Friday, May 7, 2021

Conversing About our Changing Reality

May 7, 2021

       Conversing  About Our Changing Reality



How often do we talk with a friend to have a conversation about our changing reality?  In fact, how often do we even think about our changing reality?

Of course, it may seem to be easier to just "not even think about it." However, if we do not think about our changing reality, and if we do not talk about our new reality, we may miss an important time within our physical life on Gaia within this NOW.

Perhaps we may wish to "just ignore" that something seems to be different, but why do we think that? Maybe it is just us having these thoughts about "what is feeling different now?"

However, if we do talk to someone about our feelings, it is likely that that person is having the same experience of "why do things feel different now?"

That is when you ask yourself, or ask someone else, "WHY do I feel different now?" The obvious answer is because it is different now. But why now?


If you click the below link you may find some answers to these questions, or at least, you will know that you are not the only one who "feels" something. 

So go ahead, click the below link. Maybe when you see that others are asking those kind of questions, you will feel that you too can ask those questions such as, "Why do I feel different now?" 

You are not alone. Click the below link to find how things really do feel different now!  


                    (PS Maybe things ARE different now!)


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