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Consciousness of the Mothership


Mytre and The Arcturian
Trip to the Mothership Part VI


Now that you have downloaded and integrated Part II of a three-part process of integrating your Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain, we would like to talk to you about the consciousness of our Mothership.

Just as your third/fourth dimensional representation of your SELF is only a small fraction of your Multidimensional SELF, the fifth dimensional representation of our Mothership is only a minute component of our multidimensional Ship. In fact, most of our Mothership exists as pure consciousness, which may or may not choose to take on a form.

Therefore, as we speak about the seventh through twelfth dimensions of the Ship, we must first inform you about the states of consciousness of each of those dimensions. Of course, all of these states of consciousness exist as ONE within the NOW and intertwine in a beautiful, cosmic tapestry of frequency, density, multidimensional light and unconditional love.

However, since we are still speaking to the small component of your SELF who is known as your physical earth vessel, we will discuss each of these states of consciousness in a sequential manner. First we will explain more about the term “state of consciousness.”

As you know, you are ALL multidimensional beings who have a huge range of expressions of your complete SELF. These expressions of SELF resonate to myriad, different yet intermingled, realities, planets, galaxies and dimensions. There is NO limit to your wondrous SELF as you move through innumerable involvements with the actuality of your conscious, as well as unconscious, Beingness.

In each dimension you seek to perfect different states of consciousness. We search your human language for a definition of consciousness and find that the best definition for our present purposes would be: Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of your surroundings, while also being able to perceive and interact with each given reality.

For our purposes, we must add that this definition includes both inner and outer realities, as from the perceptions of your 3rd/4th dimensional self there is a separation between these experiences. In fact, the concept of separation is one of the primary theses for the third/fourth dimensional “Individual Consciousness.”

We, the Arcturians, place third and fourth dimension within the same reality for they are both ruled by the illusion of time and polarities. We consider the fourth dimensional reality to be the aura and “dream world” of the third dimension.

In every dimension of reality a certain type of consciousness is the primary experience, and it is the mastery of that type of consciousness that allows the ones who have chosen that reality to feel the full benefit of the dimension that they chosen to visit.

Please see the types of consciousness that are the trademark of each dimension of reality:

In the third/fourth dimension, we perfect Individual Consciousness.
In the fifth dimension, we perfect Unity Consciousness.
In the sixth dimension, we perfect Collective Consciousness.
In the seventh dimension, we perfect Oversoul Consciousness.

“The dimensions beyond the seventh merge into each other, so there is a range of dimensions. Hence, in the:
Eighth through tenth dimensions,
We perfect Ascended Master and Elohim Consciousness
Eleventh through twelfth dimensions,
We perfect Angelic and Source Consciousness.”

We will begin our instruction by reviewing some of the pros and cons of Individual Consciousness. You may look at your world now and state that there could be no pros to Individual Consciousness. However, you make that statement from within the confines of that world.

From our perspective in the eighth through tenth dimensions your experiment of Individual Consciousness has been a rousing success. Yes, it is a harsh world in which you either “make it” or die trying. And, many, many humans have died trying to master the very challenging state of consciousness in which you are totally separated, not only from other, but from the very God that you have been told to worship.

Individual Consciousness without the Wisdom, Love and Power of your Three Fold Flame, is exceedingly dangerous because it is so easy to detach yourself from the power that you have over others. Your Individual Consciousness can also become so self-absorbed that you forget that the energy you put out will come back to you. Hence, many evil deeds have flourished in your world.

On the other hand, of those of you who were able to reach inside your “individual” self and decide you felt better if you loved rather than feared, some of you, in fact, more than you may realize, learned that if you made others feel better, it made you feel better too. And then there are the many lost ones.

Some of these lost ones have lived so many lives in the pursuit of selfish gain that they have totally forgotten the Law of Return, as they never given. They have only taken from others—again and again. Since they were separate from the ones from whom they took, they did not realize how the constant taking without any balance of giving was murdering their heart.

The heart is a very special organ. We are speaking now of the physical heart. It appears to be a simple pump that moves the blood throughout your system. However, the heart is also attached to the Thymus Glands of your immune system. All your ductless/endocrine glands, such as the Thymus, are the portions of your physical body connected to and driven by Spirit.

A heart that is simply a pump and not a portal for Spirit, is a heart that will run low on fuel and need to take fuel from others. It is this concept that the most lost of the “individual ones” have used to their own selfish gains. We choose not to go into the details of this action except to say that the darkness of Individual Consciousness is the reason why we have to shut down this 3D Game.

Also, cosmically, the 3D Game is cosmically due to advance into the higher frequencies at this current time of your earthly calendar. It is largely because of the above-alluded intensions of the lost ones that we, your Higher Family, have been allowed to intercede. We, your Cosmic Family, have decided that Individual Consciousness cannot be allowed to run unchecked.

The ceiling can be very high, and many humans have achieved grand feats and ascended into the higher realms of life. However, the underbelly of this state of consciousness cannot be allowed to continue. It was first introduced into your DNA by the Lizzies and Dracs, who ran their world in an “eat or be eaten” predatory manner.

However, the Adam Kadmon body was too delicate to support this type of DNA without considerable damage to certain neural pathways that allowed for advance into higher states of consciousness within that prototype of human.

Furthermore, the Kundalini Energy, which was allowed this body type to assist in evolution turn immensely vicious and cruel if that energy found itself going down the spinal cord instead of up the spinal cord. We, the creators of your Adam Kadmon prototype, apologize for this defect.

There is no excuse for that mistake, and our only regret is that we did not first research more effectively the possibility that such a deep corruption could enter that frequency of reality. The overall effect has been that the extreme polarities of an angelic body format intermingled with Drac DNA, did create world saviors with more courage and fortitude than imaginable to the members of a world that had not know polarity for millions of your years.

Unfortunately, the negative result was just as extreme. Those who were lost to the darkness passed into the Lower Astral Realm to haunt and torment those who wished to advance their consciousness beyond the limits of strict, third dimensional thinking.

The few who achieved Mastery set up Mystery Schools just past the dark world of the Lower Astral to rescue the brave ones who could find their way through that abyss of darkness. They then began forming the structure of a Mystery Schools at the Threshold of each of the sub-planes of the fourth dimension. In this manner, We could better assist the ones who were attempting to move beyond the strict confines of the Individual Consciousness.

 The problem with Beings of Light is that they sometimes underestimate predatory Beings who wish to harm and control. We have learned much from the third dimensionals and dedicate ourselves to assisting our immensely brave Adam Kadmon Family.

In the midst of your third dimensional limitations and separations, despite the predatory nature that lurked within your DNA, and faced with the constant threat of disaster, defeat, disease and death, YOU have taken your form into the realm of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

We stand in awe of your accomplishments, we salute your courage beyond measure and embrace the unconditional love that we feel streaming from your opened High Hearts.

It has been a long, dark road for your human adventure, but you have crossed the finish line victorious!

Your Family of Light

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