Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Our Higher Dimensional SELF

December 30, 2020

Our Higher Dimensional SELF 


Dear Readers, 

Sue Lie here.  I wish to send you ALL a Happy and Save Holiday Season. Yes, this year, is indeed a Holiday Season that may not have the usual joy and comradely. Fortunately, many of us are able to meet via the Internet, so that we can see each others faces and "pretend" that things were like they "used to be."

Unfortunately, that are NOT like they used to be. Instead, we are facing huge challenges that we never thought would ever enter into our daily life. However, entering our daily life is exactly what happened. We are all facing challenges now that would not be in our wildest imagination, not so very long ago.

Fortunately, we are often able to find a way to regain some "normalcy" in our daily life. Many of us are meeting with our family via the internet on Zoom or on one of the other softwares that are available. 

Yes, we are being the CREATORS of our new life. One thing that allows us to move through these difficult times is to have some kind of connection, likely via our computers and or phones, so that we want can keep connections with our friends and family, who are hopefully safe from the "unseen virus" that has brought great sorry to too many. 

Now is the time to reach up into our own Higher Dimensional SELF who can, will, and does connect with us via our calling in our own Higher dimensional SELF. Our Higher Dimensional Self is usually unseen by our third dimensional self. However, when we meditate on connecting with our own Higher Dimensional SELF, we can awaken to the NOW of the ONE of our Higher SELF.

We ALL have a Higher Dimensional SELF, but we may not be aware of that fact. Therefore, we may not remember to call UP into our own Higher States of Consciousness. We can best experience these components of our full Multidimensional SELF by allowing ourselves to remember the "feeling" of love and protections that we have felt in the past, and hopefully, within this NOW. 

Yes, some of you may not have felt much protection in you life, so we will tell  you that we, the members of Your Galactic Family are components of Your own Multidimensional SELF. Once you are ready to believe, or at least hope, that we have a higher dimensional aspect of our physical body, and our thoughts and emotions.

Many people are to yet ready to believe that there are Higher Dimensional Beings who resonate to the higher frequencies of reality. However, if they are willing to trust their dreams, their imaginations, their hopes, and their own innate knowing that there is MORE to reality than just the third dimensional aspect of their daily life.

Knowing that one has this connection is not just a hope. This Knowing that, which some may call their "imagination" is actually a inner connection with a "feeling" or a "memory" or maybe a "dream or a desire" that reminds you that there is more to yourself than just being a third dimensional person who is struggling through a very difficult time for many, many people.

It is the knowing of your own feelings of this difficult time, and your own reaching out to others to comfort them in their difficult time, that allows you to find the peace and love that can flow from the companionships and sharing with others who are also experiencing this difficult time with you.

Knowing that you are NOT alone is so very important within this NOW. Reach out to others to either give comfort to them, or to ask for comfort for your self, is the beginning of your own assisting others, and your own self, to give comfort and understanding to others. 

Please  click the below file to enjoy the meeting of

Sue, Dan, and the Glass Bowels


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

You are All Multidimensional Beings Through Suzanne Lie




Dear Arcturians,

Do you have a message for me today?

Yes, Suzille,

We always have a message for you, as well as for anyone who will ask us. In other words, we are always available to our volunteers to assist Gaia. We would like to talk with you today about the State of Mind and Place of Heart the you are allowing to direct you through your daily life.

We refer to “State of Mind” as the frequency of reality to which your mind is calibrated, and “Place of Heart” refers to where you direct your gifts of love. 

Yes, dear grounded ones, since you volunteered to take an earth vessel during this very challenging NOW, there are many states of mind that you have experienced because you have been moving through the process of planetary ascension. 

During this NOW, your mind is often focused on many different situations at once, and your heart can shift through many emotions from bliss to fear, and hopefully back to bliss. We have come to speak with you NOW to commend you all for your efforts to find, and live, the “middle path.”  

The “middle path” is discovered and traveled for as long as you can keep a clear and open “state of mind.” When you travel the middle road, it is much easier for you to maintain a clear and open state of mind. Furthermore, when your state of mind is clear and open, it is much easier for you to live within the middle road.

Your state of mind is determined by your frequency of consciousness. When your consciousness resonates to a higher frequency, you will be able to identity and travel your “Middle Road.” If you are upset about something, your state of mind will be too erratic for you to find, much less travel, the middle road. 

