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The Journal #4--Meeting Jaqual by the ONE with Many Names

Part 4
Meeting Jaqual


Dear Journal,
Before I continue with my journal, I wish to speak a bit about how this process has changed me so far. As you can see from the dated messages, I began receiving these messages many years ago. However, I stored them away in the depths of my computer and kept them as a secret, even from myself.

When I began the process of collecting these messages from their various hiding places, something started to shift inside of me. I had to keep these communications away from my husband, who unfortunately I still love, and my daughter who I will always love. They both have abandoned me, or did I push them away?

As I read these messages it is as if it is the first time I ever saw them. How could I forget something as important as messages from a higher world? Actually the question is how could I forget myself. I see now that these messages are like life’s blood to me, yet I stashed them away for the approval of a husband and daughter who both left me for a better life.

Now, I realize how alone I have felt since I made the choice to hide my true SELF in the hopes to hold onto love from another. Perhaps my own inner conflict tainted my love for my family. Something did, as they left. They left me alone with no one and nothing to do. I got the house free and clear from the divorce and enough inheritance from my parents that I do not need to work.

But I did need to work or slowly wither away of loneliness. So I found positions in hospitals, convalescent homes and nursery schools. Maybe they would accept my love, which they did. But they did not return it. It was not appropriate. I was not their family, but a substitute for the ones who had abandoned them.

I went on like this for several years until I finally pulled up these old messages in a desperate attempt to find meaning in my life. I was more than surprised to discover love. It was not personal, conditional love that was based on what I could do for them. No this was transpersonal, unconditional love based on what they could do for me.

As I re-read through the messages from Mytria, I felt such unselfish, sharing love that I felt ashamed. I realized that I had never given that kind of love to anyone. Not to my husband, my daughter or even the very old and very young that I thought I was helping. The reality was that I wanted them to help me.

 I was so busy looking outside of myself for love that I did not realize that all along I was receiving wonderful love from deep inside my own self. In fact, as I write these words, I feel the tears rolling down my face, but they are not sad tears. These are tears of joy and thanksgiving that after a lifelong search I am NOT alone.

My sorrow lies in the fact that this inner world was always with me, but I never recognized it. I guess that was because I never recognized myself.

As Lisa read her mother’s final comment, she too felt tears well up in her eyes. She also realized that it felt better to cry for someone else for a change rather than her own constant self-pity. In fact, Lisa missed her children for the first time, and back in the corner of her heart, she missed her husband.

“Enough of me,” she said as she reached for a tissue. “I want to find out more about this Jaqual person who is supposed to be some higher version of my father.”

Wiping her eyes, she turned her attention to the Journal.

Greetings, I am from Antares. We are in the constellation of Scorpio serving as the defenders of this quadrant. I, Capt. Jaqual, speak to you from the timeline of my warrior days. The energy fields of our home world in the star system of Scorpio are similar to the energy fields on the planet Pluto in your Star System.

You have heard our call today because it is time that you become conscious of my reality. Your reality has been very different than mine. I am a warrior here, but I have retired from active duty. I recently have entered the Temple where I can focus my attention on my inner life. 

My life exists in a different timeline than yours and I resonate in an entirely different area of space. For most of my life, I was too busy battling “the enemy” to deeply look inside.  I was a warrior for fifty of your Earth years. That seems like a long time to you, but we Antarians have much longer lives. We usually live about 150 to 200 of your earth years.

We on Antares are usually fifth dimensional, but the warriors and the parents resonate to the third dimension when “working” and go home to the fourth dimension. The parents bring their new life down from the higher dimensions to begin their “time in form” in the third dimension. 

We function this way so that our children will be strongly rooted in a physical form to be able to procreate and be protectors of our quadrant of space. It is similar to your salmon that leave their natural saltwater to spawn in the fresh water. Antares is a center for multidimensional awakening.

We keep our third dimensional reality alive and active even though we could all raise our frequency above it. The reason that we do so is because we first colonized this area to assist in protecting those around us, as well as your world, from the Orion Draconians. What the Draconians have mastered with technology we have mastered with our minds.

Since we serve as protectors, at least until the end of your Great Cycle, we have a strong warrior class. The leaders of our societies, as well as most of its citizens, resonate to the fourth and fifth dimension. Almost all of us, male and female, have spent at least 30 years in service as a warrior. I spent 50 years as a warrior, which is common only for the officers. Women are trained right along with men and are totally equal in all military actions.

