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Free Meditation Download & The Journal by The ONE with Many Names


UPDATE!Dear readers, the Arcturians have just shared a message with me (Wed., Aug., 19, 2015), and it follows:
"We need you NOW. What you have waited for is here NOW. We, your galactic and planetary family, ask you to REMEMBER who you truly are and open up the connection as you travel up to higher dimensions and down into the core of GAIA." ~ The Arcturians, August, 19, 2015

It's time to set your missions into motion and actively participate in planetary ascension. We begin our Answering the Clarion Call two-part webinar series this Saturday, August 22. See the full details regarding the hands-on workshops that will help you accept and utilize this important connection and information you receive from Home.  
~ Sue




“Fear is a messenger that is telling you to be aware and careful,” Beverly channels in her journal. “Without fear you could not survive in the third dimension where there are many dangers. Therefore, when I tell you my story, remember that fear is actually our friend. Fear’s purpose is to warn and protect. It is the memory and threat of fear that is the enemy. 

“If past fears cannot be released, they become a heavier and heavier burden. Also, if you do not trust that the appropriate warnings will come at the necessary time, then there is fear of the future. Fear from the past is the message that is gone and fear of the future is the message that has not yet arrived. 

“When you can live in total trust of and surrender to your Higher SELF, you be able to release all old fears into your higher vibrations where they can be transmuted back to light and love. You will also trust that all your warnings will be timely and lead you in the direction that will always afford you the greatest protection.

“We learned these lessons on Antares, and they are the lessons that allowed us to learn how to raise our vibration into our higher dimensional selves. Please remember that I am translating my words into English for you to better understand. Also, I am not of your timeline.

“Therefore, as I perceive you, I experience all of your lives in one package, like a book. I can look at any portion out of sequence, or even change the sequence of your life. It is the same manner in which you can perceive my life. This is why you have often felt confusion about the timelines of my Antarian life. 

“To your perception, I am in all these eras at once, and you can view any timeframe you wish. I am a young Lieutenant (your term) at the same moment that I am an older man.  Perhaps as you learn and remember more of our Antarian life you will be able to embrace my mode of multidimensional perception. Then you may even be able to remember and understand more Antarian concepts.”

“Did Jaqual just say “our” life meaning that my mother was there with him?” wondered Lisa out loud. “Oh, now I am talking to myself, just like mom used to do.” That concept frightened Lisa, as she was finding many ways in which she was like her mother. Should she continue reading like her mother said or just call the police? “Finish reading!” she said, pretending she was following her mother’s advice. Actually, she really wanted to know what the journal had to say.

~Beverly’s Journal~
“Dear Beverly, Jaqual here,” Beverly channels in her journal. “I wish to tell you now about our Temple of Remembering. The Temple of Remembering is where we return after our service to community is completed and we are ready to return to the higher dimensions of our world. Before we can enter the Temple we must go through a series of seven doorways with each one resonating to a higher frequency.

“There are seven doorways. When we can enter each doorway, we must cross the threshold and walk the hallway before that door. Each series of threshold, hallway and door is of a higher frequency, which emanates the next highest frequency color, vibration and tone.

“Each of the doorways represents a ‘life review’ for a different era of our life. In order to pass through each frequency of doorway we are called upon to transmute every lower dimensional experience of that era of our incarnation.

“In this manner, we experience an intimate life review through which we can transmute our fearful third-dimensional memories, thoughts, emotions and actions of each successive era of our life into fifth-dimensional unconditional love.

“Via the power of our unconditional love, we can transmute back to our true form of Lightbody. If we die in service to our people, we automatically move through all the doorways and onto the highest dimension.

“The first doorway is red and represents our early childhood.
The second doorway is orange and represents our coming of age.
The third doorway is yellow and represents our duty as a Spiritual Warrior.
The fourth doorway is green and represents our time mating and parenting.
The fifth doorway is blue and represents our transition from parent to leader.
The sixth doorway is indigo and represents the awakening of our higher perceptions.
The seventh doorway is violet and represents our transmutations back into Lightbody.

“I will now tell you of my journey through The Temple of Remembering. The first doorway is red and represents my early childhood. I will tell my story in the NOW, as that is how it lives within my consciousness.

“I am standing in front of the Door of the Temple of Remembering. I have always considered myself to be a very large man, even by Antarian standards. It is quite normal for a man to be eight feet tall and many of the women are seven or even eight feet tall, as well. 