This “middle road,” which we will define as the “path less traveled” is often difficult to find, and even more challenging to consistently travel. For starters, the middle” can only be determined if you can perceive the sides of the road to your left and to your right.

It takes a certain state of mind to give yourself an honest assessment of “the sides of the road” and thus the “middle of the road.” To find that calm center of your self, and thus of your “road through life,” you need to identify the furthest edges of the “sides of the road.” 

Of course, we are not speaking of a highway or a path. We are using the terms of “path and road” as a metaphor for the life choices that you make with your thoughts and emotions. You could have so many thought and emotions, that they interrupt each other and cause great confusion in your consciousness and your physical body. 

On the other hand, when your emotions are calm and accepting, you can free your mind to explore new ideas and concepts that would be too threatening when  you  are emotional and confused.

Please remember that emotions and confusion are not “bad.” In fact, your emotions tell you if you are happily traveling your path, or if you are lost in a haze of confusion. If you are “happily traveling your path,” then enjoy yourself and surrender to the process.

On the other hand, if you make a “self assessment” and discover that you are centered and loving, please continue what you are doing, thinking and experiencing. We also recommend that you center your self, focus on any messages that you are receiving from deep within your heart or high above your mind, and document any messages you are receiving.

When you document your messages, you deeply ground them in your own consciousness, as well as within the body of Gaia. It is deep within the Core of your Multidimensional SELF that you will identify the frequency to which you are currently resonating. 

If you discover the frequency/dimension to which you are resonating is the fourth dimension, we suggest that you ask for guidance for any creative or service to others plans you may be considering.

You will discover that you are resonating the fifth dimension, when you entire body feels as if it is filled with light. You may even feel your Kundalini Force moving up your spinal column, as well as a deep sensation of Bliss and Unconditional Love.

In this case, we suggest that you ask us, the Arcturians, and/or any higher expressions of your SELF with whom you have developed a relationship, to send you a message.  Again, remember to document your experience, as you will likely forget it as you return to your third dimensional consciousness. 

Your third dimensional consciousness does not resonate to the fifth dimension. Thus it will quickly forget your experience unless you create a hard copy of that NOW. Remember, the fifth dimension does not resonate to time, but exists within the HERE of the NOW. Therefore, be sure to capture this NOW by writing, saying, drawing, singing and/or dancing it to intertwine and document it in the third dimension.

We know that you perceive all your human relationships to be outside of you. That is correct as long as you are resonating to the third dimension. However, if you and the one with whom you are relating, are in the fourth dimension, there will be a “time difference,” such as you will need to tell your self of  your fourth dimensional dream and/or meditation as soon as you open your eyes, or you may forget it.


While in your third dimensional reality, people perceive other persons or places to be “outside” of them. You know they are third dimensional as they have a physical body and walk on the Earth, just as you do. There is also space between you, and everything changes over time. This is because the basis of the Third Dimensional Operating System is TIME and  SPACE.

Your fourth dimensional self  is revealed as inside of you or just above you. These fourth dimensional perceptions often occur when you are doing something creative, during your sleep, or when you are meditating. 

You will likely perceive your fourth dimensional self as being much like you would perceive yourself in a mirror, except that it will likely float just above the ground and even appear to be a bit translucent.

Because you are all Multidimensional Beings, you have volunteered to take a physical form in order to better assist with Planetary Ascension. Unfortunately, most of our brave scouts to Earth soon forget their true, fifth dimensional Lightbody that they wear while on our fifth dimensional Ships or on their Homeworld. 

It is for this reason that we, the Arcturians, as well as the other members of your Galactic Family, readily send messages into the consciousness of our “scribes” who have volunteered to share these higher dimensional messages in any many that best fits into their third dimensional personality and skills. 

Your “state of mind” is determined by your “frequency of consciousness.” Then, your frequency of consciousness will direct thoughts and messages into your mind and heart, hopefully, to be shared with others. 

When your state of mine is resonating to ambition, fear, anger or selfishness, your will likely “place your heart” onto a situation, place, person or concept that is primarily third dimensional survival, desires, and/or ambitions. You will experience a reality in which you are a “normal” third dimensional person who is working hard to survive and prosper in a difficult world. 

