Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Staying Calm and Centered

 May 4,  2021


Staying Calm, Alert and Centered

Staying Calm, Alert, and Centered, all within the same NOW, is important in this time of confusion and new challenges. One of the biggest challenges is that, just as we can calm down and settle into what is going on, something else flashes before us which can make us lose our "Center." 

Fortunately, we have more than one center of our SELF! We have our:

"Physical Center,"

"Our Mental Center," 

"Our Emotional Center" 

and "Our "Spiritual Center" 

When all of these "centers of our SELF" work as ONE, we can be very confident, awakened and happy.  However, too often it may seem that these different "centers of our SELF" want to operate "out of tune with each other!" 

Then our Physical Self may want to guide in us a manner that our Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Selves are NOT comfortable. 

Or, our Mental Self may refuse to listen to their Emotional Self  and just want to talk about things that allow them to ignore their true feelings to come to the surface. 

Then our Spiritual may wish to tell all the rest of ourselves what to do and how to do it, which could make the other components of your self feel uncomfortable or upset.

Also, our Mental Self may fall out of alignment with our inner need to assist all humans to remember that there is much more to life than just how they  should or should not be.

What is we could all open our hearts and minds to that which we have tried to avoid. Why did you avoid it? Do you avoid parts of life because you are afraid face that which you have not yet seen within your self?

In order for each person to assist others, it is best if they first learn/or remember that which they have always sought and have chosen to share with others. In fact, the sharing the what you have learned, or thought you have learned, allows you to be open to each other, and be open with your SELF.

For the master of your physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual SELF

Just Remember to be Calm, Alert, and Centered!