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Back to the Mothership Part 4 - What Is An Oversoul?

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Back on the Mothership Part 4

What Is An Oversoul?

After we asked our very embarrassing question of, “What is an Oversoul?” the Arcturian shined what felt like an understanding smile. With infinite patience the Arcturian said,
The seventh dimension is the resonant frequency Oversoul,
the eighth dimension is the resonant frequency of Planetary Logos,
the ninth dimension is the resonant frequency of Solar Elohim,
the tenth/eleventh dimensions are the resonant frequency of Stellar Elohim,
and the twelfth dimension is the resonant frequency of Source.

“However, expressions of SELF beyond the seventh dimension blur and blend into ONE great cosmic dance. The Oversoul is responsible for its many Souls in the dimensions below the seventh. The many Souls who are members of an Oversoul can inhabit any of the lower dimensional worlds, realities, galaxies and planets, while the Oversoul over-lights them from the seventh dimension.

“In turn, each of the lower dimensional expressions of the Oversoul over-lights their many personal incarnations on the lower dimensional galaxies and planets.
For example,
·      The seventh dimensional Oversoul over-lights the sixth dimensional expressions of SELF
·      Who over-lights the sixth dimensional expressions of SELF
·      Who over-lights the fifth dimensional expressions of SELF
·      Who over-light the third/fourth dimensional expressions of SELF

“But if we are a seventh dimensional Oversoul, how can we be so confused?” we asked

 “You have been feeling confused because you have been perceiving reality as that which is outside rather than that which is inside. This thinking has limited your consciousness to the extent that you have felt limited by your human expressions.

“However, this situation is a part of your divine plan. By allowing yourself to become lost in the lower dimensions and finding your way back to your Oversoul SELF, you are finding the manner in which you can assist Gaia’s humanity to return to their higher expressions of SELF.

“We, also, recommend that you release communicating with your mind and return to your innate manner of communicating via your feelings. Your human expressions of Sandy and Jason are among the vanguards of the timeline in which humanity works in unity with Gaia to initiate planetary ascension. Through unity consciousness with the planet, you will realize that an important component of all perceptions is the feelings of your emotional body.”

“Yes,” we responded. “When you took us into the ascension experience of the Pleiadian settlements, we understood everything because we could feel the thoughts and emotions of every member of the settlement. In fact, we could also feel every component of the land as well as you, our your great Arcturian SELF. Is that what you mean when you say that feelings are an important part of perception?”

“It is exactly what we mean. Some, in fact many, of our answers must be experienced before they can be understood. It is through experiencing our communications that you will learn the language of emotion. However, you have had enough instruction for now. It is important that you balance your lessons with enjoyment and camaraderie,” responded the Arcturian.

“Mytre and Mytria are waiting for you outside our holosuite. You must be patient with your process. Your human component has been deeply asleep in myriad incarnations. Be patient with your self. All answers will come when you are ready to receive them,” said the Arcturian as It blinked out of the holosuite.

When we stepped out of the holosuite, we saw the deep understanding on Mytre and Mytria’s face. Without a word, they took us to the mess hall, and said in one voice, “This is where we go when we need to just relax.” With Mytre on one side of us and Mytria on the other, they actually walked us to the mess hall so that we could begin our adventure of remembering the Mothership.

As we walked through the ship, we began to recognize some areas of the ship, as well as certain crewmembers who smiled at us as we passed. In fact, when we were almost at the mess hall, we took the lead and found the way there while Mytre and Mytria followed behind. “Good,” said Mytre. “You are beginning to remember our component of your Multidimensional SELF.” We smiled in response. Finally we were able to expand our memory beyond our human component.

When we entered the mess hall, we no longer felt as though we were so very different from others as we were surrounded by beings from all areas of our Universe and beyond. We saw every variety of color, form, density and size of form. Some were humanoids, yet had four arms, others looked human but had faces of lions or other animals, and some had wavering forms that blinked in and out of our vision.

