Thursday, December 10, 2020

Blessings on our NOW of Great Change


We are coming into another Holiday Season, but it will be different from any Holiday Season we have ever had before. What does "different mean?" We do not know the answer to that question yet because our reality is in the process of change. 

This "process of change" has been a surprise to many, and for others it may have been coming into their reality for a very long time. Even the Holidays are changed. Remember when everyone gathered with as many family member as possible to talk with and share with each other as they ate their meal at one huge table. 

There was an opportunity then to share how has life has been while we sat around a big table filled with good food and loving conversation. Now, we cannot gather together in a tight group with our friends and family. 

What will it be like to have such a different Holiday Season? For one thing, everyone is finding out how they can adapt to that change, go along with that change, and/or ignore the change--at lease for as long as they can. How will it feel when we look back at this NOW of great change?

Change can be fun, or it can be very challenging, and this change is a part of our daily life. However, one of the most difficult kinds of change is when we did NOT ask for, and did not want that change old memories of being all together. 

However, it is not uncommon that change is initiated by a realization that something is happening that we do not have any direct control over. Then, we can only really change our own self to adapt to an uncomfortable and challenging now.

This change of self is a change that we DO have control of, but we may wish we had more control of. There are often times when change is actually completely out of our control. This type of change is often the most challenging kind of change.

So, how do we face a change that we do not want to have and do not even want to face? This situation is often when we change our self. We do not need to change all of our self, but we do need to "spend some time" with the inner battle of "I do not know what to do!"  Often, not knowing what to do brings up the great challenges of spending some time inside our SELF. 

There is no right or wrong what to spend time inside our SELF, but there is YOUR way to spend time inside you self,  Or inside Your OWN HIGHER SELF!  In this case "Self means the you that you know is able to listen to your physical self, as well as your Higher SELF. But what does does "self" mean to YOU? There is not wrong or right definition of "self" as each person needs to go inside their self to find their SELF.

The small "self" meaning the person/self that you perceive as our self and in our daily life, whereas your "SELF" encompasses not just your personal, physical self, but also our Higher Dimensional SELF. Your Higher Dimensional SELF resonates to the higher frequencies of the many frequency of reality in we have chosen to choose a from. 

Yes, you DO choose who you are being within each NOW, but you may not be aware of the fact that you are the creator of your reality and how you can function within your daily work, hardships, and the process of trying to figure life out life as we live life from the perspective of doing the best we can in daily, life physical self.

On the other hand, we can function from our Fifth Dimensional Galactic SELF that is always above, around and within us. When we allow our focus to be on our Fifth Dimensional SELF, we often feel that we can choose to communicate with others and our self via our innate Higher Dimensional SELF! 

In other words, we can choose to resonate to the third dimensional frequency of our physical self, and/or we can choose to resonate to the frequency of our  fifth dimensional SELF who can be  the "caretaker" of our "Life in the third dimension."

Of course, there is usually the shifting and changing between our "third dimensional physical self" and our "Fifth Dimensional Higher SELF. In this case, the term "higher" means that ones primary focus on their Higher Dimensional SELF, instead of having a primary focus on your physical self, physical body and your physical life.

It is the combination of one's choosing to be the "caretaker" of their "Life in the third dimension," while they can also be aware of, and even in communication with, our own Higher Dimensional SELF."

Blessings on our New Year and our Higher SELF.


  1. Blessings to All of you!!! I love you!!! Thanks!! Always!!!

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