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The Landings--The Arcturians--Through Suzanne Lie

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The Landings

The Arcturians

Our Dear Emissaries to Earth,
We come to you in this NOW to inform you that we will be landing soon, but only in a frequency of reality in which “Power Within Self” has replaced all remnants of  “Power Over Others.”

Hence, the frequency in which we land will be determined by humanity. We know that those who live via Power Within are not responsible for those who linger in the lower dimensional format of Power Over Others.

All that our beloved returnees to lightbody can do to assist the ones lost to Power Over, is to send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Then you must release them from your consciousness, as it is their decision to awaken or remain asleep within a reality of fear and domination.

By remaining in the format of fear and domination they will have chosen to attach their lower states of consciousness to the remnants of Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane. The Lower Astral Plane is much like the cellar of an old house that has been abandoned. This “old house” is being renovated from the “roof” down.

As the “house” is renovated, the frequency rate will expand into higher dimensions that are not accessible to those who chose to live in the darkness of the cellar among that which has been long ago been stored and forgotten.

In other words, as our awakening ones remember to forget the lost ones, their consciousness will expand beyond “frequency range of experience” of those lost to the “cellar.” Hence, the lost ones will remain in the lowest planes of existence, while the ascending ones align with higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Eventually, the frequency of the planet will be so wonderfully high, that the lower astral plane will be shed from Gaia’s body. Just as an animal takes on a heavy fur coat for the long, cold winter and sheds it in the spring, Gaia will shed Her heavy, Lower Astral Plane.

As She returns to Her beloved fifth dimensional frequency, She will first shed the density of the Lower Astral Plane and, eventually, shed all of remnants of Her third and fourth dimensional planetary body.

As we have often said, Gaia is an extremely loving Mother. Therefore, as long as She carries any remnants of third/fourth dimensional time, She will provide a place where her lost ones can decide to enter into the Light.

This Higher Light will eventually engulf even the lowest astral plane, and the lost ones will need to re-locate to another planet on which they will, hopefully, release their habit of Power Over, as well as their need to be a victim, have an enemy, and suffer before they can change.

You see, Power Over can only exist when there are others who have chosen to be a victim. We are not saying that the choice to be a victim is a conscious choice, as it is usually an unconscious choice. Many have become addicted to the third dimension format of ruler and ruled.

This addiction will only fade when those trapped within the format of Power Over remember that Gaia is a planet that is ruled by free will. Because of Gaia’s free will, those who chose to be in the Power Over format in order to be a victim, can also choose to release that addiction and take charge of their own life.

Those who wish to help these ones can best do so by sending them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Unconditional Love is likely unknown to those lost to the Power Over format, as they have likely lived their lives, in fact they have likely lived many lives, believing that they were not the masters of their own destiny.

However, the gift of Unconditional Love will greatly impact them, as they have likely only received conditional love throughout many of their incarnations. Once they receive Unconditional Love, they will begin to realize that just maybe they can stand up to whatever has kept them in the pattern of being a victim.

That realization will change their life forever, as they will discover that they just may deserve love “unconditionally.” The concept of deserving love just because you are alive is likely very new to them, as they have grown up believing that they are not “good enough.”

With this realization, they are ready to receive your gift of the Violet Fire to assist them in their process of transmutation into a higher frequency of reality. There are many invisible sub-planes in the physical plane of the third dimension.

Because love is far too often “conditional” within that frequency of reality, many people become lost in the belief that they are not “good enough.” The dark ones have had a great deal of power within that resonance of reality for many cycles.

They have maintained their power by convincing others that they are not strong enough to stand up for themselves and need the “help” of those who appear to be stronger. Because those trapped in what they perceive as their failures, disappointments, hardships of the lowest resonance of the third dimension are so beaten down by life, they do not recognize that the assistance of these dark ones is really a trap.

Therefore, the cycle goes on and on from failure to failure and from trap to trap. How does one recover from this cycle? We return again to Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is NOT an emotion. Unconditional Love is an energy field of love, hope, empowerment, and promise.

We will now address each of these concepts beginning with love. Love is an energy field that travels in expanding cycles, where as love’s opposite, fear, travels in ever decreasing cycles. We say “cycles” as energy fields travel in circular patterns, as they also travel vertically and horizontally.

When we talk about an “energy field,” we mean “a package of energy that resonates to the same “fields” of thoughts and emotions. In this case, think of the word  “field” much as a field of grass, flowers, snow or crops, such as wheat. Everything on this “field” is similar and needs the same amount of light, water, warmth, and/or shade.

In the same manner, an energy field holds similar thoughts, which grow from the “field” of similar emotions. If one grows up and/or becomes trapped in an energy field of disappointment, failure, loss and suffering, they will find others like them lost in that energy field.

Since they are all lost, it is difficult for anyone to see the way out. Those who live via power over others work hard to create situations, which diminish people and group them with other people who have also been diminished.

However, unconditional love is also an energy field. However, this energy field is the collection acceptance, support and the empowerment of loving one’s self enough to openly and warmly love another. Because every person can love and accept themselves, they can also love and accept others.

