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An Unexpected Visit from Mytre--by Mytre the Pleiadian

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An Unexpected Visit from Mytre

By Mytre the Pleiadian

Dear Mytre, I am so very happy to have you return into my consciousness. In fact, I am so overjoyed that I can only cry with love and gratitude that you have chosen to come to me again. So much has occurred since your first visit, and I am happy to have you here so that I can thank you so very much from the core of my heart.

Suzille, yes, we are also very happy to meet with you again as well as with all your wonderful friends who have read our story. Of course, that story is YOUR—the members of Gaia’s Earth—story. We, for I speak from my Lightbody SELF. Would you like to see me in this body?


MYTRE—Then close your eyes and type what your see with your third eye. You see the Bridge of your beloved Ship, don’t you?


M—Are you able to contain your emotions now Suzille?

S—Barely, but I will pull myself together so that you can continue.

M—Actually, Suzille, as well as all who receive our message—we wish that you allowed yourselves to “fall apart”. By that we mean that we wish that you all allow yourselves to, as you would say, go back to the ones and zeros. We do mean that literally. However we do not mean the ones and zeros of your holographic earth vessel, as well as the ones and zeros of your holographic earth vessels.

Gaia is transcending beyond Her third and fourth dimensional, holographic habitat zones. Just as you, the members of humanity, have holographic zones for your third dimensional self, so does Gaia. Gaia is ready to return to Her pure, Lightbody self that offers a fifth dimensional habitat zone.

 In other words, the third and fourth dimensional habitat zones are in the process of release. These zones will be relocated to another planet in another galaxy. Those who are unable to release their essence from the holographic projection they have been wearing for their myriad adventures on Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional habitat zones, will re-locate with those lower dimensional habitat zones.

Gaia’s fifth dimensional-and-beyond habitat zones will still be available for those who can expand their consciousness enough to adjust their perceptions to the fourth and fifth dimensions. This shift into higher dimensional habitat zones is what is known to humanity as ascension.

The third dimensional habitat zone will be released first, and the fourth dimensional habitat zone will serve as an “in-between” zone that will simultaneously exist around Gaia, as well as around its new home. Eventually, the fourth dimensional habitat zone will be fully relocated to the other planet, and Gaia will be fully in the splendor of Her Light-Planet SELF.

We, your Galactic and Celestial Family, are focusing our attention/consciousness into the heart of Gaia, so that we can assist all who are prepared to make this shift into your human Lightbody. Please know that no disasters are necessary, as the lower dimensional zones will still be available to those who are not prepared to leave the third/fourth dimensional Wheel of Life and Death.

Humanity will experience this event in the manner that is consistent with their state of consciousness. Those whose consciousness can only resonant to the Beta Waves of the third dimensional zone will be offered many fourth dimensional “dreams” to assist them to awaken.

On the other hand, all life that has aligned themselves with Earth, such as the plant, animal, and insect kingdom will follow Gaia’s lead and Flow into the habitat zone of Gaia’s choice. This group includes humans who deeply love Gaia and live in alignment with Her planetary needs.

Therefore, there will be many humans who will make this shift without any awareness that it is occurring. Instead, they will notice that life is becoming increasingly better and better. They will likely believe that this improvement is because of a social issue, rather than a planetary issue.

This shift of habitat zones will be unconscious to many humans, but if their resonance allows them to perceive the shift, they will find reasons for the improvement of life on Earth that are consistent with their belief system.

There is no concept of “good” or “bad” in the fifth dimensional habitat zone because that zone is free of all polarity. Because many humans will still need to live within some version of polarity, the fourth dimensional habitat zone will remain bi-located on both Gaia and the other planet for as long as Gaia can contain that low frequency around Her being.

Gaia is releasing the restraints of the third dimensional zone because it has been VERY damaging to Her health. She is a loving planetary Mother and has tolerated Her destructive children as long as possible. However, her body cannot heal with the constant negativity and destruction to Her form that the third dimensional habitat zone has created. Furthermore, Gaia’s “tour of duty” is coming to its closure.

There have been other “timelines” (times that were predicted by awakened humans) in which She could have released Her third dimensional habitat zone. However, because so many of her human life forms would not have been able to translate their consciousness to that dimension, Gaia waited.

