Thursday, July 22, 2021

Worried or excited

 July 22, 2021

                                         Worried or Excited?


There are many challenges within these difficult times. How do we find the way to "hang in there" while so many new and/or very different things are happening in our daily lives.

One of the things that is new, but has also, always been happening but for a very long time, but no one wanted to talk about it. However, this "new" event has been steadily happening more and more in the movies, in the internet, as well as in daily the sighting of the Galactic Star Ships.

However, there is one thing that is happening that is often missed, but is very important which is , manner. We can now openly talk about "I think I say a Starship!" 

Before, we could not even talk about such a "impossible" thing as actually seeing a real Starship. However, the movies, books and many conversations, are more and more about the Galactic Beings  coming to Earth.


There are more and more movies, TV shows, and actual sightings of what we can now commonly call a "Star Ship." Sometimes we receive contact from these Ships, sometimes we have dreams of being on a Star Ship.

In fact, there are more and more movies about beings from "outer space," as well as actual sightings of Star Ships that more and more people are observing in their daily lives. 

Then, there are the many movies, and writings about the next phase of life on Gaia!  In fact, many of these movies and writings are about "what will it be like when the Galactics land."

Will some of the 3D humans become frightened by the vision of something that they never though of "real." 

On the other hand, it is more and more likely that many people will be very excited and happy to finally see the Star Ships that they have been reading about, dreaming about, seeing in movies, television shows, and more and more in their daily life.

But back to the beginning we ask "are we worried or excited?" Part of the answer to that question is that if we are "frightened"by something that is new and much more advanced that,"normal" life on  Earth.

There have been many frightening changes on Earth these days, that people are becoming more and more ready to accept a reality which resonates to a higher frequency than the "normal" 3D life that humans have lived for many eons.

              Therefore, the question is, "Am I ready?"

It is up to each and every one of us to go deep in side and answer the question of:

                                    AM I READY?

However there is one more question for us to answer which is:

When I am ready, will I be ready to assist others to become READY!


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