Mytre and Mytria smiled when they took us to the cafeteria-style food court, which was filled with every imaginable, and unimaginable, type of nutrition. They seemed to know everyone and introduced us to them all. We decided to put the tables together, which we did quickly with our minds, so that we could all sit together. Each of the crewmembers in the room introduced themselves to us, and told us about their homeworld.

Everyone welcomed us with their hearts, and we could feel what they were saying even though we did not know their different languages. Since time on the Mothership is not measured the way it is on Earth, we cannot say how long we stayed there, but our face was tired from smiling and laughing when Mytria and Mytre led us out of the room.

They could see that we needed some quiet, so they beamed us directly to our cabin. They showed us how to operate the different devices before they each embraced us and left our cabin. Whatever uncomfortable feelings we had had about them were totally healed.

With that thought/feeling we lay down on our bunk and quickly fell into a sleep-like trance. Instantly, we felt with our emotional body saying,

“Greetings. We welcome to our Inter-Galactic Meeting for Ascending Earth. We are the members of the inter-galactic team that has been assigned to assist Gaia’s Earth through the process of ascension. Since we resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, we speak to you as one voice from the NOW of the ONE. There is NO separation in our consciousness and our communication is via light packages, which you understand via your feelings.

“We ask those of you who have learned to translate our messages into your 3D language to please share it with others. We are coming into your consciousness because you are one of our Earth Emissaries. Do you remember when you were first sent into the core of Gaia?” communicated the group mind.

“Yes, we do remember,” we replied with more emotion than we expected. It was within that NOW that we could fully appreciate how much we had grown. When we first entered Gaia’s core we were following the infant Gaia, which we now realize was also an expression of our SELF.

 “You are very correct,” replied the inter-galactic team. “You have greatly expanded your consciousness to embrace more of your expressions of SELF.”

“Thank you,” we replied. “We can feel your communication within us rather than around us. Is that how your communications works?” we asked, already knowing the answer.
“You are very correct,” the group mind replied. “Not only are you a prototype for grounding the full awareness of your Multidimensional SELF into Gaia’s Earth, you are also a prototype for conscious inter-dimensional communication. As you have correctly discovered, this inter-dimensional communication is based on the language of emotion, which are your feelings.

“As you have discovered, these feelings are not just emotional, but include bodily sensation, images and thoughts that arise from inside of your being. This is why you are feeling our communication inside of you, rather than in front of or around you. It is within your greater mission to hone this innate skill and teach it to the ascending ones that are NOW transitioning into the higher frequencies of Gaia’s planetary body.

“Many of these humans do not realize that they are transitioning because their reality is raising in frequency along with them within the same NOW. They are experiencing the dramas of the 3D world around them, but since they live ‘within their SELF’ they are free from ALL victimization of these dramas.

“There are many earthlings that must go through the process of expanding their consciousness into the fourth/fifth dimension by doing good deeds for others. That is commendable. However, the vanguards of New Earth are aligned with their mission of assisting Gaia to transmute into Her higher expressions.

“As Gaia resonates to higher and higher frequencies, those who cannot release fear and/or power over others will disappear from that ascending reality known as New Earth. As you know, one must be able to match their resonance to the frequency of a reality in order to join it. Also, it is the power of unconditional love that logs them into and keeps them bonded to that reality.”

“Are you saying that we are now on the Mothership because our resonance has moved beyond the reality we seemed to have left?” we asked.

“In a way you are correct. By assisting in clearing the wounding of the sinking of Lemuria, you have assisted to escalate Gaia into a higher frequency timeline. Remember, there are many parallel realities of planet Earth within the timeline that you just left. In fact, you began your entry into the etheric thought-form of fifth dimensional Earth. Then you went into Gaia’s core to transmute the psychic scar of the sinking of Lemuria.

“We are here to assist you to return to Lemuria’s inner earth location to assist in changing the coding on the four cornerstone crystals.”

“Do you mean in the same manner as we saw the Arcturian and Alycone change the inner crystal on the Pleiadian planet?”

“You are correct. In fact, we are here to help you to do that NOW.”











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