Dear Gaia waited to release that third-dimensional habitat zone in hopes that, eventually, these humans would be able to perceive their planet in Earth’s higher dimensional splendor.

Because Gaia was not willing to release so many of her children, she chose to keep that lower zone open for as long as possible. The truth is that it was always meant to be a “temporary grounding zone,” which was much like a “landing pad.”

However, Gaia became so deeply injured by the events during the Atlantis cycle, that the consciousness of many of her humans fell into the third dimensional habitat zone. This zone was meant to be a place for evolutionary beginnings.

In this evolutionary zone, the elementals could play with the energy fields of that zone to create myriad versions of plants and animals. These plants and animals all lived in unity consciousness and knew that they were ONE with the entire planetary system. Even the early “primitive” humans lived in unity consciousness with the planet.

Unfortunately, Gaia with Her loving spirit allowed laggards from other planets who could not ascend with their own planet, as well as visitors from other planets who lived by the laws of  “power over others,” to enter Her third dimensional habitat zone.

These laggards and visitors with power-over consciousness had such a low state of consciousness that they could not even perceive Gaia’s fourth and fifth dimensional habitat zones.

Gradually, the energy field of the laggards and the “power over others” began to dominate Gaia’s evolutionary habitat zone. Then, that which once resonated to the “Garden of Eden” format of unconditional love increasingly fell into a 3D zone of polarity.

Those early immigrants to Earth are still found within many of the ruling systems of Earth. Because their consciousness is so low, they are unable to even conceive of “ascension into a higher reality.”

However, they have used their “technology” to look into a possible future in which they could not participate. Hence, they have been fighting against the relocation of life to the higher dimensional habitat zones.

Gaia has given them all the “time” she can give to allow these lost ones to transmute their energy fields into the higher frequencies. In fact, She has received a special dispensation so that they will NOT be able to move into Her fourth dimensional habitat zone and will need to continue their lessons on another planet.

These lost ones will not know that they have been relocated to another planet, as their total awareness is focused on the “power over others” that has ruled them for untold incarnations.

They will, of course, have an opportunity to shift their awareness away from power over others and into power within themselves. Those who are successful with that shift in their consciousness will be able to remain with Gaia’s adventure once they have allowed unconditional love to take a permanent resonance within their hearts.

On the other hand, all of Gaia’s elemental, plant, animal, and insect kingdoms will naturally flow into the fourth and/or fifth dimensional habitat zones. In fact, the fourth dimensional zone has many Mystery Schools in which humanity has studied for eons.

Humans often visit these “Mystery Schools” while they are in their fourth dimensional alpha wave consciousness of sleep or meditation. Thus, Gaia’s fourth dimensional habitat zone has been opened for humanity to visit while in their alpha wave consciousness.

However, because of the fear in the many humans of their dimensional life, they have only been able to visit while in that higher state of consciousness or after the expiration of their physical form. The fourth dimensional zone has been primarily used as a “cycle” of the “Wheel of Life and Death.”

Gaia is happy to announce that her fourth dimensional habitat zone has merged with her third dimensional habitat zone. However, Her “lower astral plane” has remained in place to weed out those who still live within the power-over format.

The Lower Astral Plane lies “in-between” Her third and fourth dimensional habitat zones. In order for any of Gaia’s humans to resonate to their fourth dimensional frequency of consciousness, as well as that frequency of perception, they must create a tunnel of light and love through the dark effluvia that has collected around Gaia’s aura.

Every Being that creates that tunnel of light through the lower astral plane is greatly assisting Gaia to allow more multidimensional light to flow into planetary SELF. It was no mistake that that dark zone surrounds Gaia. In fact, the ones who wanted power over Gaia purposefully created that lower astral zone.

The lower astral zone is NOT a habitat zone. Instead, it is a barrier created by the lost ones so that the beings within the third dimensional habitat zone would have difficulty entering the fourth dimensional habitat zone. This lower astral serves like a “smoke screen” to trap beings in the third dimensional illusions of polarity and separation.

To create that zone they created myriad wars, conquests, and immense cruelty so that they could create FEAR. The lower astral zone is the zone of fear. Of course, in their arrogance, they did not consider that they would become trapped in that zone because of their own lower states of consciousness.