On the other hand, men are not totally equal in the conception and childcare department.  One does not become a parent until after their service as a “protector” has been fulfilled.  We warriors use the word “protector” rather than “soldier.” We do not fight because we are told to or because we want to gain power and conquest. We fight only to protect our people and our way of life.

Not all people on Antares become parents. In fact, less than 10% actually mate and give birth. However, almost everyone is actively involved in the raising of the young.   Persons must go through a major initiation to become parents, much as is on Arcturus.  However, we do not choose parents by aura color, as they do on Arcturus, but rather by initiation. 

The initiation for parenthood takes three years. One must be a master in multidimensional awareness before they can be a parent. This mastery is best described by saying that a master can expand their vibration from the third to the seventh dimension of Oversoul. Also, they are able to open the channel to consciously be aware of all of these dimensions at once. 

This expansion of consciousness and awareness is a great feat and the reason why only 10% of our people are parents. In order to become a parent, two harmoniously matched Souls raise their vibration into the Oversoul and invite a spark of life to enter our Antarian world. They then “walk” that spark down through each dimension and “plant” him/her in the female’s third dimensional form. 

The Temple that I will soon enter is the one which teaches us to be parents. I feel that since I have taken so many lives that it is my best service now to bring in a new one.  Couples usually only have one child. It takes three years to prepare (only 30% of those who enter the initiation complete it) and then another three years to “walk” the Soul down into the third dimension. 

Then for three more years, the parents completely dedicate themselves to the raising of the child. At the end of that three-year cycle the child has become an adult and joins the society.  They usually study for about 30 years and then join the military. As you can see, most parents are about sixty years old before they are able to begin the process of preparing for parenthood. 

However, since all parents have mastered multidimensional awareness, they usually live to be at least 300 years old. Some live to be 400. The last hundred years of their lives is usually spent in assisting others to become multidimensional. Once one is multidimensional, “death” is just a change of octaves.

There are, of course, others who die in battle, but this gives them a boost to at least the sixth dimension. Their lives are shorter, but their journey into the seventh dimension is easier. In our world, all individuation processes, or individual lives as you would say, originate in the seventh dimensional Oversoul. 

We are asked to leave the Oversoul by our parents when we are “sparks of light.” Then we must return to the Oversoul before we can again take another incarnation on Antares or an Arcturian world or Starship. The Arcturians and Antarians realities are both multidimensional in nature.

We both focus on assisting people, planets and star systems to embrace their multidimensional essence to ascend back to their Oversoul SELF. Those who find this process of raising their vibration back into the seventh dimension too difficult often incarnate on other planets and star systems. They may also choose a different version of reality for a variety of experience.

(Note from Beverly:
Almost three months passed before our next communication. I cannot remember why I stayed away. In 1997 I doubted myself and wondered if I was a bit crazy.)

“Dear Captain Jaqual,” Beverly writes in her journal. “I am Beverly. I have not connected with you for a while, but I would love to connect with you now. I was feeling you today while I was working out. I heard that you could assist me in being a warrior.

“After reading your last message, I realize that you can greatly assist me in my process of becoming multidimensional. I do not think there is any Temple on Earth to teach me those things. Perhaps you could share with me what you are learning in your temple experience.

“Dearest Beverly,” Beverly channels Jaqual’s answer. “I can definitely assist you with the mastery of your physical habits and programming. The ability to truly be multidimensional is what allows you to gain mastery of third dimensional issues and challenges. I can also assist you to rise above your fear.

“When one is able to raise their vibration to a dimension above their fear, they have begun their mastery training. That is part of the reason why my people have chosen to be warriors. A warrior must learn to face the fear inside of them. Once that fear is confronted and conquered, then they can raise themselves into their higher vibrational self.”

Jaqual’s final words about a warrior facing fear inside themselves struck Lisa like a splash of cold water. Suddenly Lisa realized that all her sadness and anger were actually fear. But, what did she have to be afraid of? Well, start with her husband leaving her for another woman, like her father left her mother for another woman.

Well, that was pretty redundant and very frightening. Then, what about her kids? Would her husband get the kids and she would be alone like her mother? Would she have to desperately write imaginary letters to a man on a different planet in a different star system? Talk about a long distance relationship!

What if her kids abandoned her like she had abandoned her mother? No, that would clearly be the worst scenario. But, had she even spoken to her kids since she “ran away from home?” How could she have been so angry or sad or maybe even scared, to treat her children in that fashion?

Of course, she came to her senses, in the middle of the night, so she could not call anyone. What was wrong with her? How could she be so selfish? How could she be so frightened? Maybe this Jaqual could help her out.