However, when you can choose to expand your state of consciousness, and thus your choice of behavior and actions, to include, service to others, assistance to Gaia, and finding and sharing your innate multidimensional love and inter-dimensional consciousness, your consciousness will expand to encompass fifth dimension.

Your mind, particularly your Third Eye, as well as your Heart, especially your High Heart, are the both inter-dimensional communication devices. Every human has these, innate inter-dimensional aspects of their physical body.

Unfortunately, many humans are not aware of this fact. They are not, YET, aware of their innate multidimensional perceptions that EVERY one of you have, as well as their innate ability to feel and share Unconditional Love through their High Heart.

Your Third Eye, which is connected to your Brow/ Sixth Chakra, will assist you to gain the “State of Mind,” which is your fifth dimensional and beyond frequency of consciousness, as well as your higher dimensional perceptions of clairvoyance—seeing  higher dimensions, clairaudience—hearing higher dimensions and clairsentience—sensing higher dimensions. 

At first, you may not be consciously aware of these higher perceptions, but you will begin to feel happy, blissful and focused. This state of consciousness directs you to “place your heart” on that which you “love with your Heart and Soul.”

This may seem quite simple, but we have seen how difficult it can be for our Earth Volunteers to “find the time” to focus on their own Heart and Soul. What we wish to remind you all is that focusing on your Heart and Soul will place you in direct communicate with your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

You are ALL Multidimensional Beings, and ALL of you can have total and constant communication with your Higher Dimensional SELF that resonates to, and lives within, the higher frequencies of Gaia’s multidimensional Planetary SELF. 

Yes, all the inhabitants of Gaia are multidimensional, and resonate to third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and far beyond, frequencies of reality. As you have all experienced, the challenges of daily life in the third dimension usually make you forget this fact.

When humans forget that fact, they begin to change. Unconditional Love slowly gets replaced with Floating Anxiety, or even Fear, and they slowly or quickly, forget that they are Multidimensional Beings of Light.

We, your Galactic Family, are sending loving message to as many people who can receive, document and share them with others. However, more human live their life in the grips of fear, rather than the bliss of Unconditional Love.

It is for this reason that we have decided that we must begin our “landings.” However, for the safety of our grounded ones, we must keep our Ships in the higher fourth and fifth dimension, so that the dark ones do not perceive them and begin yet another WAR on beloved Earth.

Already, and still, there are wars all over your planet for the soul purpose of making the wealthy even righter. Innocent men and women, who think they are serving their country, are not aware it is only the dark one, the oil companies, and the extremely rich who benefit from their combat.

However, those who go to war with the intension of protecting their country and assisting others DO receive the karmic boost for ALL their brave actions and heroic thoughts. We, your Galactic Family, assist these brave ones when they return Home to their third dimensional lives, or Home to their Higher Selves. 

We NOW wish to speak for your heroic planet Gaia. She, too, will “return HOME” to Her true, Multidimensional Planetary SELF. Yes, Planets are living beings, in the same manner that all the life on, above, and the planet is ALIVE. 

It was the most sinister plot of the dark ones to “brainwash” the humans, who were meant to be the “Caretakers of the Planet,” into believing that dear Gaia was “just a thing.” In fact, the dark ones have created many sinister actions against the body of Gaia in their attempt to keep humanity constantly afraid and victimized.

Within the higher fourth and fifth dimensional areas of Gaia, humanity lives in Total Peace and Unconditional Love. However, until humanity is able to expand their consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional octaves of reality, they are under the brainwashing and illusion of the dark ones.

We, the Arcturians, wish to say to you all within this NOW, that more and more humans are awakening and expanding their consciousness and their “state of mind” into higher and higher frequencies of reality. 

As they expand their consciousness to encompass these higher frequencies of reality, they will gain “power over” the dark ones, rather than the dark ones having “power over” them. Furthermore, as humanity begins the “ascension of their consciousness” into higher and higher frequencies of reality, they are sharing their experiences with others.

Just as the early pioneers went out into the wilderness, and came back to tell others of the “new land,” humans who are “inter-dimensional pioneers” are returning to their “normal” third dimensional lives to share what they have experienced. 

For this reason, we ask each of you who have experienced an “inter-dimensional” and/or a “multidimensional experience” to please share your experiences in the comments section of this blog.

