Sunday, February 12, 2012



Back on the Starship there is a reunion.

I have been missing the Starship a lot lately. It seems that there so much to do here in the 3D version of my life that I am almost forgetting who I really am. I feel great changes inside of me, but the outside seems the same, with a few possible alterations. There are so many possible realities of “life on Earth” that appear to be very close, yet, the same ol’ same ol’ seems to win out. At least, no major disaster possibilities have manifested for a while. Maybe we are making it through the narrows of polarity and into the NOW of the ONE. I am going to ask Kepier. So, I guess it is time to return to the Ship.

To get to New Earth I had to use my mind to wish I lived in a world of love, joy and peace and attune my heart to unconditional love. However, my feelings for the Ship are different from my feelings about New Earth. New Earth feels like something that we are creating together, whereas the Ship feels like where we have always been. New Earth appears to be a new configuration of unity consciousness and unconditional love. On the other hand, the Ship is where unity consciousness and unconditional love is normal.

By the time we Arcturians ascended beyond our planetary womb and took to the skies, unity and love was the driving force of our society. It is still a challenge for my earth vessel, who has taken myriad incarnations on a polarized planet, to maintain the unconditional love of unity consciousness. I will start out remembering to keep that focus, then life’s challenges distract me and I forget. Therefore, when I venture into New Earth, I can only maintain that state of consciousness for a while before some external stimuli pulls me from my center.

I guess the same thing is true for returning to the Ship, but yes I know I have had much more practice with returning to the Ship. I think I have been practicing to return to the Ship, or pretending to be on the Ship, for most of this life.  I never thought my experiences were real, but at least I had them. Conversely, I have only known about New Earth for a relatively short time. I knew that, or hoped that, Earth would ascend, but I had no idea what that meant.

OK, enough preparation. I am calibrating my mind to perceive the Ship around me. I am imagining that I see the corridor, which is where I usually begin, and open my heart to the FEEL of my Home Starship. Yes, there is, the FEEL of being on the Ship. When I was a child, I think I was very angry at them for abandoning me here. On the other hand, I was, also, afraid of them because of all the horrible alien movies of the 50’s. Now I know I was not abandoned. I chose to be here now. In fact, I chose to return to the Starship in a very public manner so that others might remember their Ship and remember the FEEL of their Starship.

Alright, enough talking. I am there, or here, now. I am in the Ship. My form, which is much like my earth vessel, yet in a Lightbody format, is alone. However, I can hear the entire Ship inside of my heart welcoming me back, and I can see Kepier with my inner eye coming to greet me. There she/he is, just coming around the bend. She/he embraces me in a warm hug, and I realize how much shorter I am. I only come to Kepier’s armpits.

Kepier hears my thoughts and shrinks down a bit to make me more comfortable.
            “No, please stay tall,” It is wonderful for me to see myself in your beautiful form.”

            “Suzille, we are joyous to greet you. We have been calling you, which I why you have been thinking of us so much. We see that you are watching your Voyager show in order to pretend that you are with us.”

            “You can see what I am doing?”

            “Only when we have your permission to look. We know that you have been impatient for our return, yet accepting of the fact that our timing for landing must be within the perfect NOW. Furthermore, there are many alterations that must be made to our ship to even be visible to your frequency, much less habitable for third/fourth dimensionals. We are deciding whether it is better to alter our ship, or only take on those whose resonant frequency allows them to perceive us. Then, it is a simple task of bi-location.”

            “Is that how I am here. I have only seen a Starship a few times, once long, long ago, and I saw a cloud ship several years ago—I think?”

“You ‘think’ that you can see our Ship, or ‘think’ that you are here with us, because you are in a higher state of consciousness. Both times when you saw a ship, you were in a very high state of consciousness. You were on long vacations in Nature, so you could ground the image enough to remember you had just seen it.
“Also, since you were on vacation, there were no ‘shoulds’ to lower your consciousness, and all your time was spent in being in nature or in a creative endeavor. When you are in a higher state of consciousness you know that what you think is real.
“On the other hand, when you are in a lower state of consciousness, your third dimensional programing overrides your belief that you can visit us. Your third dimensional thinking tells you that things that are not physical are NOT real.
“However, you are correct that you are bi-locating when you come here. You Know that you are here with us, and you know that you are also on third dimensional Earth. You see your hands typing, you feel the chair beneath you and hear the music to which you are listening. You ARE in your earth vessel AND your ARE here on the Starship.”

         “I want to believe that is true. I really do. Yet, there is still this part of me that doubts this.”

            “That is the part of you that is sill ruled by the laws of separation, limitation and polarity. This frequency of your resonance is telling you that it is impossible for you to be two places at one time. Furthermore, your third dimensional self believes that what you perceive with your physical senses is all that is real. Even more limiting and separate from your Multidimensional SELF is the thinking that tells you it is only that which you perceive outside of you that is real. Therefore, since thoughts and emotions are inside of you, they are not real, but only meanderings of your mind and reactions to your external world.”

“Yes, that is exactly what we have been told. Fortunately, that is beginning to change. However, I have had many lifetimes of third dimensional indoctrination. As if the indoctrination is not enough, there is also the consequences that so many of us have had to pay when we share our inner perceptions with others.”
“Our dearest grounded expression, we share every second of your reality. We know that third dimensional thinking cannot cognize your multidimensional experiences. That is why we are all telling you to fully integrate your multidimensional thinking. Then, when we think of you, which is always, you will feel the encouragement and support that we, the members of this Starship, send you with our every breath.”

            “Kepier, thank you so much for telling me that. Perhaps I was being called to come here so that you could tell me that very thing.”

            “You are correct. The reason why you felt the need to come here was because we have been sending you (you, meaning ALL of our grounded expressions) our unified support and unconditional love. The power of our message finally found its way into your heart, so that you took the ‘time’ to focus your attention in our direction. Where your attention is, there you are also!”

            “Oh, Kepier, I feel that I am slipping away again, so I want to say thank you, thank you, than……”

I am back at my computer, feeling my fingers clicking on the keys. I hear the keys clicking and the music next to me. I feel the chair beneath me, and my cold feet reminding me to take a hot bath. I have to remain grounded. I have to stay in this body! I look out the window into my garden and feel the great love I have for Gaia.

“I will stay with you Gaia. I will NOT abandon you! We are a team, person and planet. If I can stay with you, will you remind me of the ME living in your higher expression of planet and the ME orbiting your highest atmosphere?

“Of course, my human ONE, that has always been our agreement.” 


  1. Gaia needs us more than ever .
    It is so called circle of life where nothing can not BE without the other.

    Love and Light to all lightworkers


  2. We Love you Sue, you help us See us through
    You remind us of the fragrance of our essence
    I Feel the veil over my heart and mind thinning,
    the growing resonance of the unconditional Love and support of our Family

    You are such a bridging consciousness

    Big Hug !

  3. I follow, I feel, I trust my process of creating oneness from within, knowing that I am. I thank myself as I thank my brothers and sisters.