“I am nine and a half feet (according to your earthly measurements) and always stand with my head above most crowds. However, as I stand before the Doors of Remembering at The Temple of Remembering I feel very small.

“There is a series of doorways without doors leading to the actual door. Each of these doorways emanates a different vibration. Therefore, each doorway is a different color and emits a different tone. 

“I feel a pull on my body as I stand before the first threshold. I have been instructed that as I cross each threshold and stand in the hallway before the next doorway, I will experience different lessons and challenges. These lessons and challenges need to be cleared and balanced before I can proceed to the next threshold.

“The first doorway is very close to your color red. As I cross the threshold I am flooded with the memory of my parents. I have not thought of them in many years. I see the brilliant violet eyes of my mother and the deep green of my father’s. I feel their dedication to me and know that they studied for many years in order to give me a body. 

“I perceive my infant self as I am just awakening to my third dimensional form. Everything is very red and orange and I am hearing the singing of my mother and the laughter of my father. I feel safe and totally surrounded by love. I can still remember the formless world from which I have just emerged. I miss the feeling of being ONE with everyone and everything, but I still feel safe because I am ONE with my parents. 

“Now my memory moves forward to the time when I am about four. I have been in a hard-shelled body (the word we use for our third dimensional form because our other forms are far more fluid) and have reached about six feet of height. On Antares we are independent of our parents at three years of age and gain our full adult bodies by the time we are seven years old. 

“I now live in one of the communal homes with the other children. There are certain adults who run these homes, but we are free to go anywhere in our community and spend time with anyone we please. My mother is an artist and spends much of her time on the fourth and fifth dimension but visits me often. My father comes to see me about once a year. He is a Priest in one of our temples assisting those who wish to enter the Temple of Remembering. 
“Suddenly, I feel my first experience of fear because I am remembering the attack of the Draconians on our small community. I was in the garden of my parents’ home visiting with my Mother.  She loved to visit with me there and was constantly educating me about the many beautiful flowers that grow on our planet. Mother’s dear friend, Alicia, had just left the garden to bring us some aboromium tea when we heard a horrible scream coming from the house. 

“Mother and I raced in to see what was wrong and found Alicia on the floor in a pool of blood. Two huge Draconian reptilian men stood over her. Mother ran to her friend’s side and one of the Draconians grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up to meet his eyes. I could not think or plan. I reflexively ran to my mother’s aid. I was much smaller than the Draconian warrior, and he laughed as I beat upon him to release my mother.

“I will never forget the laughter as the two men observed a boy trying to rescue his mother. Finally, the warrior became tired of this game and used my mother’s body to bat me away from him like a small insect.

“The other warrior then picked me up and threw me out of the window and into the garden. I will never understand why they did not come out to finish me off. Perhaps they thought I was dead. I’m sure that I must have looked dead. Both of my legs and one of my arms was broken.  The left side of my face was bashed in and I was covered with blood. I still have the scars over my left eye. When I finally regained consciousness everything was quiet and still.

“I dragged my body into the house with my one good arm and found my mother dead beside her friend. I can’t bear to think what they did to her. It was then that I swore I would be a warrior for as long as it took to seek revenge and find peace. I fear I cannot cross this first threshold of blood red before I release my need for revenge. Only then will I find my inner peace.  Perhaps, Beverly, you and I can seek that together. “

(Note from Beverly:
I was so sad and frightened by Jaqual’s story that I did not continue our communication. Instead, I went back to speak with Mytria.)

“I do not understand why Mom stopped communicating with Jaqual. I know I should go to sleep, but first I want to know what Mytria has to say.” Lisa muttered to herself.

The Journal
~My Return to Mytria~

“Dear Mytria,
It is Beverly here. I read Jaqual’s story about the death of his parent, and I was so upset that I stopped journaling him. How could I abandon him? Why am I so weak? Please assist me. I know I need more strength and courage. I also realize that in some weird way I do not want to get too close to him.

“I must admit that I am afraid to connect with a man who is on a different planet in a different solar system because I have not gotten over my husband leaving me. Please help me, Mytria. I need some strength. I have become so weak that I could not contact any of you in almost two years.

‘I must admit that they have been a very grim two years. Something snapped in me when I heard Jaqual’s story, and I stayed away from all my journaling. I went back to therapy, but I could not put my heart into it. Then I tried some meditation classes, which actually did help.

“In fact, I only have the courage to return now because I have been meditating for over an hour. I found that it was best for me to arise as early as possible, before the sun rises. Then I am in my chair, candles burning with soft music meditating as the day begins. The meditation regimen has been going on for maybe eight months now, so I have found the courage to return.