Suzille has talked to many people who have had many experiences. However, for many people it is difficult to find someone with whom they can share their experiences. Therefore, we invite all of you to share any “inter-dimensions experiences, sightings of our Ships, or higher dimensional communications you have experienced.

Before you share your experience, take a long moment to focus on raising and synchronizing your consciousness with Gaia. It this manner, you will all work as ONE to assist Gaia, and ALL Her in habitants to expand into the fifth dimensional and beyond frequencies of reality.

These higher frequencies of reality have ALWAYS surrounded Gaia, but humanity was so compromised by the dark deeds of the Lost Ones, that only a few brave avatars were able to “ascend” into the higher frequencies in order to assist Gaia and ALL Her life forms.

YOU are NOW on the cusp of being one of those brave, “Avatars for Gaia.” Please remember that Unity Consciousness with “ALL life” includes the life far above, on the surface and in the Core of Earth.


WE are the Arcturians


Saturday, December 19, 2020

Sue Lie and Danie Conversation about Jupiter and Saturn


Sue Lie and Danie Conversation 

About Jupiter and Saturn

Please click the below link to hear the conversation 



Friday, December 18, 2020




Now it is the time to see 

The ONE that we've begun to be

We may not know, or fear to show

The "ME" that is a part of "WE"

We are, of course, within the ONE

Who chose to come here from the Sun

This Sun within is how we see

The ONE that we have come to be

“What is this ONE?" we hear you ask?"

"Why are we here, what is our task?"

The answer is of the unknown

But with our faith it will be shown

"But what is faith?" we hear us ask

That seems to be too big a task

If we release the need to ask

And happily complete our task

Then once that task has all been done

We may believe it was great fun

But what is fun in a world gone wild?

It was never like this as a child

We thought that when we were all grown

Our mission would be quickly shown

However, now that we have grown

We're more confused by the world we're shown

Is there a way to find the past

And bring it back so it can last?

The promises came, and we were glad

But soon that glad turned into sad

However, now that we have spoken

We feel a pledge that can’t be broken

We know this pledge lives deep inside

And know that it won't make us feel hide

Can we bring if forth so we can see

See the we we're meant to be

And know a life that’s free of strife

But “free of strife” has never been

So we sometimes feel we cannot win

But when we feel we've gone inside

We begin to see 

that we are  FREE

We do not want to have to worry

And think that life is only “hurry”

What if we thought that we could see

The ONE above we’d like to be

Could we just choose to look above

And KNOW that we can still find LOVE?

Do we dare to think that we could be

The ONE that we have sought to see?

Could it be that what we wish for

Is knocking at our own front door

We may not know who we could be


 If we Believe 

We just might SEE.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Blessings on our NOW of Great Change


We are coming into another Holiday Season, but it will be different from any Holiday Season we have ever had before. What does "different mean?" We do not know the answer to that question yet because our reality is in the process of change. 

This "process of change" has been a surprise to many, and for others it may have been coming into their reality for a very long time. Even the Holidays are changed. Remember when everyone gathered with as many family member as possible to talk with and share with each other as they ate their meal at one huge table. 

There was an opportunity then to share how has life has been while we sat around a big table filled with good food and loving conversation. Now, we cannot gather together in a tight group with our friends and family. 

What will it be like to have such a different Holiday Season? For one thing, everyone is finding out how they can adapt to that change, go along with that change, and/or ignore the change--at lease for as long as they can. How will it feel when we look back at this NOW of great change?

Change can be fun, or it can be very challenging, and this change is a part of our daily life. However, one of the most difficult kinds of change is when we did NOT ask for, and did not want that change old memories of being all together. 

However, it is not uncommon that change is initiated by a realization that something is happening that we do not have any direct control over. Then, we can only really change our own self to adapt to an uncomfortable and challenging now.

This change of self is a change that we DO have control of, but we may wish we had more control of. There are often times when change is actually completely out of our control. This type of change is often the most challenging kind of change.

So, how do we face a change that we do not want to have and do not even want to face? This situation is often when we change our self. We do not need to change all of our self, but we do need to "spend some time" with the inner battle of "I do not know what to do!"  Often, not knowing what to do brings up the great challenges of spending some time inside our SELF. 