“Dear Jaqual,” Beverly writes in her journal, “I am Beverly returned to hear more from you. I have felt your call over the last couple of days, but avoided you because I was afraid you would talk about my mastering fear. I have always had a problem with facing my fear. I am ready now to totally release that “problem” and live in my courage.”

“This is getting spooky,” Lisa muttered to herself. “I did not see what mom wrote next as I was too wrapped up in myself. How can this be? How can these weird messages seem like they are addressed to me? Am I hallucinating or something? No, no! I am not going there now. It is just some kind of a coincidence. That is all it is.” She whispered as she continued to read the Journal.

“Dear Beverly,” Jaqual wrote in the journal, “I am happy to hear that you are now ready to BE the warrior that you have always been. You have been afraid because you were frightened as a very small child and were unable to communicate that fear to anyone or to ask for protection and comfort. That fear has maintained a hold on your unconscious for most of your life.

“As you now understand, everything that happened was part of your Divine Plan to awaken to the memory of your Higher SELF. If you had gotten the comfort that you needed in your physical world, you may not have gone deep down into your unconsciousness and high enough into your Higher SELF to find the protection and comfort that you needed.

“Now in these closing chapters of your adventure of taking earthly incarnations, you must clear your unconsciousness of unnecessary fear. We say ‘unnecessary’ because we do not want you to erase all fear. Fear in itself is not your enemy. Fear only becomes your enemy when the messages it has given you remains after fear’s purpose has been served.” 

“Now there was another message right to me.” Lisa scoffed. “Maybe I should be a big girl and just listen to what daddy Jaqual has to say.”

Was Lisa finally ready to look at herself? No, she avoided that thought and returned to reading the Journal.

Reading Light Language with our Chakras

Join this Series with the Arcturians who offer messages and meditations to assist you in expanding your consciousness into higher dimensions. This 3-Sesssion Course (2 hours each) will assist you to expand your consciousness into the 5th Dimension and beyond.

Many of you are beginning to perceive thought forms and energy packages. Your Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (kinesthetic) abilities are coming online. With all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive, receive and interpret Light Language.

In this manner, we (The Arcturians, the Elementals, Angels, & Beings from Inner Earth) will be able to speak to you via Light Language. When someone speaks to you in Light Language, it is a package of information that is whole and complete.

We will information for the general population, as well as specific information for you individually. This creates a leg up for you when you can perceive and commune with your own higher dimensional self.

Once you remember that innate skill that you ALL have, we ask that you gather with others who and commune with and perceive their higher dimensional selves. Then, when you enter our Arcturian Corridor, which is now encircling Gaia, you will create a collective energy field in which all your higher dimensional selves can bond in unity with each other and with all of your grounded expressions.

The Chakras are part of your interpretation of Light Language. Light Language has certain colors and tones. Each color and tone vibrates to a specific frequency of light. Since each of your chakras also vibrate to a specific frequency of light, you chakras will serve as an “alphabet,” and “translation device.”

Eventually, you will remember how to interpret Light Language through your Chakra System. We say, “remember” because this skill of communicating via your light body systems (your chakras) is common for your higher dimensional self.

Each chakra represents a certain area of your nervous system (spine and brain), your endocrine system, and a major nerve plexus. Your higher dimensional consciousness already received, interpreted and integrated within the NOW, beyond time.

When you come into alignment with your chakra systems, your consciousness instantly expands into higher frequency brainwaves. Then you don’t just “receive” and “translate” the Light Language, you simply plug into it, let go of your ego self, and “allow” the inter-dimensional to come into you.

This acceptance of light occurs many times through out your busy day. We are all in constant communication with our Higher SELF, but we get so lost in our 3D life that we become “unconscious” to the amazing Light Language message that flow into us on a regular basis.

The degree to which the chakras are balanced and in alignment enhances your consciousness and allows you to consciously perceive Light Language. Once you become adept as receiving Light Language, it will begin to come to you from higher and higher frequencies/dimensions.

“Reading” Light Language, actually means that you are choosing to consciously attend to certain bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts that you have learned to identify as a “MESSAGE FROM HOME.”

You will be “reading” your Light Language via higher frequencies than 3D words offer. In fact, Light Language arrives as “bundles of information.” Since you will absorb the information, rather than interpret it, you will BE what you have absorbed into yourself.

When you remember to consistently receive and surrender into these higher frequencies of Light Language, your consciousness follows these energy fields back to their sources, which are increasingly higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Look into the core of your own self and see if you are ready for this information. If you are ready to RECEIVE this information, are you ready to LIVE it?

If so, please join us in this Online Healing Retreat
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We hope you can join us,
Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians



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