Saturday, May 15, 2021


 May 14, 2021                                           

                                                          SPRING HAS SPRUNG


                  Spring has Sprung and new live has begun. 
                  Can we sit by the water and bathe in the Sun?

And what have we learned in the dark of this winter? 
What will we forget and what will we remember?   

What have we learned from the challenges we kept inside, 
And wearing a mask to protect us from an unseen enemy?  

Can we believe that those days are completed?
Or are we fearful that they will return?

What have we forgotten from being shut inside?
Also, has this experience been frighting,
Or a reminder of how strong and brave we can be.

Can we NOW swim in the water and 
Bask in the Sun?

Is the "shutdown" now over 
And that challenge all done?

Questions are common
And answers are few.

How should we continue and
What should we all do?

Can we be happy it's over 
And run out to the Sun?

Or will we feel that the ending
Has not yet begun?

How do we know 
Who is telling the truth?

Who should we talk to
And where should we go?

We all want it to be over
And go back to our live.

We are sick of the worry
And tired of the strife.

But, one thing to remember
Is the courage we've had

To walk in the doubt,
Without being sad!

In fact, courage has come
To face our real self.

We all had to make our own
Decisions and keep our own Pride!
When we can"sit in the waters"
and "bathe in the Sun," 

We'll remember our experience 
And be happy it's done!

By Impatiently waiting
Suzanne Lie



                                                ALWAYS BATHING IN THE WATER!