In other words, one can only “give away” what they “have.” If a small group from the energy field of Unconditional Love were to join the energy field of disappointment and suffering, they would instantly feel that something is very wrong.

Then, because they have been surrounding by Unconditional Love, they are able to say, “How can we help you?” On the other hand, they would likely feel inadequate if one who was accustomed to the energy field of disappointment and hardship. 

In this case, the great power of Unconditional Love would greatly assist the one who has been beaten down by the hardships of life because there is NO judgment in Unconditional Love. Instead, there is acceptance and patience.

Do you see how we are showing you the “big picture” of your reality? While you are walking in the midst of a huge “field” you can only see that which is around you. However, if you were up on a hill, or in a plane—or a starship—you would get the same perspective as we do from the higher dimensions of our ships.

We welcome you to join us on our ships, but most of you are not yet able to consciously have that experience. However, we wish you to know that many of you join us while you are in your fourth dimensional astral body. Most often this occurs while you are sleeping or doing a deep meditation, but soon your visits will be more common.

Just as the person who lived within a fear-based, power over energy field may feel uncomfortable in a love-based, power within energy field, your third dimensional consciousness may feel very uncomfortable in a fifth dimensional star ship. Fortunately, our ships are filled with Unconditional Love, which will instantly make you feel safe and peaceful.

Furthermore, just as the Unconditional Love we share with you transmutes your energy field into a higher resonance, your unconditional love toward those trapped in a power-over energy field will transmute their energy field into a higher resonance.

Did you realize that you had that much power-within? Did you realize that just by sending Unconditional Love to someone in need that you can greatly contribute toward their process of transmutation into a higher resonance?

Your world is on the cusp of great change, and chaos usually precedes change. You will all be called upon to leave your comfort zone and to bravely face aspects of reality that could be very challenging, in fact frightening, to those who had never considered the fact that there are other civilizations beyond Earth.

Then, they will be confronted with the fact that these civilizations are far more technologically, mentally, socially, and emotionally advanced. Those who have lived by their “power over others” regime will be shocked, terrified, and dangerous.

Therefore, those of you who are informed and prepared mentally and emotionally, will be called on to send your deepest Unconditional Love into the energy fields of fear, confusion, and disbelief.

Many of our Earth friends will welcome the shift in their reality because they are informed and have been in connection with us for many decades. On the other hand, many people have never even considered that there are higher dimensions of reality in which uncountable societies and worlds live in peace and unconditional love.

We hear you asking, “When will this happen?” We answer you by asking, “When will you be ready to totally shift your perception of reality to include the higher dimensions?”

You see, we will begin our landings in the lower realms of the fifth dimension. Hence, only those who have expanded their consciousness beyond the fourth dimension and into threshold of the fifth dimension will be able to perceive our presence.

As you can see from your Internet, books and classes, more and more people are beginning to consciously embrace a reality in which the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions are replaced with the proof that there is a fifth dimensional world, as well as far, far beyond.

Are YOU ready to embrace this higher dimensional energy field? If you answer is YES, then you will likely be among those who will be preparing, educating and calming those who are not ready.

If you answer is NO, then you likely will never read this message.
But if you do, remember that reality is a choice of one’s perception.
The reality that you chose to perceive is the reality that you will believe is real.
And, the reality that YOU believe is real is the reality that you will live.

Remember, whether you admit it or not, you are ALL the creator of your reality! Also, please remember, “Time is an illusion of the third dimension.” When we say that we are coming NOW, that means that you will experience that NOW only when YOU are ready.

There are many of you with whom we communicate on a daily basis. Also, there are many of you who often visit our Ships. Allow your third dimensional earth-brain to take as long as you need to adapt to the New Earth that is here NOW!

To find this Earth, don’t look UP
            To find New Earth, look IN!

With Unconditional Love, The Arcturians 


  1. om
    true reminders
    ITAL transl on rekuest
    cooperation in truth and oness always

  2. Thank you with much love and light.

  3. This drawing looks like a beach an hour from where I live :). I think I may go there on the weekend for a meditation. These drawings remind me of the Nostradamus Paintings.

    This is a link to an angel artwork I have.

  4. So true!!! Thank you, Susan! Thank you, Arcturians!

    --Tatiana L.

  5. I've never seen the weather here like this before. There's a dome of dark clouds, periods of intensive rain and yesterday there was a lot of lightning, flash lightning, not bolt lightning. This city is built for heavy rainfall and today I saw puddles almost a foot deep. It's like I'm living in a different country. The word tornado was mentioned in the newspaper. It's like someone flipped a switch. Definitely not beach weather.