Gaia asks now that all beloved children create a tunnel of light through their own fear. In this manner, they will create a tunnel of light through the collective fear of ALL their incarnations.

We, the Galactics, are also serving Gaia in this manner. We have come into the zone between the third and fourth dimensional habitat zones to assist humanity to clear it. We say “assist humanity” because Gaia is a planet of free will and cause and effect.

Therefore, humans must choose to assist Gaia with the clearing of the lower astral plane, not because of the selfish, personal reason of their own ascension, but for the unselfish, planetary reason of responding to Gaia’s request.

Because Gaia is a cause and effect planet, and humanity is the primary cause of the lower astral plane, humanity must be the ones to clear it. However, if humanity asks us, their Galactic Family to assist them in clearing Gaia’s lower astral plane, we can assist.

In fact, with our technology, we could instantly clear it. However, if humanity does NOT take responsibility for creating that plane with their fear, as well as learning how to gain mastery over their fear, the lower astral plane will be created again.

Do you understand now why the humans who live within the power over Others consciousness are trying to frighten you? Do you see now why they have created a constant state of some war occurring in one or more places?

Most important, do you see now how VERY important YOU ARE?

You, the humans of Earth, have the ability to clear the one barrier left between you and your return to your fifth dimensional habitat zone of Lightbody. If you ask us, your Galactic Family to assist, we can assist.

However, if you continue to react to life with fear and anger, our assistance will be much like cleaning off your freeway. Within hours that freeway will be just as dirty as it was before cleaning it.

Therefore YOU, the members of humanity, need to clear the lower astral plan because YOUR fear created it. Yes, you had very good reasons for fear. The dark ones created wars and supported both sides, so that they could make MONEY. If you knew how much the dark ones manipulate your consciousness every day and in every way, you would be enraged.

Therefore, we will not tell you. Rage is a version of fear and will only serve the very “power over” format that we are asking you to clear. However, we will and DO ask you to send these lost ones UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

When you send unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, and don’t forget the Violet Fire, to the powers of darkness you actually transmute their cellular structure into a higher frequency. They, the core members of this ancient group, are terrified that you will transmute them in this manner.

They are terrified because, deep, deep inside they know that YOU have the power to rise above their power over indoctrinations. You see, when you send unconditional love and violet fire to that which causes you fear (and fear’s best friend—anger), you will resonate beyond the dark one’s perceptual field.

In other words, your consciousness will resonate to a frequency beyond the lower astral plane. By shifting your individual consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional dimensions, you create a “Bridge of Light and Love” over, under, around and through the lower astral plane.

This Bridge of Light is not a structure. It is a state of consciousness in which you refuse to participate in the third dimensional illusion of Power Over Others.”

What if all the humans who remember their SELF joined together as ONE and created a Bridge of Light and Love over, under and through ALL fear/darkness?

What if YOU remembered everyday to create a Bridge of Light and Love over, under and through ALL fear/darkness?

What if you gathered in groups all over the world to create this Bridge?

The answer to all these questions is the same: YOU would GREATLY assist Gaia by clearing the lower astral plane that was created by human fear. Dear volunteers to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia, WE ask that you create small groups all over the world.

Once these groups are created you can gather, in person or virtually via your computers, to work specifically with “The chosen place or places on Gaia” of each group to:

1.     Transmute the lower astral plane with the power of your unconditional love and violet fire.
2.     Work directly with the Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to assist them to accept and integrate the higher light of the fifth dimensional habitat zone.
3.     Share your experience with others around the Earth to create an energy field of:
Unconditional Love
Unconditional Forgiveness
Transmutation of the Violet Fire

These energy fields of Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness and Violet Fire encircling Gaia’s Globe will be protected and maintained by the members of each group to assist Gaia to:
·      Create Unity Consciousness with the group and with Gaia
·      Clear Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane
·      Empower and transmute ALL planetary life at an elemental level

Once the elementals, who are the building blocks of all physical life, are unconditionally loved and transmuted, they will spread that gift to ALL physical matter.

“How do we do that?” I hear you asking. We, the Pleiadians will give you the same answer that our friends the Arcturians would give:

“We don’t know because YOU have not created it YET.”

