Friday, December 18, 2020




Now it is the time to see 

The ONE that we've begun to be

We may not know, or fear to show

The "ME" that is a part of "WE"

We are, of course, within the ONE

Who chose to come here from the Sun

This Sun within is how we see

The ONE that we have come to be

“What is this ONE?" we hear you ask?"

"Why are we here, what is our task?"

The answer is of the unknown

But with our faith it will be shown

"But what is faith?" we hear us ask

That seems to be too big a task

If we release the need to ask

And happily complete our task

Then once that task has all been done

We may believe it was great fun

But what is fun in a world gone wild?

It was never like this as a child

We thought that when we were all grown

Our mission would be quickly shown

However, now that we have grown

We're more confused by the world we're shown

Is there a way to find the past

And bring it back so it can last?

The promises came, and we were glad

But soon that glad turned into sad

However, now that we have spoken

We feel a pledge that can’t be broken

We know this pledge lives deep inside

And know that it won't make us feel hide

Can we bring if forth so we can see

See the we we're meant to be

And know a life that’s free of strife

But “free of strife” has never been

So we sometimes feel we cannot win

But when we feel we've gone inside

We begin to see 

that we are  FREE

We do not want to have to worry

And think that life is only “hurry”

What if we thought that we could see

The ONE above we’d like to be

Could we just choose to look above

And KNOW that we can still find LOVE?

Do we dare to think that we could be

The ONE that we have sought to see?

Could it be that what we wish for

Is knocking at our own front door

We may not know who we could be


 If we Believe 

We just might SEE.