There is no right or wrong what to spend time inside our SELF, but there is YOUR way to spend time inside you self,  Or inside Your OWN HIGHER SELF!  In this case "Self means the you that you know is able to listen to your physical self, as well as your Higher SELF. But what does does "self" mean to YOU? There is not wrong or right definition of "self" as each person needs to go inside their self to find their SELF.

The small "self" meaning the person/self that you perceive as our self and in our daily life, whereas your "SELF" encompasses not just your personal, physical self, but also our Higher Dimensional SELF. Your Higher Dimensional SELF resonates to the higher frequencies of the many frequency of reality in we have chosen to choose a from. 

Yes, you DO choose who you are being within each NOW, but you may not be aware of the fact that you are the creator of your reality and how you can function within your daily work, hardships, and the process of trying to figure life out life as we live life from the perspective of doing the best we can in daily, life physical self.

On the other hand, we can function from our Fifth Dimensional Galactic SELF that is always above, around and within us. When we allow our focus to be on our Fifth Dimensional SELF, we often feel that we can choose to communicate with others and our self via our innate Higher Dimensional SELF! 

In other words, we can choose to resonate to the third dimensional frequency of our physical self, and/or we can choose to resonate to the frequency of our  fifth dimensional SELF who can be  the "caretaker" of our "Life in the third dimension."

Of course, there is usually the shifting and changing between our "third dimensional physical self" and our "Fifth Dimensional Higher SELF. In this case, the term "higher" means that ones primary focus on their Higher Dimensional SELF, instead of having a primary focus on your physical self, physical body and your physical life.

It is the combination of one's choosing to be the "caretaker" of their "Life in the third dimension," while they can also be aware of, and even in communication with, our own Higher Dimensional SELF."

Blessings on our New Year and our Higher SELF.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Your INNATE Inter-dimensional SELF


                                 YOUR INNATE INTER-DIMENSIONAL SELF


You, the members of Gaia's Earth, are moving closer and closer to recognizing that you are also the member of your Galactic Family. Many of you are not, yet, aware of the fact that Humanity and the Galactics are becoming more and more intertwining in an Inter-dimensional manner. This inter-dimensional inter-twining is because the members of humanity are increasingly awakening to a growing awareness that they/you are NOT alone. 

This awakening to the awareness of your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF is beginning because of your growing more and more awareness that you have an innate ability to remember your dreams, your meditations, and your experiences in which you are able to feel your own Higher Dimensional SELF. 

"What is your "Higher Dimensional SELF?" you may ask yourself. The answer to this question will best come when you are in a higher state of consciousness such as during meditation, during a powerful moment of creativity, while having and or, awaking from,  a powerful dream, and or any NOW in which you can allow your human self to remember the feel of your own Higher Dimensional SELF. 

How can you FEEL your Higher Dimensional SELF? The answer to that questions is different for each individual, but there are certain components of ones state of consciousness that will best assist your awakening. 

For example, you may be in a state of "dreaming" and remember that dream when you awaken. In fact, whenever you remember a dream, be sure to write it down as soon as possible, as dreams often return to their innate higher frequencies once you fully awaken to your third dimensional life.

Therefore, it is recommended that you document you dreams as soon as you awaken. In fact, it is a good idea to keep a pen and paper by your bed so that you can immediately write your dream down before you forget it.  Some dreams disappear almost as soon as you awaken, but some dreams can stay in your consciousness for a very long time.

Either way, if you create the habit of writing down your dreams as soon as possible, you will find it easier and easier to remember your dreams. When your document your dreams you will remember them more and more easily. Please remember that your dreams are your own self communicating with you. 

If you can remember to take the time to write down your dreams, or document them in some way, your are also telling your self that what you dream, or what you receive in a meditation, or during a creative action is your own Higher Dimensional SELF communicating with your third dimensional human self.

When you realize that, you will begin to increasingly reminding yourself that YOU are not just the physical body that you are wearing during your third dimensional life. Then, you can more easily remember that YOU are a Multidimensional Person who resonates to the third, fourth, fifth, and/or beyond frequencies of reality.

Your Multidimensional SELF is often forgotten during the rush and hurry of daily life. Therefore, it is to your greatest benefit to document any dreams or meditations that seem to be reaching out to you so that you can expand your awareness from just sleeping, but also during your mediations and all aspects of your waking life. 

in this manner, your awareness of all reality will become more and more aware of the full, multidimensional reality this is there--but is only experienced by those who have remember their innate ability to communicate with the higher frequencies of reality, as well as the frequencies of your daily life. 

