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The Journal #7--An Unexpected Gift & Free Chakra E-Book Download

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The Journal #7

An Unexpected Gift


When Lisa finished the message about receiving money from her mother, she did not know if she was sad or angry. Perhaps it was a combination of the two, much like her entire life. Fortunately, before she had any emotion at all, she took the two pages out of the journal and folded them neatly into her robe.

Did that mean that her mother was right, and she should not trust Bruce? Or, maybe it meant that she had enough wisdom to tell me to hide the note and find out for myself. With the note tucked safely into her pocket, she put down the journal and stood up to go into the kitchen and get some tea. She was so deep in thought that she almost bumped into Bruce.

“Hey,” he said as he put his arm around her. “Why did you get up?”

“Oh, I had a weird dream that I cannot even remember and couldn’t get back to sleep,” she lied. “I thought I would read the Journal a bit, but decided that I needed some tea first.”

“Forget the tea, just come back to bed with me,” Bruce said lovingly.

“OK,” she said reluctantly. She had just started to trust Bruce, but now this letter from her mother made her doubt him again. Her mother was not a warm and cozy mom, as even she had admitted, but she was almost always right with her predictions.

She was surprised that she fell right back to sleep and woke several hours later. Bruce was no longer in bed. She instinctively reached for her robe to find that the note from mother was still in place, but was it folded differently? She was just getting out of bed and putting on the robe when Bruce walked in.

“Hi babe, I had to call and make sure the kids got off to school OK. I have kind of taken to this primary parent role.”

Why was it that that sentence sent a chill down Lisa’s back? Now she doubted him again. It felt much nicer when that doubt was gone. But since it was back Lisa hid the note while Bruce was in the shower and went to the other bathroom to take a bath.

“Lets walk to the cute restaurant for breakfast. Then we can come back and read more of the Journal. Tomorrow we can go home, as my mother needs to leave, and I must go back to work.”

Lisa nodded as if she agreed, but she knew she would not go back with him. She felt guilty that she had been away from her kids for so many days, but she had to figure this whole thing out alone. She would find a reason to stay later.

They had a nice walk and a good meal. When they returned, Bruce went right to the couch and sat down. Lisa sat next to him, but it did not feel the same as it had just the night before. She was deep in thought about her mother’s note and almost forgot that Bruce was sitting next to her.

“How could Mom juggle her life on the Ship and still stay attached to this one?” Lisa wondered out loud.

“What do you mean her life on the Ship?” asked Bruce.

“Well, the Jaqual story was all about ships, right?” stammered Lisa, as she got the Journal off the table and handed it to Bruce. “Are you reading or am I?” she said trying to sound calm.

Bruce silently took the book and began to read. The next message was from a group that they had not ever heard of.

Greeting from A.C.E.A.
We are: “All Consciousness of Earth’s Ascension.”

We are the group consciousness of fifth dimensional Earth. We call ourselves ACEA because the combination of these four letters has the highest resonance.  We represent the grounding of fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness into the matrix of third and fourth dimensional Earth. We are always in search of another conscious member. 

We say “conscious” because EVERYONE on the planet has a fifth dimensional self and EVERY fifth dimensional being of Earth is a member of ACEA. ACEA is not a club which one has to join. ACEA is a resonance, translated into a word, which represents the combined consciousness of fifth dimensional Earth. On the fifth dimension there is no other way.

All consciousness is joined in conscious communication at all times, much like you are now becoming joined with your cell phones and other communication devices. Just as you are individuals, we too are individuals. However, we do not need cell phones or any other mechanical devices to commune and communicate with each other.

Let us take you on a journey to the fifth dimensional Earth. Yes, we feel your confusion because some writings talk about the “forming fifth dimensional Earth.” But, of course, you know that it is the lower dimensions that are formed from the higher ones; not the other way around. Therefore, the fifth dimension has been in existence since before the existence of the third and fourth dimensions. We are aware that you must continue with your day.  We shall return when you are ready to communicate with us further.

Until then,
Greetings from ACEA

Greetings from ACEA, 
Yes, we do exist. We are real. We say this to you because you have not returned to this Journal since our last communication. We are happy to see that you have returned to further communicate with us. Allow us to tell you more about ourselves.

We are representatives of the Brother and Sisterhood of Light with whom you have been connected for many of your decades. We communicate with you, and many others from the higher dimensions via the inner planes of reality. We are different from “aliens” in that all of us have earth bodies.

We are, however, also “alien” because we all have been able to connect with at least some of our “off world” personas that simultaneously live on the higher dimensions of other planets and starships. We are pleased that you have found time to join us again.

