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Dear J, my response is in the textlll

Hi Suzan, I have a question about myself that I wonder if you can help answer? My question is Am I going crazy?
i have pondered that about my self many times.
I have been searching the truth out there since March 2011 and I am so glad that I did. I now know that we are all one and that to be all love is the way, but in saying that, I feel so alone.
Those are Truths that not many can accept and less can live
My daughter today said that I was mad, crazy and lost the plot, which hurt me deeply when she stormed out.But I just sat there ever so peaceful as she drove out of my driveway which I was surprised! I knew that I had disconnected from her and my family, but I also know that I feel alone and just want to be able to go home,but I don't know where that is
home is not a place. Home is a frequency--a higher frequency.
. Anyway, aside from that, I wake up all the night and feel so tired continually
You are very busy learning and growing in your Nightbody
and I had to change my diet from eating red meat as it makes me nauseous now
Yes, our dietary needs are really different as we take on more light.
.I am very worried about my memory,
our 3D memory is based on time and time is an illusion which only exists in the third and fourth dimensions. All of us who are transmuting are having memory problems.
as I can't remember simple things and it seems to  be getting worse.
Let me guess, you forget the 3D boring stuff you don't want to do or remember.
Is this normal or am I going crazy after all?
It is only normal if you are ascending.
I have also been getting this weird tingling or pins and needles on my back as well as now on my chest,
the frequency of your body is raising
and I have lost so much weight without really trying,
yes me too--change of diet
but I have been eating food to increase my PH level to alkaline and have been successful at it.
that is a good thing, isn't it?
I guess I am  just asking for a little reassurance from you as I am really by myself on this spiritual journey,
Have you read my blog
you will find that lots of people are going through what you are. In fact, i would like to post this, with no name or email and only with your permission.

but I am making my choice to ascend even though it seems to be a lonel
It is only lonely because you are among the first. Eventually, it will be like a freeway.
y path. I try to meditate but it is a little hard when I don't know exactly what to do or know how or what I am supposed to do,
See my youtube and Free meditation download page

anyway I have taken up too much of your time

Time is an illusion!

Check out the links and let me know if i can post this. you are NOT alone.

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