We, the Pleaidians and all your Galactic and Celestial Family are here NOW to assist you. All you need “do” is ask for our assistance and we joyfully join you.

This project is one of collaborative creativity. Once we use our own creativity, our consciousness instantly transmutes into fourth-dimensional Alpha wave consciousness.

Then when we work together as ONE being with each other and ONE being with Gaia, our consciousness will expand into the NOW of the ONE of our Theta and Gamma wave fourth/fifth dimensional consciousness.

I look forward to seeing what WE create as ONE Inter-planetary Being.

Want to learn more about Mytre the Pleiadian (Commander in the Ashtar Command)? Check out the message he shared with me before I wrote the Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension book series. I also encourage you to check out A New Home (Book 1 in the series) which introduces Mytre and Mytria as Divine Complements from the Pleiades who are one of the higher expressions of Suzille (Suzanne.)  

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    truth shall set us free

  2. dearest Mytre

    we are grateful and we thank your daughter Alicya
    for her service in the alcyone violet flame temple too..........

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  4. om blessings
    when i knew i had to be a founder and PROTECTOR of a 4for gaia team i felt honored and blessed ,and so it is being now more and more
    this practice has linked me also with gaia's MULTIDIMENSIONAL CORE
    offering to me/US an immense boost ignition to manifest our real identity..
    i have no 3D words to explain the glory of such a practice and th worlds it has and is opening to me .

  5. Thank you, Mytre and Sue, wonderful message and I hear you. I am part of a 4 for Gaia Team and we have been working tirelessly together for many years to build as much of the Bridge as we are able. We love this work, even if, and I'm smiling here, we don't quite know what we're doing! And we always ask for assistance from our Galactic Family. Love, A.

  6. when and how have you met this Practice ?though already active in subtlerealms also for gaia
    i found it 2 or3 years ago
    and i share i know what iam doing

    1. We can learn from one another. I am desperately seeking like minded beings as myself. It is nice 2 know that we are not alone. I am eagered 2 learn and know more!!! All my information on this topic I gathered from within. It's like this celestial being is working through me "channeling", & assisting me on raising my "frequency" vibrations 2 higher consciousness... I love this feeling and excited 2 learn more about spiritual awakening!!!! :)

    we are starting in a few days a new 4 FOR GAIA TEAM
    do you feel like doing a 1 months try then we see'? we need 2 female embodied and 1 male

    alex ashton

  8. I've been doing this exercise continually since I read this - What a great thing! <3

  9. This asking of small groups to come together and help Gaia out, has me thinking of this.I have been reading about the pipe ceremony and I was thinking could not this ritual that celebrates each direction and thus elements be uses as a violet fire type ritual.
    See the medicine pipe blesses all of life. East for air, south for fire, West for water, North for earth or mineral. Father Sky, Grandmother moon and sun. Could a sacred pipe ceremony be a way to bless the new Earth. Anyways just thinking out loud how could a group of people could use this ritual but maybe have a purple crystal at each direction. Something like that. Just thinking about group activities.
    Shamanically Blessed
    Sarah Shaver

    1. Dear Sarah
      You are correct in everything you said. We are starting our Webinar 9-11-15
      We will do all you said below—with the elements and four directions etc.
      Hope you can join us.

      In case the link does not work in the email, it is:

  10. No one can change the frequency of dimensions. It has been designed by a magnanimous energy more powerful than we will ever know. I was visited by Pleadeans back when I was a teenager on a farm in Bathurst, Australia. Since that time I have been shown many things, and met many entities from here and beyond our planet. Earths main function is to teach through karmic lessons and imbalances.
    In 1991 I had my first Ascension, the next time was 1993. What I have gleaned from my experiences is that most of the lesson is improving yourself. The Omniverse takes care of itself, it has for countless billions of years. There are two different types of energy, Lucerferic and Authentic. Depending on what soul age you are, and the chakra you are clearing. One must discern the energy, first stage of the spiritual warrior. We are moving into an unknown sector of the Galaxy, I hope we make it as a race. Rhati of the Ashtar Command, Earth Mission.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Thank you for your message. I am now confuse with the meaning of Ascension, could you explain what your experiences of Ascension were or mean, please? then is there a way to know the soul age and chakra being work on?
      With Gratitude and Love!

  11. Translation into Romanian at: