Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Being Arcturian
Part Six
Harmonic/Signature Frequency

Dear Grounded Expressions of our SELF,
We speak to our many grounded expressions of our Arcturian Group Mind, for you are all awakening to your true expression of SELF. You are awakening because the higher light of the Galactic Center is turning on your 97% of Ascension DNA. With these DNA patterns finally active, you are all remembering that which has been forgotten for millennia. Hence, you are returning to your true Signature Frequency.

Your Signature Frequency is the collective harmonic of your DNA tones. Your DNA exists not only biologically, but dimensionally and serves as your Universal Harmonic Signature. The collective harmonic frequency of our DNA is relative to the frequency of light that turned-on each strand. Your crystalline-based Lightbody carries a Signature, or Harmonic, Frequency as your “name.” It is the breathing mode of the mind that “inhales” the light and integrates that light into your DNA with each exhale.

Please remember that breath is a metaphoric term, but Light Language is based on metaphors. A Metaphor is a symbolic image that is activated in your consciousness by the firing of neurons that are activated by the incoming light. You can easily perceive the dimensions below you, but you must expand your consciousness to match the higher dimensions in order to perceive them. Furthermore, the level of your consciousness determines the frequency of you creations.

If you create something while in third dimensional consciousness, it will exist only in your third dimensional reality. It may also hold some form in the fourth dimension if a great deal of emotion or thought has adhered to that creation. On the other hand, if you create something while in fifth dimensional consciousness, you will perceive it even while you are still holding the majority of your consciousness in your earth vessel. Therefore, you will be able to perceive this creation in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.

In fact, creating while in your fifth dimensional consciousness is how you create frequency bridges into New Earth. When you can expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension, you have perceptual access to the molecules of Spirit, which can be bound into a form by the power of your unconditional love. For example:

·      Expand you consciousness up in the fifth dimension and down into the second dimension…
·      Now, expand your consciousness up into the sixth dimension and down into the first…
·      Finally, expand your consciousness up into the seventh dimension and down into the quantum realities…
In this manner, you can perceive the dimensional range of your creation. The multidimensional spectrum of quantum to seventh dimension includes all realities of form. The seventh dimension allows you to share your creation with your Oversoul, whereas the quantum reality allows you to instantly bi-locate into the reality of this creation. Your Oversoul is the collection of all the expressions of your Multidimensional SELF in ALL of the realities you have ever held form.

Since the higher frequency realities can easily perceive the lower ones, formless beings from the eighth dimension and beyond can, also, easily perceive and enjoy our creation. Beloved Grounded Expressions, you have moved into a new octave of your multidimensional thinking. Consequently, there is no longer the illusion of separation between that you and the Source of Light Language which you are receiving, and/or beginning to receive. The illusion of separation is blurring for many of those in earthen bodies. Within the same moment, the truth of the multidimensional expressions of EVERY state of consciousness, thought, emotion, and creation is seeping into your mundane thinking.

We wish now to speak about “Crossover Messages.” Crossover Messages are communications/memories that you can pull forward from your sleeping, and/or meditative state, into your daily state of consciousness. Thus, messages received when your consciousness is free of the limitations of external focus can be more easily accessed in your third/fourth dimensional state of consciousness.  Of course, most of you maintain a fourth/fifth dimensional resonance, unless you are experiencing physical, mental or emotional stress. Once you experience stress in any manner, your earth vessel releases adrenalin, which instantly lowers your consciousness to survival mode. This “breaking system” is very important for the protection of your earth vessel. One day you will no longer need it. However, now you are matching your resonance with Gaia’s to assist Her, and allow Her to assist you, with the process of Planetary Ascension.

Realize with your every breath that you are NOT alone. We, your Galactic Family are always with you as well as Gaia, your Planetary Family. Stay connected with the Quantum through the Seventh Dimensions as much as possible. We realize that you have to narrow your focus to live, work and maneuver through your remaining third dimensional experiences. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us.

You will know we have answered by the feeling of Unconditional Love!

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  1. This is real cool.....Signature Frequency of harmonic of the DNA tones....thanks for explanation!