  6. Unconditional love & light to all souls on every dimensional existence! There is no separation love love love!!!

    1. Great point Anonymous. I, too, was reminded from within that the HUman aspect of us---individual consciousness in physical reality---has a strong tendency to SEPARATE everything, thinking from the perspective of DUALITY (e.g., lower vibrational beings vs Higher vibrational Beings) rather than POLARITY (the ONEness of interconnected All That Is that appears opposite and SEPARATE). I trust that the shadow aspects of our being---whether "positive" or "negative"---show up in our outer reality (in Divine perfect timing and order) to finally be noticed, recognized (that it's from within), acknowledged, seen with compassion, even forgiven, and unconditionally embraced/accepted/loved by us. And when we choose to Be Unconditional Love to these so-called "dark"/"bad"/"evil"/shadow/unknown (to conscious mind) aspects of ultimately ourselves, then we're that much closer to FULLY and unconditionally accepting/loving ALL aspects of self AND others. Whenever I come upon any type of reading, I express gratitude to Spirit within for helping me to Be Discernment and Clarity, and for the opportunity to ONLY EXTRACT information/knowledge/Light and wisdom/Love that most highly resonates with me. Taking various spiritual classes and courses---as well as other things on the "one must do" list---is fine, if that's what one believes one must do and enjoys it (KEY phrase) in the process. However, I also trust that cosmically intelligent Spirit within us (and in ALL of interconnected Life/All That Is) makes no mistakes, knows exactly what it's doing at every moment to evolve (for the highest benefit of interconnected all), so we need not worry or be concerned that we, or "lower" others, might remain lost, get transferred or transported to a lesser planet, or never find our way back Home/to Source. Ultimately, we are The One, and as we heal, interconnected others heal, and vice versa. In addition, I trust that Unconditional Love IS also an emotion, among other things mentioned within this reading. Why? Because anyone who's ever personally experienced Being True (Unconditional) Love to self and/or others, knows---through experiential knowledge/wisdom, and not just regurgitated profound concepts that anyone can preach---how AMAZING it FEELS deep within one's Heart space. Ex(s). A mother's deep, unconditional love for her baby, or one's profound love for their once "lost"/wounded inner child/soul (to include ego self/personality self and shadow self). <3 <3 <3 Barbara/reunitingall

  7. Love and gratitude.

  8. Soon in spanish :

    Blessings, Shanti

    1. There I s already in Spanish just click the translation button in the middle of this page.


    I was inspired to go to the beach to a place that looks so similar to this beautiful painting. You can see what I saw by viewing the youtube video at the link above. It's the most gratifying video I've ever shot.

    Your paintings are truly inspirational. Thank you.

  10. Tks sooo much for all the info....I somehow feel very far away still of your reality earth wise as I live in Algarve Portugal as well the connection that you have with our Galatic brothers, I hope than land near by I will be there....Namaste Love Light MLuiza

  11. Thank you so much, Dr. Sue! Since embarking on this journey, it's been brought to my consciousness that every night I am being brought onto the silicon spaceships, and also during my deepest meditations.

    Learning to use a tiny golden vacuum cleaner to clean out my aura and my chakras as the violet flame transmutes all of darker energy, sweeping me into this next phase of the journey, remembering to love myself along with all of creation.

    And the blessings being returned are tenfold. We are so lovingly provided for.

    A'ho Mitakuye Oyasin. We are all related.

    Thank you so much for all you do! I love you, rainbow blessings of love to you and yours, beloved teacher of the Light.

  12. The word Silicon above is an autocorrect transmission, please excuse that.

  13. Thanks love your blog .peace

  14. Hello Suzanne 😊 My name is Britton, and I am an Arcturian Contactee. I love your work and have been following it since I was urged to read "The Arcturian Corridor" in a reading I received a few years back. I became a Contactee this summer. The reason I am writing you is that one of your recent post, titled, "The Landings" you drew a picture of a ship just above the ground near a winding road and some mountains. (With the exception of a couple small/minor details) I was totally floored when I saw your drawing and the title because when I met the Arcturians last summer, it was *very much like your drawing*. I am sure it is the Arcturians I am in contact with. πŸ’›⭐️ I felt compelled to connect with you since I saw the post. I'm not sure how you will receive this attempt to connect with you, and I totally respect your desires, whatever they may be, in reciprocation of this message. Really, it's just a "Hello!" And that your drawing blew mind mind in our mutual love with the Arcturians. Blessings to you, in your wonderful work! I thank you!! πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸ™

  15. Dear Britton, I do not have your email to contact you.

  16. Thank you Susan! Thank you Arcturians! Love# Peace# Joy# Light

  17. As I read or listen to these words from Arcturians, my body begins to vibrate. I feel the love that is present. Thank you Suzanne. Blessings always, Vicki Edwards Australia.

  18. Dear Suzanne,
    You are really Blessed...
    I like your messages from Arcturians !
    Love,Light & Blessings with Peace !!


    1. This page already has a translate button.

  20. Sue! I had the most amazing experience. I visited a ship while doing automatic writing. I met with many beings who knew me so well and I truly felt like home. It was the most beautiful experience and your guidance and webinars have truly helped my advancements in developing such connections. Perhaps I will see you on the ship Sue, I'll be looking out for you!!! Blessings, Karen

  21. Thank you! I love you ❤️ May you be blessed with Infinite Love, Abundance, Wellness and JOY! ♥️