were "family members" who would show up for a visit and then disappear out of thin air in the intensified energies of the area as we all floated in a very high frequency of reality.

    It is also perfect as your reflection includes the Point of Perception discussion. I also looked back and caught a glimpse of my own reflections that include the realization of Oneness.

    Here's a quick summary: "A recent dream of mine really brought this concept of ONENESS to life. I found myself riding in the front seat of a car, and I was chatting with a few people who were sitting in the back seat. I knew they were one and the same, and I basically said, “Come on – I know you are all the same person!” At that point, they all merged into one person and acknowledged that I reached that realization. I proceeded to have the feeling and thought that they were now asking and expecting me to share this epiphany with others, and they asked me what my first task would be. So there you go – I am sharing this with you!"

    1. thank you thank you and blessings and...bliss

  11. In the late 2011 and the beginning of 2012 I was going through a very rough times, with my business partners so I was very depressed. The situation in my country Venezuela was very very intense and I was the ultimate victim at that point.
    I start taking antidepressants and sleeping pills, so it was all hearts and rainbows, until a dear friend of mine suddenly dies in an accident. Being at his funeral I realize I was in a totally neutral state, not even cry, which is very easy for me, so I realized that the pills had me in an artificial state of happiness, so at that moment I decided to leave all the pills, without telling the doctor...(Bad idea :-s) I started seeing a homeopath, who helped me with the side effects, and he prescribed me, besides the typical homeopathic remedies, to watch the sun every day! so I started walking every morning and enrolled in yoga classes. Thereafter, everything changed.. Each time the class ended, and we put ourselves in shavasana (or corps position) and closed our eyes, I saw a violet light that came and went. That experience sparked my curiosity and I started looking for information on energy, quantum physics, yoga, healing, etc. it opened up a whole new world for me. in December 2012 I received by "chance" an activation of my DNA and I think that further accelerated my process. I received and I certify in, Reconnective Healing and during that time I had wonderful experiences, I feel I got validation. Now life had meaning, and coherence. I knew not only the theory I was living it!
    I found peace!
    In October last year I moved to the United States, and here I am starting a new life with my Husband and my recently adopted dog Pepe. So I can said for sure that my life has change 180 degrees and I can only devote myself to fulfill my mission and pre birth contract. I feel like I am a totally new person, I can not relate with old habits or even some old friends, I now see the situation in my country as a necessary process of transformation and I learn how to resonate to a higer frequency so nothing can hurt me, I feel the connection with mi higer self and I am meeting new people like yourself who I can share this with. So I am very grateful! Much love to you all! NAMASTE!

  12. Reading this I had a flashback to that time in 2012..I did not believe in ascension persay as I always felt we were to bring heaven to earth and not leave it. I was going through a period of clearing away much darkness from a past life with my teacher and experienced 2 months of near complete exhaustion where I could hardly get out of bed. It didn't make total sense at the time but I didn't panic as I've always known things happen for a reason. Magical healers had me back on my feet in less than two months after that december. I have dealt with clearing the darkness for many years and now understand that is also part of my mission. faith and trust in spirit is imperative as is loving that doubter inside ourselves. :) Karmyn

  13. It was shortly before 2012 that I had a vivid dream, where there was a scout craft hovering over me. Of course, my 3D reactive mind felt great fear and I tried to hide. Survival first! But, little by little, more and more ships, all types of ships, hundreds of them, were hovering over the fields of where I was and over the edge of the city that I could just see in the distance. I realized that they were not a threat and just found myself in awe until the dream closed. It was at least two years before I realized that it was a preparation for me to be in comfort about such unexpected vectors of our orientation!

    Around the same time, one of my Facebook friends displayed the numeric, 11:11. For some reason, I became slightly obsessed with finding the meaning, and started asking everyone I knew what they knew about it. I had more luck finding information on 12:12, perhaps because it was a 'bust out' year, and 2011 was more in preparation mode. For me, 11:11 came to mean my "Cosmic Wake-up Clarion Call." I'm gradually teaching me to stop reaching for the SNOOZE button!