Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Are we Ready?

 December 21, 2021

                                                          ARE WE READY?


Are we ready to move our thoughts, feelings, desires and knowings into our next frequency of reality? 

It takes very little searching on the Internet to find pages and pages of stories about preparation for one’s own next adventure. 

This next adventure may just be that more and more third-dimensional Earth Humans are realizing that we, the humans on Gaia's Earth, are now being to awakened to our higher-dimensional self.

And what are we awakening to? Finally, humanity is beginning to awaken to the knowing that there are many planets. Humanity is beginning to accept that there really are Higher-Dimensional Beings, who are often called the “Galactics"

The Galactics resonate to a higher frequency of reality, which is likely the frequency of the fifth dimension and even beyond.

Therefore, third-dimensional humans have the choice to ignore that there are forms of beings that could be more advanced than we are, OR they can begin to realize that reality is beginning to expand into the higher frequencies of reality.

It does not take too much research to realize that something is different. You can just watch your TV to see the many shows now that are preparing humanity to advance into a higher frequency of perception; thinking, knowing and learning to lovingly care for dear Gaia, the planetary being on which we live.

Are we ready to love Mother Earth more than we love the many things that have seemed so important for so very long? Whether we are ready or not, our world is changing. 

Do we want that change to be more loving and kind, moving into a higher frequency, or are we stuck in a dimension that may be damaging to humanity and Gaia, our Mother Earth?

What is your choice?

Suzanne Lie, PhD 

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