“I know that may sound silly to you. Why would I need courage to talk to wonderful beings such as you and Jaqual? You see it is not about you. It is about me. How can I be sure that I am not just crazy, or making you up as I go along? I don’t actually think I AM crazy, but I am driving myself crazy with all my doubts and self-judgment. Mytria, Please help me.”

Just as Beverly doubted her sanity, Lisa doubted hers. How could it be real that she just up and left her husband and children? She knew that she should call her family as soon as they were awake, but she was not sure if she would make that call. Lisa had always seen herself as a very responsible person who always did everything that her husband and children needed.

The house was cleaned, the family was fed, and she always got the kids ready for school, took them there, picked them up and helped them with their homework. She was a much better mom than her mother. She had tried not to think that about her own mother, but her true feelings just slipped out.

I was 5:00am now, so she would stay awake and keep reading so that she could call the kids at 7:00. She wondered how her husband was doing with getting them to bed and up in time to get ready for school. She had only been gone a few days, but it felt like several lifetimes.

Maybe she should talk to her husband this morning, she thought as she returned to the journal to find Mytria’s reply to her mother’s cry for help.

“My dearest Beverly,” Mytria wrote through Beverly’s hand. “Please know that all the challenges of your third dimensional life are simply glasses that create the projection of the 3D illusion known as physical life. Since you have called for me today, I believe you are ready for me to speak of my home in the Violet Temple of Alycone, Pleiades.

“Yes, my dear one, you do deserve and are now a member of that great hierarchy. I have come to remind you of that so you do not become lost in the day-to-day tasks of survival. Also, I do not want you to judge yourself because you feel you are not ‘good enough.’

“Your physical plane is coming into a great transformation. I have been sending you inner images of your/our life in the Pleiades, so that you can remember that reality is created by your state of consciousness. I also hear you thinking, “If I create my own life then why did I create a reality where there is only work and struggle?”

“My dear Beverly, You have judged yourself your entire life by the yardstick of your outside society. However, you constantly followed the call of your soul. That call did not lead you into focusing your attention on what society deemed as success. Now, you need to love yourself and love the life that you have created.

“See yourself now in the Violet Temple of Alycone. Yes, the first thing you see is yourself flying just above your Pleiadian home. It is small and made of crystal; it is filled with light and surrounded by beautiful trees. You could instantly beam to your home, but you enjoy the act of flying in your fifth dimensional form.

“As you enter your abode, you see that it is filled with beautiful flowers and plants. You have birds that fly throughout your home and another small animal that looks like a dog but walks on its hind legs and has opposing thumbs on its hands. We call them larnacks. They are loyal friends and enjoy domestic duties.

“Your larnack is not a servant but a dear friend. He enjoys what he does for you and you love each other greatly. As you go through your day, remember more and more about your abode and the personal life that you enjoy here in the Pleiades. I have focused on your personal life rather than the temple because that is the area of your life there that has the greatest challenges.

“You are now finding the line between denial and acceptance. You are discovering how to do the best you can do under the circumstances that you are in and accept the results as being beautiful. In other words, you are learning to live your life from our own point of view rather than from the perspective of your society.

“Now Beverly, go about your day and feel me inside of you. Know that one of your true selves is the flowing violet being that you see as me, Mytria. Remember that all your realities are created by your consciousness and that the challenges of your third dimensional life are simply glasses that create the projections of the illusion known as physical life.

“Enjoy your illusions. Soon they will be no more, and you will live in the reality of your true self. There is no time. Therefore, there is no hurry. You must be gentle with yourself. Do not add any more challenges to your life. You have had enough and soon even more will come on their own.”

“Oh no, not more challenges,” said Lisa, as if Mytria was speaking to her. Well, maybe they were all speaking to her. That is, her mother, Mytria and Jaqual. Lisa slammed the journal shut, put it on the nearby table and got up out of the chair. She went into the kitchen, trying to decide whether to have wine, coffee or tea.

Mostly, she just needed to get away from that book, her mother’s insane ramblings with unknown beings and, mostly, she needed to get away from the feeling that the people in journal felt very real and even familiar.

“No, that is not an acceptable thought,” she said as she shut the cupboard after getting a new wine glass. Lisa had to admit that she wanted the wine, even though it was still before dawn.

“This is not the time to think about that,” she said as she poured the wine. “I am here alone and there is no one to judge me. If I want this wine, I will take it,” Lisa loudly declared to herself, as she returned to the journal.

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