We will now take you on a tour of fifth dimensional Earth. As we have told you before, fifth dimensional Earth has always existed. Creation travels from the higher dimensions down into the lower. Therefore, if there is a third dimensional Earth, than there has to be a fifth dimensional Earth. 

Our task is to consciously connect the two worlds. There is a fourth dimension between the third and fifth dimensions which some call the Astral Plane. We, however, lump the Astral Plane with the Physical Plane. When we speak of conscious connection with the two worlds, it is actually three worlds: physical (third dimension), astral (fourth dimension), and the fifth dimension. 

We call fifth dimensional Earth, Gaia, because Gaia is the Soul Name for Earth. The Soul of Earth is fifth dimensional just as the Souls of all of Her inhabitants. Therefore, whenever we refer to Gaia, we are referring to fifth dimensional Earth. We think we have all of the introductions taken care of except to remind you that we are a Group Consciousness. This is why we refer to ourselves as “we.” 

You are automatically a portion of that “we” because you are able to consciously communicate with us. There is no initiation or ritual needed to enter our group. All you have to do is be consciously aware of our presence and interact with us in whichever way you prefer. 

If your creative force flows most naturally through writing, then that would be your avenue of expression.  Others may communicate with us and ground the force of our fifth dimensional energy through dance, music, art, etc. Are you ready now for our journey to the fifth dimension?

Actually, we are not going to journey to the fifth dimension. Instead we are going to bring the fifth dimension to you.  We will start with your room. As you look around your fifth dimensional room, see that it is the same but subtly different. Yes, that is a waterfall in the corner, and those are real flowers growing around it.

All of us in the fifth dimension create living space exactly as we wish. We often fill our living space with running water, plants, birds, and animal life. We choose to have music softly enhance the melody of the waterfall. We do not need a bathroom because we don’t need to eliminate or bathe in this dimension. 

As you turn the corner into the next room, you will see a lovely, clear pond with warm or cool water, depending on your needs. Observe how the waterfall flows into the crystal clear pond. There are also many lovely ferns that grow naturally along the waterfall and the pond. 

Just above the pond is a reflective surface. Look into it now and see your fifth dimensional body.  Isn’t it lovely?  This form is a “lightbody,” which is usually sparkling white and/or golden. Do see and feel the light emanations flowing from this body? Your fifth-dimensional body is about the same shape as your earth vessel, except taller. You are also a bit leaner, but it is difficult to tell since your aura is a continuation of your body and expands or contracts according to your activity. 

When you are traveling the inner path to the higher worlds your aura is smaller because you are in “inflow” and pulling the light into you. When you are in “outflow” and radiating the light outward from you for healing or creating, which are the same thing in this world, your aura becomes so large that it is difficult to locate your body within the glow of your aura.

We will stop for now. First, concentrate on grounding one small area of the fifth dimension into your body and your life. It is best to choose the area in which you meditate for that will have the highest resonant frequency. Every time you enter your meditation room, practice seeing your fifth dimensional world. When it becomes natural for that room to appear fifth dimensional, you can begin to transmute more areas of your life.

We await our next communication with the Joy of Union.

“WOW,” said Lisa. “I wish I could have those kinds of experiences.

“So do I,” said Bruce.

However, even though they were sharing a beautiful experience, just a whisper of doubt in each other was enough to diminish Lisa’s feelings of intimacy. Of course, she did not talk about this, as that was more intimate than she could be while holding doubt.

Greetings from ACEA,
Dear Beverly, we see that you have integrated our last messages and are ready for more. Hence, we return within your NOW to instruct how to use the powerful force of your imagination to perceive the fifth dimensional expression of your reality. Know that this dimension of reality INFINITELY exists within your world, but your 3D thoughts and emotions and have taught you NOT to believe your fifth-dimensional imagination.

The first rule to perceive your fifth dimensional reality is:

The second rule is:
The third rule is:

Now, let us look again at your fifth dimensional world.
Close your eyes first and see your fifth dimensional world with your mind… 
Believe in this world… 
Love this world… 

Open your eyes and again look at your third dimensional room with your 3D eyes. Simultaneously, look at the fifth dimensional world with your fifth dimensional mind. Believe in the vision of your multidimensional mind. Love that vision with your high heart.

Do you see again the waterfall? Can you hear it flow into the lovely flower-surrounded pool? The waterfall is made of waters of light that radiate fifth-dimensional colors and tones as they fall on the crystal rocks. This pool responds to your thoughts and can be warm or cool, still or churning, depending on what you desire. 

