Thursday, February 16, 2012


This morning I awoke hearing,
“I am in the process of ascending and
EVERYTHING that happens is a component of that process.”

I have “been sick,” “having a download,” “becoming Lightbody” for almost seven days now. My symptoms have been primarily in my Throat Chakra, the Center of my higher communication and creativity. Of course, they are the same, communication and creativity, as creativity is they way in which we communicate our higher expressions of SELF with our third dimensional reality.

I know that I am moving into a new expression of my SELF. Hence, a new expression of my communication/creativity is going through it birth-pains. Just as the throat and sinuses are connected, so is the Throat Chakra and Third Eye. It is through our Third Eye that we receive and perceive the highest frequency expressions of our reality, and through our Throat Chakra that we share our perceptions with others, as well as with our selves.

A multidimensional experience that is not documented by our creative force is too often an experience that is forgotten. Furthermore, expressing our multidimensional experiences through our creativity grounds those experiences. This grounding allows us to integrate our expanding multidimensionality into our daily life and shares our higher frequency realities with Gaia. Furthermore, as each of us go deep into our Core so that we may go deep into Gaia’s Core we find the sum/total of all the experiences that everyone has shared with Mother Earth.

Earth has offered us a stage upon which we can act out the final scenes of our return to SELF. In this final act, we will release all illusions. But, what will happen when illusion leaves and only Truth fills our hearts and minds? Will we be able to ALWAYS be honest enough to live in that Truth? Lies and illusions have offered us a place to hide from our SELF. But why—why would we want to hide from the higher expressions of our Being? This is a question that each of us will need to answer in order to fully live in the Truth.

We have lived myriad lifetimes in a reality based on lies and deceptions, which have allowed us to be victims to the system and victims to our own habits and addictions. Being a victim is not enjoyable, but it is easy. When we are victims to “them” or “that” we can be lazy. It can be “their” fault, and we do not have to go inside to understand how and why WE created our own reality. My first message from the Arcturians, my SELF, after 11-11-11 was, “Now you must be 100% responsible for everything that comes into your life.”

In New Earth and on the fifth dimensional Starships every random thought and emotion will instantly manifest. If our thoughts and feeling hold any fear-based patterns, we will no longer be able to resonate to fifth dimension, and the realities of our higher expressions of SELF will disappear from our consciousness. In other words, the Truth of our SELF will, again, be hidden behind the curtain of third dimensional illusion. It is not that our true SELF has not left us. Instead, we have lost the ability to perceive that expression of SELF or the reality to which that expression resonates.

How often do we begin our day with a strong conviction to live only in truth and love, but forget our promise as the challenges of the day wears on? Then, we become frustrated that “that” thing happened to pull us from our SELF. It is at that point that the “victim” returns. In fact, any thought that separates us from the creation of our reality drops us out of the “warp speed” of our Lightbody and into the “combustion engine” of our earth vessel. This is where we must remember to FORGIVE our self!  

We are trying fly at warp speed while riding in the same model of earth vessel that we wore as cavemen. So how do we update our vehicle? Fortunately, there is an automatic update that is constantly running via all the light and love we are downloading Unfortunately, if we are not conscious of this download, we can work against this process rather than with it. Hence, we must remember to think multidimensionally. When we fall into third dimensional thinking, the wall of illusion separates us from the Truth that we have not left the fifth dimension. We have merely narrowed our focus to the third/fourth dimensional expression of our SELF.

Our Multidimensional SELF is much like a huge ladder. Each rung of that ladder represents a different dimensional expression of our SELF, as well as the reality to which that expression resonates. We choose each “rung” (SELF and reality) of the ladder by expanding our consciousness to the frequency of that rung. Our state of consciousness is determined by our thoughts and emotions. 

When we think third dimensionally, which is based on time, separation and limitation, our consciousness lowers, and our focus is limited to the third dimension. When we experience fear-based emotions, our consciousness lowers, and our focus is limited to the third dimension. On the other hand, when we think multidimensionally and experience love-based emotions, our consciousness expands, and the higher dimensions of reality come into focus.

The higher dimensions can perceive the lower, but the lower dimensions cannot perceive the higher. Hence, when our focus encompasses our fifth dimensional SELF, we can clearly perceive our physical form. However, in order for our third dimensional self to perceive our fifth dimensional SELF, we must expand our consciousness beyond the confines of 3D illusion and into the Truth of our Multidimensional Reality.

But first we must release the HABIT 
of being third dimensional.


  1. Thank you so much Suzanne! Wow!! Fits perfectly with the experience I just put myself thru!! I was finally able for the first time in my life to speak my truth from my heart to my two sisters and they viciously attacked me verbally. As a result I found out how they really feel and even though it "flipped my reality" of what I thought I knew, it broke through the illusions I was operating under with them and now I know the truth and won't be so confused even though it really "hurt my heart". Not sure what happened to me energetically but during the last conversation with one sister, I was so hurt and upset by what I was hearing that I "left" and all of a sudden I didn't know what was happening and lost my memory of what was happening and my husband rushed me to the ambulance and they were sure I had had a stroke and life-flighted me to Phoenix hospital!!! Did all the tests and guess what?? No stroke and no damage to my brain....diagnosis was "Transient Global Amnesia"!!! Rare and due to huge, fast spike in blood pressure (I don't even have high blood pressure). What do you think happened energetically??? Thank you so much! Love, Mary-Grace

  2. Thank You, having similar issues with my throat chakra and sinuses for quite a while now. Dreams are extremely vivid and to pointing out, what I need to release in my life and also an emptying/cleansing process that I am going through with past memories.

    Thank You for Sharing

  3. greetings Sue, have been following/reading your info for some time & you come closest to what am experiencing within self...the other a.m. in that just barely awake point before getting up, I went before what appeared to be council of folk of light each a brilliant but different glorious colour, I was kneeling before them & also of a white gold light myself not near as gorgeous as the council of folks, they all said in unison & myself saying @ same time you/I must rise above it all, damn thats huge whilst still having to survive in you have special techniques that help you that I could use in day to day 3d...have had such a sense of loneliness/almost depression since so can relate to the Arcturian script you've just sent out even though don't remember much, do you have methods that help you continue persisting&remembering, sounds all over the place but guess that;s how am feeling @ present, please keep up the good works am gaining so much from all, joy & love to your day

  4. Ascension is defiantly happening, tell me ya'll can't "feel" this. I have defiantly not been my self these days, Oh how I see the change in everyone. Miss Suzanne has been on such a journey, she has brought great blessings to me and for those who have felt her messages,my dearest faith goes out to her. As optimistic as we all are, we just already know and feel already, that this is a part of life's progression, and part of the evolutionary spiritual(way of the divine) cycle of life. Suzanne has brought me into great awareness of Divine understanding, more so she and her teachings has been a trigger to my Divine awakening to Oneness.