Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mothership and Operating System


Mytre and The Arcturian
Trip to the Mothership Part V

Sixth Dimensional Mothership

Greetings again! I would like to speak more about sixth dimensional Beings before we resume our tour of the Mothership. Beyond the fifth dimension, form is a choice, which is usually only taken while visiting the denser worlds of the fifth dimension and below. Sixth dimensional Beings on the Mothership seldom choose to wear a form and prefer to live within the Ship’s light-network.

In fact, they have much to do with the Ship being alive. Their sixth dimensional energy field is always moving and enlightening the life force of the entire Mothership, as well as all her inhabitants. The sixth dimension of the Mothership is one of the thresholds between portions of the Ship that hold a definitive form and portions of the Ship that consists of mutable form or exist as pure consciousness.

The sixth dimensionals are the creators of the wormholes through which the formed and formless Beings can move into and through the various densities of the Mothership. These wormholes are “quite a ride” to experience the first time. Therefore, I will share my first journey through the 6D wormholes into the higher densities of the Ship.

I had been on the Mothership long enough to have fully acquainted myself with the fifth dimensional areas and was ready to, not just visit the sixth dimension, but actually use its quality of infinite movement to activate a wormhole. My Arcturian Guide led me to yet another entrance to seemingly nothing and nowhere.

I was instructed to release all attachment to my current form. Since, this was my first time through the wormhole, the Arcturian assured me that it would protect my form while I moved beyond the burden of form. In fact, the Arcturian chose to accompany me on my maiden voyage.

This time the lack of form was not as disconcerting, as I had had a while to digest my last sixth dimensional experience. Also, knowing that the flash of light guiding me was the Arcturian was calming, and allowed me to maintain a high enough state of consciousness to stay in the NOW.

When I say the Arcturian Light was guiding me, you must remember that there is no time or space to separate us. Therefore, it was the knowing of the Arcturian FEEL that was guiding me. Since there is no time, I cannot say how long it took for me to actually look at myself to see to NO me. I was pure consciousness with only a loose, mutable wavering of light.

Within this loose image of SELF, I was simultaneously ONE within the Collective Consciousness of the Mothership, which I will describe later. Somehow, I had some capability of mind so that I could think “Wormhole.” Before, I could complete the thought of this concept, a huge wormhole opened before me.

We, the Arcturian’s light and my own, were swept into the circular movement of the Wormhole. My consciousness blasted open into an experience, which I could only call euphoria and eternal bliss. We, as any sense of the concept of I was extinct, twisted within these sensations that amplified beyond my ability to put into any sequential format of words.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, because I was loosing all connection to Mytre--whoever that was, we Fell Out of the Journey. Back in my familiar form, I heart the Arcturian say,

“The sixth dimensionals are the epitome of Collective Consciousness. In each dimension, our Multidimensional Self perfects increasingly expanded states of consciousness:
In the third/fourth dimension, we perfect Individual Consciousness.
In the fifth dimension, we perfect Unity Consciousness.
In the sixth dimension, we perfect Collective Consciousness.
In the seventh dimension, we perfect Oversoul Consciousness.

“The dimensions beyond the seventh merge into each other, so there is a range of dimensions. Hence, in the:
Eighth through tenth dimensions,
We perfect Ascended Master and Elohim Consciousness
Eleventh through twelfth dimensions,
We perfect Angelic and Source Consciousness.”

Before we, the Arcturians, and I, continue with the discussion of these expanded states of consciousness, the Arcturians will assist you with the next process of downloading your Multidimensional Operating System. We will then take you into the seventh through the twelfth dimensions of the Mothership.

Integrating MDOS into the 3D Brain Part II

Our Beloved Ascending Ones, for we speak to all that may hear.  We are very, very joyous to assist you in integrating your Multidimensional Operating System.  This new operating system is coded to be activated by and to activate the 97% of your unused DNA. This DNA will accept the Multidimensional Operating System that can only be used by the 95% of your brain that has lain like fallow fields which have not been cultivated.

Furthermore, this 95% of your unused brainpower is what connects you to your Multidimensional SELF. We see the joyous vision of the complete awakening of our ascending ones. Your light shine brightly, and as you connect to your true, Multidimensional SELF, this light transmutes into a higher and higher expressions of your beingness.

We will take up where we left off in our last message
(http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com/2012/09/mytre-and-arcturians-multidimensional.html with the vision of your 4th dimensional aura surrounding each and every cell of your physical earth vessel.  We ask you to FEEL how that 4th dimensional shield has begun to expand and integrate into, each and every cell. Every cell, which was once 3rd dimensional, is being transmuted into its 4th dimensional expression. 

This transmutation will greatly assist you to perceive, interact with and live within components of your reality that you once had to enter into deep meditation, or do something that you love in order to experience. As each and every one of your cells are fully integrated into the 4th dimensional frequency of your beingness, a great change takes place in your perceptions of reality.

For instance, you will find that it will be much easier for you to ignore that which is ending. Thus, it is simpler to choose to NOT attend to stimulus that lowers your down into anxiety, depression, anger, sadness or fear. 