The view out of your window, which is directly next to you, is of beautiful redwood trees or the ocean, again depending upon your desire. Your desk and computer is your communication center where you can contact any starship, star system, or other earthlings. 

If you go into a meditative state, you can also connect telepathically. Gradually, the fifth dimensional world will no longer be a realm to imagine, it will be the place where you/we live. Your transition is gradual so that you can slowly release your thoughts of limitation and feelings of fear. 

At first, our fifth dimensional world will flicker in and out of you awareness.  As long as you are able to remain calm and detached from the third and fourth dimensional dramas around you, you will experience a moment of calm joy. Within that moment, the fifth dimension can appear. 

For as long as you can maintain your higher state of consciousness, the lens to your inner eye will allow you to click into the fifth dimension. You will continue what you are doing except that you will do it in a higher dimensional manner.  For example, if you are eating and click into the fifth dimension, you will find yourself in a correlate fifth dimensional location.

This fifth dimensional location will subtly change your experience. Since there is no need to eat on the fifth dimension, you will instead be nourishing yourself in a fifth dimensional way. For example, if you are eating with friends or family, instead of putting food into your mouths, you will be able to feel the nourishing experience of sharing Light with loved ones. 

If you are alone, you may instead be meditating and/or moving your form in a creative and joyful way. Or you may simply be breathing in the spirit that is within the Light of the fifth dimensional world. We capitalize the word “light” here because fifth dimensional Light is very different from third dimensional light. 

Light on the fifth dimension is alive with consciousness and can change forms with your desire or with its function. For example, the waters of light on the fifth dimension appear to be fluid, which is actually liquid light. Liquid Light can take any form to appear as water, land, sky, flowers, animals, humans, etc. These waters of light bring into your system a form of nourishment, and you can swim “underwater” for as long as you desire.

When beings first come to the fifth dimension, they usually need to “eat” until they can believe that nourishment is free and automatic and that they do not need to hold any intention towards eating. The need to partake of another life form, whether it is animal or plant, is one of the most difficult changes for new arrivals.

“Fear of survival” is a base program that is established for all third-dimensional life forms. If you did not have fear of survival, actually fear that you will not survive, you would not take the necessary precautions to continue your physical existence. This “survival program” is very difficult to override, even when your body is no longer three-dimensional.

Now allow us to tell you how to enter our world. Joy and peace is the state of consciousness that is necessary to access our reality. Much like one has to choose a number to receive a radio station, you must choose a state of consciousness to access our fifth-dimensional reality. 

To expand your consciousness enough to enter our world, you need to detach from the fears and dramas of your physical life. Of course, you cannot deny what is happening around you because it is real.  What you must do instead is to see the higher dimension of those lower frequency realities. 

Just as you have been instructed to see your higher dimensional room, you will begin to see the higher dimensions of every aspect of your personal life and of the world around you. For example, let us look at politics. Allow yourself to see the higher dimensional aspects of that conflict, whether it is bombings, famine, or political unrest. Do you see the peace, unity and love that is being sent down into the third dimensional darkness?

Whenever there are great numbers of deaths, there will be many beings crossing over into the fourth or fifth dimension. Many people’s beliefs are so entrenched in the third dimension that they “believe” they must go through a physical death in order to accept a new reality. Therefore, for them, it is true. 

Some people are able to believe that they can experience the higher dimensions without dying, but they believe that they must go through a symbolic death first. Therefore, that is true for them. In the third dimension you have the belief that death is leaving life, but to us in the fifth dimension, death is returning to life.

Because the consciousness of the masses is quickly shifting, there will be political unrest.  As each person changes their personal consciousness they will wish to change the group consciousness, as well. The fifth dimensional correlate of politics is a harmonious and united group consciousness. Once there is truly a united, group consciousness, an external government is no longer necessary. 

As each person embraces Unconditional Love and moves into the fifth dimension, they will have complete rule over their own lower, selfish urges.  No external system of rule is necessary when all members of the society can rule themselves. Furthermore, reality is instantly created by your own thoughts and emotions. If you do not wish to share the experiences of those around you, you simply change your mind by calibrating your consciousness to a higher frequency.

Another component of fifth dimensional manifestation is that “Love Creates.” Love your self, your activity (whether it is paying a bill or meditating), love what you desire and you will manifest it in your reality. Remember, everything you perceive in the third dimension is a product of the illusion that has been created by the group hologram in which you live.

When you change your personal hologram, you will connect with others who also wish to live within that hologram. You will then serve as a model to others who are wishing to change their hologram.

This ends our transmission for today.  Please remember to carry us in your awareness and feel our love. If you can remember to keep the fifth dimension alive in your mind, then you will manifest it in your life. 



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