Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome to 2014 - Happy New Year




      “Let us merge into one being,” spoke Gaia.

      It was my dream again, only this time it seemed so real. I saw Gaia before me in her form as an elegant Priestess.  She wore a flowing opalescent gown that wrapped loosely around her body and was clasped at her left shoulder with a silver owl. Her abundant dark hair, swept up on top of her head, highlighted her delicate facial features.  Small ringlets caressed her cheeks and the nape of her neck.  An aura of feminine power surrounded her and seemed to radiate from her like a beacon. 

      Copper snakes coiled around each of her upper arms. Around her neck she wore a magnificent jade necklace with a huge amethyst jewel that hung from its center and rested between her breasts.  The gem seemed to magnify the radiance flowing from her heart.  But, what struck me the most were her eyes.  They were as violet as the jewel against her heart, as they penetrated my very Soul.

      “Let us merge into one being,” she said again, as she stood before me face to face and heart to heart.

      Even if this meeting with Gaia was just a dream, the honor was the same.  How could I resist her request? She raised her hands to the level of her heart, palms facing forward, and I mirrored her motion.  She stepped towards me, and I stepped towards her.  As our palms touched, so did our hearts.

       Slowly, I could feel that we were merging. I felt the copper bracelets cool upon my upper arms and the weight of the amethyst necklace heavy upon my heart.  I felt the gossamer gown soft against my skin and the weight of the silver owl that held it in place. My hair was also pulled high upon my head, and I felt the breeze playing with the wisps of hair that tickled my face and neck. On our feet we wore simple sandals, and we were standing on Earth’s fertile soil.

      As Gaia sent roots down from her feet deep into the body of her planet, I felt the roots pull upon the soles of my feet.  These roots, carrying our consciousness with them, traveled deeper and deeper, past the topsoil, into the sand, beyond the bedrock, and into the caves of enlightenment.  Yes, Gaia was alive there too, pregnant with all life. 

      Deeper still our roots traveled carrying our joint consciousness down, down into the molten core of the Earth.  Once there, we surrendered our spirit flame into Earth’s core.  As I bravely stepped into the flame, I could feel that Gaia and I were ONE.  Light as a feather, we floated up to the surface where our combined essence entered the human body that was once mine. Now, Gaia and I had completely merged into one form. In doing so, I was ONE with her planet, Earth.  

      From deep inside my expanded being, I could feel my legs pull nourishment up from the Earth’s core.  I felt the compassionate love of the Gaia’s heart filling our joint form.  I was a human, but I was also the Earth.  From my solar plexus, I communed with the waters of my great oceans and all the life that lived within them.  I remembered how my creatures had first crawled from these waters to live on the land and in the air.  I could hear the call of each life form as it spoke to me of its needs. I intimately knew each growing plant and felt the burden of every mountain and hill.

      Within my heart was unconditional love for all my inhabitants. I felt the birth of each babe and the opening of each flower.  My emotions changed the weather and the sky echoed my thoughts.  I witnessed the continuous rising and setting of the Sun and felt the pull of the Moon as it orbited around me.

       Then my awareness expanded to encompass the entire Solar System. I welcomed the energy field of love radiating from Father/Mother Sun that kept each brother and sister planet in orbit.  Venus sent a special ray of love to me, her dear sister Earth.  This love further expanded my consciousness, and I became a traveler in the Milky Way. The Great Central Sun beckoned me home, as I felt the Milky Way surrounding me.  I was a body of light and life within the vast expanse of space. 

      Off in the distance, at the very edge of my Universe, I saw a star.  It was Father/Mother Sun, and it was calling me home to Earth.  With a gentle tug, I traveled instantly back through the Milky Way, back to my Solar System, back to Earth and back into a small body that was beginning to awaken.  The jolt was so intense that my eyes flew open. 

As I set up in my bed, I saw Gaia standing before me.
Deep in her violet eyes, I saw my SELF.

Now that the sleep of many lives
has come into its morning light.

Now that the fear of many moments
has begun to lose its fearsome might.

Now that the flower of my own creation
has renewed itself in a new ideation.

Now and forever there can be freedom.
Now and forever there can be peace.

Peace to go inside and see
all I ever dreamed to be.

My dues are paid.
I’m not afraid.

For I have been shown
I’m not alone.

And, in the showing
there is a knowing

and the power that can only be
as I live my life by being ME.

Because I understand this vision
I have the strength for this decision.

For as the hand fits in the glove
I surround myself with Peace and Love.

May each and every ONE of you have a Peaceful and Loving 2014


  1. om
    historical message, true and powerful, true cosmic-consciousness ,it describes in a personal easily shareable format filled with Love,an objective multiD experiential sequence ,in a way accessible by anyone ,
    it surprises strengthens and consoles me that i have had and i am having the same experiences in my own way but amazingly almost identical in form and the same essence in NOW of ONE,
    infinite blessings to you all
    and happy 2014 and happy forever to/from Gaia and GF...

  2. Oh Namaste' .. so incredibly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this... I felt myself become ONE as I read. My heart is wide open. Blessed New Year! Blessed Now!

  3. Happy New Year Sue and everyone! What a beautiful vision we can all share :)

  4. Translation in Japanese

    Happy New Year to all !

  5. Blessings in this New Timeline 2014!

    This message available soon in spanish at



  6. Blessings to you all!

  7. wow
    thank you!
    what a year awaits us
    and you beloved Sue <3
    i love you and am so grateful to You and Gaia and The Arcturians and the Pleiadians,
    Your whole Team
    Our Whole Team!
    You are gorgeous thank You so much for your dedicated Service and Beauty and Love <3
    Blessings upon you!

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