Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Communicating with our Higher Self

 May 11, 2021



Let's take a moment to go through the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY OF Communicating with our Higher SELF.

WHO is our Higher SELF? 

The answer to that questions is that WE are our Higher Self! But, unfortunately, life on third dimensional Earth has far too often made us forget our own Higher Self who resonates and exists in the higher frequencies of reality.  Fortunately there are dreams that we somehow remember, but only if we write down these dreams as soon as we awaken. 

WHAT is our Higher SELF?

Our Higher SELF is the version of our consciousness that is able to interface with the Higher Frequencies of reality. Of course, we usually have no memory of the deep meditation, or dream, that we were able to experience when we totally opened our consciousness which may have come from an ornate dream, or what would be called "A Life Changing Experience."

WHEN do we, or can we, remember this "life changing experience?" Since these experiences are "life changing" we, the members of humanity, may forget these experiences until we have expanded our consciousness into the fifth dimension or beyond. However, these "experience," and/or "dreams" will not easily leave our memory. In fact, they will likely come into our dreams and/or meditations.

WHERE  we remember our Higher SELF is often a place in which we have had an experience that allowed us to feel free, open and alive. In other words, the WHERE is often a place that reminds us that we can be happy, and we can expand and grow in our awakening more than we had dared to think of in the past. 

This "where" often depends on the state of consciousness when we are in that location. In other words,  if the "when" has remained in our higher states of consciousness long enough that certain persons, experiences or places serve to remind  us of  the awareness of  our higher states of consciousness, that place will serve as a "reminder" that we can find that which we are seeking. 

Then we can "own" this experience as something that is more than just a dream. In fact, that experience, even if it only lasted for a moment, was very special and it deserves to be remembered.  Maybe there was something, like a certain place, or dream and/or a memory of something that we had forgotten and could finally remember.

WHY would we wish to communicate with our Higher SELF? Because they are there, and when we remember that our Higher SELF is there WE WILL NEVER BE ALONE !


And may we NEVER forget them

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