Wednesday, July 28, 2021

We are ALL ONE for Gaia

 July 28, 2021

We are ALL ONE for Gaia

Whether we are ducks or humans, a bridge or a map, we can all vision that there is a new and better realty that is Trying to be born!

  How can we assist our planet ?

 How can we shake hands with those who we once thought of as an enemy?

How can we meet on the center of a high bridge -- actually a high inter-dimensional and multidimensional bridge in which, 

no matter how big or small, no matter if one flies, swims or walks, as long as they can meet at the top of that bridge and shake hands! ,

What does a "hand shake mean?" 

Does it mean that we are happy to meet the dawn of a new day in which we ALL beings, no matter how different, such as humans, birds, or fish, we can ALL be together  and can happily enjoy each other's company, goal, laughter and/or tears!

It is the togetherness that is important. 

It is the choosing to meet others (in these day likely on the phone) and to share what is happening in their life and how they feel about it!

Can we all learn within this now, how to come together as the true Galactic Family that we have always been!!

                                   What we need to do NOW

It to remember that WE are ALL one with our dearly beloved

                                        PLANET GAIA!!




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  1. BE ONE, BE JOY!!!!
    BE ONE, BE JOY!!!!
    BE ONE, BE JOY!!!!
    Thanks Dears !! Blessings!!!