Blessings to you all

Sue Lie

Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Year of the "BIG SHIFT"





 2020 as “the year of the big shift”  

December is THE month when we have the much-awaited Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius

Years and even centuries from now, people will refer to 2020 as “the year of the big shift”. 

I can’t stress enough how important this month is. Of course, the absolute star-event of the month is Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0° Aquarius... however ANY of these following transits would have also made the headline for the transit of the year:

  • total Solar Eclipse - the most intense one in Sagittarius since June 15th, 2011
  • Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius (Saturn only changes signs once every 2.5 years)
  • Jupiter’s ingress into Aquarius (Jupiter only changes signs once a year)
  • The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction coinciding with the Solstice

The 1st week of December is relatively calm and stable. Don’t get fooled, because the increases will slowly, and then rapidly increase. 

The turning point is the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, on December 14th, 2020. 3 days later, on December 17th, 2020 Saturn moves into Aquarius, on December 19th, 2020 Jupiter follows suit and the Grand Finale, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs on December 21st, 2020. 

It’s hard to predict what is going to happen when Jupiter and Saturn join forces because 0° of any sign can bring any kind of surprises

There is one big shift we can be sure of though, and that is a move towards freedom and decentralization. If Capricorn is all about top-down government, predictable structure, and rules, Aquarius is all about people and communities. 

If you remember one of my earlier newsletters, I was comparing Aquarius with a circle without the dot. With Aquarius, we are all in this together (inside the circle) YET there is no dot, or no leader to tell us exactly what to do. 

All the controlled, centralized, top-down Capricorn structures will collapse, just like the Tower of Babel did when people wanted to be like God/the Source. What they didn’t know is that there is no true freedom inside the tower

The controlling power has nothing to do with freedom - the more you seek to control, the more you lose your freedom. And Aquarius wants nothing but freedom. 

There is a paradox about Aquarius. On one hand, Aquarius is the sign of friends, groups and communities. There’s no ego, and our actions are community-oriented. YET there is total autonomy inside this community. No one is telling anyone else what to do. 

When we find true freedom (Aquarius) we automatically know how to self-govern ourselves in a way that doesn't go against other people’s rights. 

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, also marks the big SHIFT from the 200-year Earth element dominance, to a 200-year Air element dominance. 

If in Capricorn’s earthly realities, resources are scarce and you have to get them first before anyone else does, in Aquarius’ ethereal realities, the energy and resources are infinite

There is no need to compete because together we can create something that is greater than the sum of the parts. 

It is very likely that in the next 20 years a new source of energy will be invented, which will allow us to go off-grid (in the literal, but also spiritual sense). If in the Capricorn era, we got “plugged” to the system, in Aquarius we get unplugged from it. 

There is so much to talk about, but let’s take a look at the most important aspects of the month:

December 1st, 2020 - Mercury enters Sagittarius

On December 1st, 2020, Mercury enters Sagittarius and our thinking and communication become more truthful. We speak our minds without fear. When we are motivated by the truth, we become unstoppable. 

December 9-11th, 2020 - Sun Conjunct South Node And Square Neptune

On December 9th, 2020, Sun and the Lunar Nodes square Neptune. We are at crossroads with our destiny. Sagittarius is the sign of knowledge and truth. 

Something very fundamental about ourselves, and about the world, will be revealed around this date. Our whole reality and worldview will get deconstructed. 

Our old skins will be shed. But worry not, change is a necessary part of the process. One day you will look back and everything will make perfect sense. 

December 14th, 2020 - New Moon And South Node Solar Eclipse 

December 14th, 2020 is one of the BIG astrological events of the year, and perhaps of the decade if we consider the astrological climate of the month. We have a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius

Mercury is also conjunct the eclipse. One piece of news/information will come out and will ‘seal the deal’. This is a South Node eclipse, so it will bring an outcome to existing, unfolding events. 

Yet, this is a Solar Eclipse, so it will birth something new. Our actions have consequences and South Node eclipses always come with some sort of resolutions. 