In fact, now you can look to that which is ending and give it the blessing of unconditional love. In fact, right now, take a moment and allow that which is needling upon your brain, wanting your attention, wanting you to turn and to interact and feed it. We ask you now to turn and look this discontent straight in the heart and say,

“I love you, unconditionally, and I blaze the Violet Fire into the emanation that you are sending to me. I bless that you, too, find the peace that I am gaining within my new expanded version of self.” 

And now, please turn your attention back to us, so that we can assist you to release your old, 3rd dimensional habits, issues and behaviors:

Breathe unconditional love into your heart...
Breathe unconditional forgiveness into your mind…
Breathe unconditional acceptance into your aura…

Release the habits, issues and behaviors of the past NOW…

These experiences of your old self will NOT be taken into New Earth. They are burdensome, cumbersome, and they lower the frequency of your consciousness and impede your ability to fully integrate your Multidimensional Operating System. 

As you push them away with your love and transmute them with the Violet Fire, turn to us and say,

“Dear Arcturians, I am ready to integrate my Multidimensional Operating System so that I can fully return to my Multidimensional SELF. From that perspective of my SELF I can perceive my physical, ascending one as the anchor that I, my great Multidimensional SELF, have submerged into the beloved body of Gaia.
Now, reel-in this 3rd dimensional anchor into your Multidimensional SELF. As you pull this anchor back into your true SELF, you also pull Gaia up from the seas of discontent and into the light of unconditional love, freedom and peace.” Visualize yourself at the helm of your ship, reeling up the anchor.

Of course, mechanical devices are no longer used, but it is a way for your SELF to interface with your 3rd dimensional brain. In fact, if you desire, you can give your 3rd dimensional brain the image of actually turning the crank and reeling up the anchor, your physical self along with Gaia and everything that is beloved within your physical reality.

Please, take a moment to perceive ALL of the past, present, future and parallel expressions of Gaia’s Earthly Being swimming around Her earthly aura. Now, perceive ALL your past, present, future and parallel earthly realities swimming around your aura.

Since you and Gaia are ONE, as you pull up your realities, you pull up Gaia’s realities, as well. Auspiciously, since you and Gaia are partners in ascension, as Gaia pulls her SELF into the higher realms, She takes you with Her.

Perceive yourself within your 4th dimensional aura. Now, look into your 3rd dimensional form and send it your love, as you say, “Oh you have been so brave. I, your 4th dimensional aura know more than even your 5th dimensional self, how you have suffered, how it has been so difficult to carry your light though the long dark night and into the dawning of a new world.

I, your 4th dimensional expression of self, surround and protect every cell of your earth vessel, as I merge into you. I become you. I become your thoughts. I become your emotions, and very important, I become your perceptions. Throughout many of your 3rd dimensional lives you have heard, seen, felt and experienced the 3rd dimensional reality of polarity as your ONLY reality.

The physical world WAS your life. But now I, your 4th dimensional self, step into every cell and every molecule, in preparation for your full download of the Multidimensional Operating System. I, your 4th dimensional self, fully interface with you so that I can assist you to hear, see, feel, touch and experience the 4th dimension and beyond as your predominant experience of life.

Just as your 4th dimensional voice was once your silent voice, now your 3rd dimensional voice will become, is becoming, is now the distant voice that you can almost hear, the vision through the corner of your eye, the sensations that are leaving, the memories that were once real and the illusions that once bound you.

All these third dimensional perceptions are becoming increasingly dim. As these voices, visions, sensations, memories and illusions fade from your awareness, you can better focus on the highest 4th dimensional Self, your I AM Presence. It is in this manner that you can best prepare for your full ascension into your 5th dimension and beyond.

And as you stand upon the Threshold of another expression of your SELF,
See, hear, touch, feel the higher frequencies of light as it enters you…

YOU are now your aura. YOU are now that which was formally perceived as the light around your body.

See an imaginary mirror before you to see your New Body…

YOU are now that light. You are now the ONE that is protecting the remnants of your 3rd dimensional physicality by constantly transmuting that which is ending because of the unconditional love and Violet Fire that YOU are sending it.

YOU have now become ONE with Gaia’s Earth. YOU are alive within the planet and the planet is alive within you! You share Gaia’s 4th dimensional reality, and Gaia shares your 4th dimensional self. Both of you surround, protect, transmute and love, that which was once bound by the illusions of the 3rd dimension.

Personal and Planetary Ascension has BEGUN!

Blessings BE Our Dear Ascending ONES. You are coming Home.
Your Arcturian Family


  1. The reading of the words was almost not even necessary. This message probably held a most profound energy for me. The inside of my head feels like it is literally spinning and my cells are jumping for joy. I am different after this experience in such a real way, I can never go back to being something that I was. Jezus...even my words don't come out right. Words can't explain this experience. Thank you for sharing, Sue!

  2. Sue, this was very powerful, traveling through Indiana farmland last weekend,I was struck by the amount of fallow farmland, imagine my surprise when I saw the reference in this message to it and how it resonated and connected with me. Thank You again

  3. Hi Sue, I hope you dont minde, when I postet your pic of a mothership to my page in fb ??? It is absolutly fantastic ... myself hase become fun of new cloud formations in real, around me... sometimes with funny bodyshaking and freesing cold going trough my skin but a very worm feeling in my heart... sooo funny.. but real...

    Love to you