December 15th, 2020 - Venus Enters Sagittarius, Chiron Goes Direct

On December 15th, 2020 Venus enters Sagittarius. After some serious soul-digging and introspection in the sign of Scorpio, in Sagittarius Venus is now ready to reveal what she has discovered. Venus in Sagittarius is honest with her feelings and will only do what is morally right. 

On the same day, Chiron, the Wounded Healer goes direct, receiving a loving trine from Venus. Now that the hard work has been done, we are ready for healing. The truth will not only set us free but will also bring us closure and healing. 

December 17th, 2020 - Saturn Enters Aquarius

On December 17th, Saturn enters Aquarius to stay here until March 7th, 2023. Saturn was briefly in Aquarius earlier this year, from March to June. 

This is when the lockdown measures around the world started, which ‘forced’ us to find new ways to communicate to stay in touch. Many people and businesses have quickly moved online, and the rules of communication have been forever re-written. 

Of course, Saturn in Aquarius can have a restrictive effect at first (Saturn is the planet of restrictions after all), however, since Aquarius is the sign of freedom, Saturn in Aquarius will give us the determination to break through existing structures to find new, more sustainable ways to live. 

If we look back in time, every time we had Saturn in Aquarius we had important freedom and civil rights movements that forever changed the way our society operates. 

December 19th, 2020 - Jupiter Enters Aquarius 

On December 19th, 2020 we have another big astro milestone. Jupiter leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, to stay here until December 30th, 2021. Jupiter changes signs only once a year, and when it does, it’s quite an event. 

Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system and it sets the topics, trends, and focus of the year. 

What is interesting is that exactly when Jupiter slips into Aquarius, Sun and Mercury conjunct at 28° Sagittarius, the degree of the Galactic Center. 

Let’s not forget that Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and Jupiter is now in the 3rd sign from Sagittarius. We can expect some big news and revelations around this date. This news will pretty much set the tone for the whole year. 

December 20-21st, 2020 - Sun And Mercury Enter Capricorn 

On December 20-21st, Sun and Mercury leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn. This is when we will get the full understanding of what’s about to happen, and understand the implications (Capricorn) of the change. Jupiter and Saturn are literally seconds from becoming conjunct. 

December 21st, 2020 - Jupiter Conjunct Saturn In Aquarius

The BIG SHIFT. On December 21st, 2020 Jupiter is conjunct Saturn at 0° Aquarius. This is the beginning of a new era! 

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction ends the previous 200 year Earth cycle that brought us banknotes, capitalism, corporations, fossil fuels, and the industrial world. This solid and heavy energy will now be replaced by a lighter, non-material, connective energy of Air. 

It is believed that the Jupiter-conjunction ALSO coincides with the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Elemental cycles last 200 years and the Astrological Ages (determined by the procession of the Equinoxes) lasts approximately 2000 years. 

The Astrological Ages take longer to switch (we’ve been already feeling the energy of the Age of Aquarius), however, Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 0° Aquarius may well be ‘the final push’ - that moment when we officially say goodbye to the Age of Pisces and welcome the Age of Aquarius. 

New groups, communities, connections, and alliances will form. These new networks will have one thing in common: they will be decentralized, self-regulated, and will allow for individual freedom of expression. 

Remember: Aquarius is Prometheus, the Titan God that stole fire from the Gods and gave it to humans, liberating them from the controlling tyranny of the gods. 

Of course, the fire is a metaphor for the fire of knowledge (Aquarius is an air sign, after all). True knowledge (not deceptive manipulation and the fake news we are served) will set us free. 

December 23rd, 2020 - Mars Square Pluto 

On December 23rd, 2020 Mars is square Pluto at 23° Capricorn. 

Pluto in Capricorn is the government/the establishment, and Mars in Aries is the individual. The two entities will clash because they have a different agenda. 

Since Jupiter and Saturn have just moved into Aquarius, Pluto is now alone reigning in Capricorn from his underworld shadows. He is still there, still strong, but alone. Things may not go as expected. Mars may win this time. 

December 29-30th, 2020 - Full Moon In Cancer

On December 30th, 2020 we have a Full Moon at 8° Cancer. At the same time, Venus is conjunct South Node and square Neptune. 

What a “welcome” message for 2021! 

Our ‘old’ values and understanding of life 

will begin to collapse, as a new reality emerges. 

Goodbye, 2020. 2021 could be quite a year!